Friday, November 12, 2004

Looks Like We Made It To the End

I just watched Bridget Jones Diary on TBS, my new favorite channel because they actually play good movies pretty often. At the end of the movie, Bridget is running out in the snow in only a sweater and her underwear, chasing down Mark Darcy, who just ran off. She thinks he's pissed, but he's just buying her a new diary. I don't feel like explaining more, so just watch the fucking movie. But anyways, they kiss in the middle of the street, while old ladies stare at them, with the snow falling. Then he takes his coat and wraps it around her so they're both under the coat and her body is against his. Do you get it? I don't know how to explain it, but I decided I want that to happen to me someday. I would like to kiss Mark Darcy while old women stare at us and have him wrap his coat around me. That's all for now.

Download To The End by Blur. It's my new favorite song. Kind of ties in with the movie, because that scene is the end of the movie. Except I think this song is about breaking up. But ignore that part.

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