Monday, January 03, 2005

We're Not Enemies, We Just Disagree

Merry Christmas! Happy New Year! Happy 40th Birthday Jenn! So it hasn't been that long since I've updated, but it feels like it. I was reading everyones "Reflections of 2004" and thought I should have some reflections, but I don't. Not a single one. 2004 was the year that I lived by myself for 4 months, got one year closer to being 21 and graduating college and did kickass in school for once. I don't think I bragged yet, but I got my grades for this semester about two weeks ago, and I got a 3.0 GPA for the first time since high school. So what if I got one D, it was better than the F I was expecting. I got two A's and two B's to even it out. Fuck yeah bitches. I really don't know how I pulled that off. But hey, I did it, so let's not concentrate on the "how". Now that it's 2005, it's so bizarre to be able to say "I turn 21 this year" or "I graduate college next year." It's freaking me out, man. You are freaking out, man. Rabbit could definitly smell the fear on me now. I don't really dwell too much on the past to think of any reflections to say about this year. Of course I say I'm going to lose weight this year, but same as every other year, I'll look back as 2006 approches and say, "Damn Katie, you just keep getting fatter. You go girl." I guess you could say it's tradition. And who wants to break tradition? Certainly not I. Ok, I'm all over the place here, so I'm going to move on. NP. I had a great, wonderful, drunken New Years Eve. I ended up going to U of I with Keri and her friends who I love and are so much fun to be around. We were supposed to go to this bar (you only have to be 19 to get in) but ended up at one of her friend's apartments where we just got a keg and proceeded to get drunk. There were these other sisters there and the four of us had a fun time together. I can't even explain what the fuck we were laughing about, but I don't think I had laughed that hard in awhile. You know the "ShutthefuckuporI'mgoingtopeeallovermyself" kind of laughing? It was that kind. Goodtimes, goodtimes indeed. Bill you know how I send you a text saying "Happy New Year Billdo"? It should have taken me 30 seconds to type put, but instead took me 10 minutes because I kept fucking up. That's the last time I try to send out a text when I'm that drunk. But anyways, this was the best New Years I had since senior year of high school. Freshman year of college I was as sick as a dog from December 30 - January 2nd so needless to say I didn't do much except set new sleeping records. Last year I went to NIU with 2 friends to another party, but it just wasn't that fun. This year definitly made up for the past two years. Thanks sister lady, you're magical. Even though everyone thought you were the older sister, shove it up your ass. When we're in our 40's, I'm going to want to look like the younger sister anyways. NP. I just woke up around 1:00 pm today, and turned on my cell phone about 30 minutes ago. I had a message from my boss on there saying that a co-worker couldn't show up, could I maybe come in until about 4:00 today? It's after 2:00 now and I haven't called back. I doubt they really need me still anyways. At least I hope not. I'm a terrible person. Since I don't feel like writing any comments right now, I'm just going to answer some things in here. Bill, when I got your text saying "Your mom goes to college" I had no idea what you were talking about. I showed Keri and she goes, "Dumbass, it's from Napoleon Dynamite." So THEN I got it. I'm a tad slow sometimes. But you know that. At first I thought you was dissing my mom and I was ready to beat some ass, but then I calmed down. And I'm glad you liked Garden State. I bought it on Tuesday and have watched it 3 times since then, I still love it. Jenn, I hope you listened to Mr Jeff already and fell in love. And sorry for waking you up at midnight on New Years, but it was New Years Eve goddamnit, no one should have been sleeping. At 3:00 am on New Years I went to IHOP with Keri and this french guy Auri, who is in Keri's friend's frat. She had always told me stories about him and he sounded hysterical so I was excited to meet him. He didn't know what to order, so he asked, "What are they famous for?" (say it in your best French accent). I was like, "Pancakes Auri, pancakes! We're at the International House of Pancakes!" "Ok, I will order panckaes then." The crazy French bastard had never had pancakes before. It sounds stupid, but that was one of the highlights of my New Years, watching Auri try panckaes for the first time and try all the different syrup on the table. And if you ever get a chance to meet a Frenchman, ask them to do an American accent for you. Maybe it was just Auri's that was so funny, but damnit, do it anyways. Ok, that story came out of nowhere, I'm bored down here in the basement, so I'm going to go harass my brother who just got home from school. He's back already and I still have two weeks. Good lord. Two weeks, bitches. And comments all around next time, I promise. I learned how to pronounce "Auld Lyne Syne" (did I even spell that right?) the other day, so this New Year definitley got off on the right foot. I always judge my new year on my pronunciation skills. Doesn't everyone? Eat a peach, bitches.


Cowe said...

Yes, it has been that long since you updated. I never understood why an American would ever mention auld lang syne, but anyway, how did you pronounce it?

softsunshine said...

i'm pretty sure you would never wanna hear an asian say aude lang syne..haha!

Cowe said...

I'd have killed to hear Bruce Lee say it, and having just seen Ju-On (not the Americanized version), I'd be very happy to hear Misa Uehara say anything to me.

Jenn said...

YAY! You posted! I damn miss you and your posts! I don't think they should give you a Christmas break.

Congrats on your GPA. Way to go woman. High five er something!

I promised myself and all the people who have to look at me that I would go back to the gym. I start next week. Why next week you say?! Don't freakin' worry about it, sheesh.

I laughed really hard the other day here at work too. It was fucking fabulous. I think it was probably funnier to me because I had been here 16 hours and was up for who knows how many hours or days. All I know is that the lady that was making me laugh saw me hurting from laughing so hard. She eventually started too and it was just great. The other ladies started laughing at us laughing. I have that affect on people! :P

I so wish I would have answered when you called! That would have owned! You're the only one who called me too! I did get texts from lots of people. Lots of people I didn't think still had my number or would take time out to bother with a text for me. I felt all giddy 'n shit. Go me! Your message was great though, "Can you shut the fuck up for a second!?" You're a mean big sister! :P I love it!

Gotta get back to work. But trying to get on AIM to talk to your ass. LOVE YOU!

Jenn said...

Happy 40th Birthday?! It's times like these I wish I could bitch slap you!