Thursday, December 23, 2004

I Need Some New Lipgloss

I just dyed my hair back to my normal color, a boring brown, and now I smell weird. Just in case you all were wondering. I didn't want to blog tonight because I'm freezing balls in my basement, but I read Jenn's post, so now I am. Consider this your Christmas present because god knows I'm too broke to actually buy you anything. I went shopping today to look for a shirt and shoes for New Years Eve, and ended up buying some thongs for Keri (that's going to be fun to open in front of Dad) and some earrings. Exactly what I needed. So now I have the earrings for New Years, I should be all set. I'm going with Keri and her friends to Western Michigan University for New Years Eve and I'm really excited. We were talking about it, and realized we can't even remember the last time we hung out on New Years together. Probably not in at least 5 or 6 years. That's 5 or 6 years too long so we're making up for it this year. Watch out, the O'D sisters are going to be tearing it up that night. Good lord I'm excited. Once I find the shoes and shirt to complete my outfit, I'll be even more excited. Woot woo. New paragraph. Last night I was out for coffee with Megan and we decided that we need to go on a trip as a "last hurrah" when we graduate college before we go into the real world. It's now offcially decided that we are going to Jamaica for a week the summer we graduate. We were trying to come up with a name for it, and calling it the "Last Hurrah" made it sound like we were dying as soon as we graduate, so we were trying to incorporate some Bob Marley into the name. We decided on "We Be Jammin'" as the name. That way we can go, "We Be Jammin' in only 4 more months!" We're such clever girls. I thought it was great anyways. And we got really excited about being 21 this summer and being able to go to the bar. Hopefully we won't be going out for coffee 93 times a week anymore, we'll spend those 93 times at the bar instead. I don't know why I think I'm going to be rich and able to afford going to the bars all the time, but don't burst my bubble. NP. I don't want to go to work tomorrow. I'm sick of working, is it time to go back to school yet? I don't have work Christmas Eve though, and tomorrow night I'm going to a party, so I'm fuckass excited about that. When I was working at the other UPS Store my boss owns on Monday, I got to witness this big fat guy walk into a glass door. Good lord, I almost pee'd myself I was laughing so hard. Thank god I was outside having a cigarette, and he was going into the store, so I got to laugh as long and as hard as I wanted to. So far that's been the highlight of this vacation. Why other people's pain is so funny to me I'll never know. Ok, I'm grinding my teeth because it's so cold down here, if that makes any sense, so I'm outta here. Not sure if I'll post before Christmas again, but I'll send everyone whos cellphone number I have a text message on Christmas just to let you know you're special. So fuckin' special. Cause I'm a creep. Shit, I have work in a few hours and I'm all hyped up on coffee. Someone give me some.....haha, ok, I just asked my brother, "What's a pill that keeps you awake, like No-Doz keeps you up? What knocks you out?" and he goes, "I don't know, Yes-Doz?" Sorry, probably had to be here, but it made me laugh. Anyways, someone get me some Yes-Doz. Pronto, bitches.


Cowe said...

Oh my God, I just realised! I don't have any shoes to go with my New Year's outfit either.
That was supposed to be sarcasm, but as I was typing, I remembered that I don't have any brogues. Never mind, I'll just have to look sexy in my biker boots instead.
This is my attempt at leaving a comment of Jenn-like proportions. I can't think of enough to write... have you ever wondered why animals are sometimes different colours? Hope you have a good Christmas, 'cause it looks like I'm not getting a text message :( wee

Jenn said...

Good try Andrew, but you'll never be as good as I.

New lip gloss? I hate that stuff. It's thick and gets all over the boy you're kisssing. Boo! If I wear anything on my lips I must NOT be able to feel it. So, chapstick, lip-liner, and some purrrdy shiny stuff. Bam. Looks all shnazzy and you can't feel it. Doesn't wipe off on the boy and your lips aren't chapped. Well, sometimes the pretty silvery shiny stuff does, but it's cute.

I'm thinking of going back to my natural color too. Jet fucking black. I remember back in the day everyone always damn asking, "Do you dye your hair black?" No, bastards, it's all naturale. I wanna rock some vibrant ass red highlights too. Ones that are so bright they look like they're glowing. I guess my hair guy said he FINALLY found a dye that my dark ass hair would take to without bleaching. So wish me luck!

"We be jammin'" HAHAHA! You guys are assholes. I love it!

When you get rich you're supporting Damian and I. Thanks.

Yes-doz? Hahah! Dorks!!

Bill B. said...

God, just use the school nurses.

Cowe said...

Since Jenn has outdone my comment length, here is an addendum. I tried putting bright red in my hair twice. The first time, it came out orange; and the second time, it came out blonde.
I am sure you have seen a picture of myself with half-orange hair. I should have kept my mullet for a day, and tried dying it orange. I would look so fucking hot with a greasy ginger mullet.

June Gloom said...

merry christmas katie potatie!!

Jenn said...

I don't like you being a slacker. It's very upsetting. So you can stop now thanks. I miss my Katie comments damnit all to hell!

Bill B. said...

It puts the update on the blog.......IT PUTS THE UPDATE ON THE BLOG....
I hate you.


Ariel said...

Bonjour Katie, how was your Christmas? I just left you a hate-offline, bitch! Anyway, my phone won't let me text message and I hate it. I'm having withdrawls goddammit!