Tuesday, January 18, 2005

They Will See Us Waving From Such Great Heights

I haven't been in the mood to blog since I got back to school on Saturday, but I'll know I'm going to eventually get back into the swing of it, so I might as well stop procrastinating. I now use a computer that has a properly working Enter key.


I told you it works.

It's wonderful to be back at school. My feet don't touch the end of this bed like my bed at home, I don't get frostbite if I walk around sans a hoodie, I don't have to be up until 12:30 everyday, I don't have to worry about Keri stealing my work clothes, and most importantly, I don't have to listen to my mom telling me to "help out more around the house" and ask me questions at 8:30 in the morning when she knows I'm Supreme Bitch Lady of the Known World before noon. Some people just don't ever learn.

Besides all that, it was a pretty good break. Uneventful, yes, but horrible, no. All I really did was work (not that I have money to show for it) and go out for coffee. I'd say the highlight was New Years Eve at U of I. But anyways, I'll stop reminiscing now. Tonight's a school night and I'm actually kind of excited. The first day is always interesting, finding out who your teachers are and seeing if you know anyone in your class. The excitement wears off within 3 minutes, but still. I'm kinda looking forward to new classes even though I'm not really excited about any of them, which really makes sense. When I'm doing my schedule, the classes I will take have to fall into two categories.

1 - After 2:00 pm.
2 - Being held only two days a week, avoiding class on Fridays.

Having such high standards severly limits the classes I can take. So I'm taking a Political Science class about Korea, Japan and China just because it's from 2-3:15 on Mondays and Wednesdays. I learned in the history class I took this past semster, "Asia and America" that I hate Asian history and anything having to do with Asia (my apologies to the Asians out there reading this, but hey, it's the truth) . But I would rather force myself to learn about Asia for 16 weeks, than wake up at 10 am to take a cool class like "Hitler's Germany". The damn class was closed anyways. Not that I like Nazis either. I would much prefer an Asian over a Naxi, I swear.

I know I'm a little late on this next subject, but it's my blog, so sue me. I never actually make resolutions because I fail at everything I try, but this is going to be my year goddamnit. I'm going to be glorious and succeed in every endeavor I attempt. Not really, but humor me and agree.

Resolution #1: Lose weight
I know, I know, I KNOW everyone and their mother says this, and I do everything year, yet I've only gotten fatter. Is it really that hard to lose 20 pounds? It might be easier if I didn't watch 80 hours of tv a week, ate something other than Cheetos and moved my fat ass, but who's asking you. Emily's mom got her a scale for Christmas (goddamn you Jo) and even though I knew I would regret it, I stepped on it. I then almost had a seizure when I saw what I weighed. (It was just like out of Heaveyweights, Bill. "Get on the scale son! Get off the scale.") Of course I bitch and moan here, but I know I'll do nothing about it. So why am I still writing about this? I don't know. But I'll pretend I'm going to lose 30 pounds for now. Just play along.

Resolution #2: Visit Keri in Ireland next fall.
So Keri actually follows through with her ideas and is definitly studying abroad in Ireland in Fall of '05. Bitch. I of course never followed through with studying abroad in Austraila or London this summer and instead have to console myself by saying, "Well I CAN'T spend the summer abroad. I need to save up to visit Keri." It makes me feel better for a minute or two. Her friend Amy and I are going to visit her over Thanksgiving and I'm really excited about it. I was looking up airfare and while expecting to pay two arms and a leg for it, I was pleasently surprised to see I could get roundtrip for around $400-$450. Not too shabby.

Resolution # 3: Take summer school.
I have to, if I want to graduate in May 2006. Not that I'm eager to get out of college, but I don't think college will have the same charm if I have to get a job to cover rent and bills once I have to say "Syanara" (help me out here Jenn) to Mom and Dad's money. I only need 5 credits anyways. I think I can handle it.

Resolution #4: Work on getting an internship at a museum for this summer.
Preferably one that pays. A lot of money. An intership would look pretty sweet on my resume, dontcha think? I love all the museums we have in downtown chicago, and theres a ton of them, so I'm hoping this happens. I need to talk to a counselor or something to get the ball rolling on this.

Resolution #5: Prepare myself for my 21st birthday.
There is going to be lots of drinking that day and I need about 4 months to prepare. Maybe I can stop being a pansy about hard liquor, but I doubt it. I just talked to Diana, whose 21st was this past Friday and got insanely jealous. As of right now, the big day is 113 days away. Good lord I can't wait.

I know this post is long, but I have a few last things.
-Emily and I were supposed to go see I Heart Huckabees tonight, but she ditched me because her ex-boyfriend decided to come up for the night. I'm sick of getting ditched by her. I can't wait until I have a boyfriend who I can use as revenge and ditch Emily. How do you like dem apples?
- Emily told me tonight she doesn't know "the order of the wars. Was the Revolutionary War first or the Civil War?" They're only a century apart. Understandable how she could get them mixed up.
- Eric, I got your cd in the mail when Jenn finally sent me the cds she promised so long ago, and I love it. You are a talented, talented guy and I can't wait for your next one, even if I don't get it until 2008.
- Jenn, I love Daniel Evans aka Human Writes. Too bad I read every single one of his posts today. You can tell I have a busy life. I found another funny blog on one of his links, www.shutyerblog.blogspot.com. Check him out, I thought it was funny.
- Bill, I feel like I should have something to say to you, but I talked to you a few hours ago. I hope your stomach didn't eat you last night and you have a not-so-bad hangover when you wake up for work this morning.

It feels good to be back, bitches.


Jenn said...

YAY! My ho's back! What's up MA?! I can't believe after all this time that's ALL that you have to say to me? I know you said you FINALLY heard "Dummy" and loved it. FUCK YEAH BITCH!! I like the tracks you like too, well, I love them all, as you know. But my favorites are "Numb" and "Roads." And yeah, all the other tracks too. I'm so amped that you loved it. That fuckin' owns.

You can meet all your goals/resolutions. I know you can. You're a determined little feller. I have faith in my Katie. I'm going back to the gym manana. I really am too!

I'm glad you love Daniel Evans. He rocks. Mulgrew killed it for me after I saw that "donation" link. Such crap. But I found Mr. Evans and he saved the day! Woot. I'll check out that other blog, but only if it's as funny or funnier that Daniel. So what's the verdict?

Anywho, welcome back, again! I want a FULL review on ALL of the CD's I sent you. I'm serious too. Don't fuck around.

Love you ho!

Cowe said...

You've almost redeemed yourself, but a little more effort wouldn't go amiss. "Katie pays attention in class, but does not participate" it felt neccessary to say that. I'm only weird and demented sometimes.

Last time I went to Ireland, there was supposed to be a group of us going. The fuckers told me they were buying tickets that night, so I bought mine... tickets to Ireland are only $30 from here, and yet none of them actually bought them, so I ended up going alone. Assholes. Thank fuck I knew someone over there.

I wanted to look around some museums in Chicago, but I was too tired after my flight. Maybe next time, then I can ask you all kinds of stupid questions about the exhibits. Just to annoy you since you made excuses to avoid me last time I was there. And don't be too hard on Emily; I haven't even heard of the Revolutionary War.

Jenn said...

Andrew, quit trying to be like me with the long comments. For real. I hold the blog whore title. And with posting too. Fat bastard.

Katie, I don't like the shutyerblog blog. That WHOLE blog is one big fuckin' contradiction! 'I don't like blogs.' 'Blogs are the stupidest thing in the world.' 'Nobody wants to hear what you have to say, and I'm saying this in my blog.' 'I'm posting about hating blogs on a blog.' 'I hate blogs and take time EVERY fucking day and read random blogs to find one and call it the worst blog of the day.' CONTRA-FUCKING-DICTION!

... said...

Just so you know, I first-handedly support procrastination. Viva los putting things off. Congradulations on your new


key. It's like having a truck with no reverse, so I can relate. That shit about 'going to school on the first day and the excitement ending in 3 minutes' had me rollin! Then I kinda pondered....EVERYTHING is lame after the first 3 minutes. Few exceptions, of course, but mostly.

I think you can conquer ALL your resolutions. Or at least perfectly plan to do them next year. Besides, it's the year of your 21st birthday! That means you gotta start building a 'healthy' tolerance. So spend the first part of the year getting fukt up to be prepared, and the second part getiing fukt up for celebration! Done and done...

Oh, and thanks for what you said about my music, I'm glad you like it. It makes me waaaaaay too excited when I find out people actually like it...

Score for Katie,

... said...
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... said...

Oh and I don't like the shutyerblog guy either.

Jenn said it perfectly...

Cowe said...

You lost your title Jenn, you need to accept that. Also, I submitted your latest post to shutyerblog.blogspot.com.