Monday, December 06, 2004

He Not Busy Being Born Is Busy Dying

I think I had the boringest weekend ever. Not at any point did I get out of my pajamas, put on makeup or even attempt to make plans to go out. I pretended that I was going to study all weekend, but I knew that wouldn't happen. And of course, it didn't. Instead I just keep dreading tomorrow because I'm going to have to do my project I keep bitching about and study for my hardest final. I'm really looking forward to it.

So during my fun filled weekend I managed to squeeze in some time to Google myself. I'm a loser, I know, and I don't know why I thought I would be on the internet for anything in the first place. Turns out there's a lot of people with my name out there. They pretty much broken down into three categories:
1.) The Katie who goes to Juanita College, aka Bill's school. She apparently is involved in every goddamn activity at that school and is in Google about 500 times.
2.) Random Katie's with my last name who live in Ireland. There's a bajillion of them.
3.) The Katie who died in the fire in Rhode Island at the Great White concert. Did you know I died there? Me either. Poor girl.

I was really hoping to find myself on the internet at least once, but nope. Maybe it would help to not have such a common first and last name. Or I just need to do something really exciting that puts me in the papers. Ideas anyone?

So thanks to all of your wonderful suggestions, I finally figured out what to get Emily for her 21st birthday. She has this charm bracelet called Zoppini, and I'm going to get her a charm to put on it with the intials of our school (she said she wanted this, I didn't just pull it out of my ass). While I was deciding what charm to get her, I was going through the list of them, and they have some weird ass charms. For example, you could get a block of cheese on the charm, or the name of your state. I thought it was funny when I saw that the block of cheese charm was out of stock. Then a minute later I was going through the states, and the Wisconsin charm was out of stock too. Coincidence? I think not. Either the Cheeseheads up north are really fond of these Zoppini charms or cheese is a popular thing to declare your love for on your charm bracelet. I had no idea.

Tonight was the Bob Dylan interview on 60 minutes. I was hoping the interview was going to be the whole 60 minutes, but no such luck. It was still a great interview though. I had about 7 or 8 people either call me or leave me messages on AIM throughout the week to tell me about the interview. While the interview was on today, my phone rang, and I could tell it was Keri by the ring. I picked it up saying, "You'll have to call me back, Dylan is on now." She was like, "Ok, I just wanted to make sure you're watching it!" Make sure I was watching it? Good lord lady, I've had to on the calender ever since I heard about it. I do lovethough how people who know me think of me everytime they hear something about Dylan. Some people even tell me "I heard a Dylan song on the radio yesterday." Sad part is, I get excited each time and ask too enthusiastically, "Really? Which one?" That tells me that I definitely talk about Bobby D way too much, but hey, we all have our obsessions, don't we? I'm going to do a Dylan post soon about how I got obsessed with him. I shouldn't have told you all that, now you'll all be waiting on the edge of your seats for that post. Right?

Jenn, I would like to thank you for the best compliemnt anyone has every given me. You compared my pathetic attempt of a blog to THEE Jason Mulgrew's blog. I think you might be going a bit overboard though. No one comes close to Jason's blog, no one. Thanks though! That comment made my day. You're the best ho ever and I love you!

Ariel, perfect use of the word vermillion. I think you're the most vermillion mermaid around!

Did any of you ever watch the show Arrested Development? I never caught it until this year, and now I'm sad I missed the whole first season. It is the funniest show and you all have to watch it next Sunday. It's on Fox at 7:30 Central time. Don't miss it, bitches.


Jenn said...

I don't understand or get or follow or whatever the title of this post. Don't confuse my already retarded ass. You know that I can't understand shit lately. Sheesh!

You know what's funny? I wanted to do some Google searching on my name and other's the other day too. The other day when I talked to you on the computer ALL day, then went retarded tired. But I was too lazy to move my fingers for the mouse. I wasn't about to move my fingers from the typing position. I'm sorry you died. Sorry I missed the services too. I'll do my best not to ever do that again.

Did you end up going with the NIA charm?

I meant the comment asshole. Don't ever doubt a compliment I give. Next time I'll hit a bitch. For real too. Ho.

And no, I've never seen 'Arrested Development.' Enlighten me. . .

Katie said...

Yep, I ended up going with the NIU one. My mom agreed with you that that one was the best to get. I was going to go with the block of cheese, but I already wrote about my heartache when I discovered it was out of stock.

I don't even know how to explain what Arrested Development is about. It's pretty much about this dysfunctional family and what happened to them after the dad got put in jail for doing something to his company. Again, I don't really know cause I missed last season. But it's fucking hysterical, at least I think so. So watch it!

Sorry for confusing you. The title for this post is a Bob Dylan lyric. One of my favorites at that. I wrote part of my college essay on that quote. Or at least my understanding of it. Too bad it went to waste because I didn't even need an essay to get into this school. It was a good essay too!

Bill B. said...

I like the Katie that goes to Juniata a lot more than you.....she's so cool and smart and hip and she definitely holds our school together. I really hope she gets a spirit award for doing so much. haha just kidding but I'm going to find her and be like ohhhh I know you! Then she'll get paranoid and pepper spray me.

Ariel said...

One night I was bored and looked my name up on Yahoo search and the only result was some website for a lady and it was in a different language so I couldn't read it. I looked up Jason and a lot of people have the same name as him. I also went to this people search website and for certain people it showed me their name, city and state where they live, and age, and if you pay however much you can get more info. Isn't that crazy? My name wasn't in there at all but my parents and a bunch of other people were. Last night after you left I got on my dad's computer and he was getting that same proxy error thing on that website I was trying to look at. I think that Howard guy was a fucking idiot. Anyway, staying in pajamas allday is funtimes. Usually when I get home if I know i'm not going out again I change into my pj pants asap. Merci for the mermaid comment, you are the vermillionest lover ever! Enjoy your french fries in the shower.

Anonymous said...

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