Sunday, February 20, 2005

I'll Give You Something To Tragis About

It's snowing outside. We're supposed to get 3-5 inches tonight. Go away winter. How much longer until spring is here? I want the temperature to go above 40 degrees. I'd wear flip flops and a tank top if it reached 40 degrees. Goulet. I'd turn on the air if it got to 50 degrees. I'd call it a heat wave if it reached 60 degrees.

Emily needed to go to the piercing place to get a new nose ring yesterday, and since she had to go anyways, I wanted to get something else pierced. So I went with the most badass piercing I could think of - my tragis. You all know what a tragis is, don't you? I knew before I asked the piercer, I swear. EVERYONE knows where their tragis is. Did you know you have 2 tragises? (or tragi? I don't know the plural). For all of you douches who don't know, your tragis on your ear. It's not the lobe, or your cartilage, it's the little thing that sticks out from your head, I guess you could say. I don't know how to describe it. Kinda right above the hangy-lobe part. I'm so descriptive. Goulet. I had the following conversation with my mom:
Me - Mom, I got something else pierced today. My eyebrow.
Mom - Jesus Christ Kate, are you serious? Why would you do that to yourself? You need to save your money, not spend it on piercings.
Me - I'm kidding. I did get something pierced, but not my eyebrow. I got my tragis pierced.
Mom - What the hell is your tragis?
Me - (I try to explain it)
Mom - Well don't get anything else. I'm gonna start making you pay for you own bills, if you have money to get things pierced.
Me - Ok, ok, I won't get anything else pierced. Well except for my nipple next week.
Mom - Oh Kate! That hurts me just to think about that!

Mom's not a fan of the nipple piercings. Who knew? But what I do know is that tragis is my new favorite word. I wish it had a better meaning so I could retort to everthing, "Your face is a tragis." Not like the-making-no-sense part will stop me, but still. Why did they make such a cool word have such a lame meaning. And who knew that part of your ear had a name anyways? Learn something new everyday. Goulet. It hurt like a bitch though to get pierced. My friend Diana called me a "sally" because she didn't think it hurt. Screw you Diana.

Last thing about my parents: Friday night I got a text message from my dad that said: "Ha Ha Mom and I are at the Yanni concert and you're not. Love Dad." So I sent back, "I'm jealous! Extremely jealous. Have fun being old people. Love, Kate." Is this what I have to look forward to when I'm 50 years old? Yanni concerts? Really? Goulet. I better enjoy these next 30 years then, cause it's all Yanni concerts from there on.

I'm surprised I'm still up right now. Friday night, I drank too much wine and passed out at 10:00 pm. Then I woke up at 2:30 and couldn't go back to sleep until 6:30. Saturday night, again, drank too much wine and was alseep by 11:00 pm. Then I woke up at 5:30 and couldn't go back to bed until 11:30 this morning. What the fuck is that. Usually I'm the master at going back to bed right away, but God must hate me this weekend. There was an Indiana Jones marathon on today though, so that made up for lost sleep. Plus Toy Story 2 was on later. The gods were smiling on me then. Good lord I have a boring life. I can't wait for Thursday. I'm outta heeeeeere for three days. Goulet, bitches.


Bill B. said...

Okay Katie, Goulet is basically the Canadian Wayne Newton. He was huge in the 80's. Anyhow your parents rocked Yanni and that's a huge step to take. I hope you're ready because I can see Kenny G beckoning in your future. What is the deal with the Tragis? Is it a sexual organ, is it an ear, WHO KNOWS? Can I legally touch your tragis without going to jail. I mean What is the deal with that? WHEW rock on.

Ariel said...

So, what's with saying "Goulet" 10,000 times? Dude I was some fucking snow. It's been above 40 everyday here since I got home. A couple days it has actually felt like spring/summer and I hate it, you can have it! That tragis piercing doesn't sound too cool to me, I guess I'd have to see it though. Take a picture for me. You saying you wish you could use the word tragis all the time and whatever reminded me of when you did that with a different word. It was some randon word that you liked and we used it as a descriptive word meaning "cool" or something like that. Obviously it didn't catch on though. Damn you memory, don't fail me now!

Ariel said...

I just read my comment, I guess I should have before I published it because I said " Dude I was some snow" haha. I meant I want some snow but you probably figured that out.

Peppermint Patty said...

i'm going to get my nipples pierced soon, maybe this weekend if we ever make it out of the house. and my tragi will be shortly after that.

Cowe said...

Katie's tragis piercing sounds vermillion.

The word vermillion sounds very tragis.

Ariel said...

Vermillion!!! That's it, bloody hell! Damn you andrew, I wanted to think of it.

DyingBurningFighting said...

If I tickle your tragis can I see your nipple ring?

Cowe said...

Sorry Ariel, I have an extensive collection of useless little memories. Maybe they wouldn't be so useless if I was a detective.

Ariel said...

I remember lots of useless things too Andrew, I'm especially good at remembering names and faces.

Jenn said...

Haha, Keegan rocks!

I wanna pierce my whatchumacallit. I'm not EVEN gonna try to explain it, but it's next to the tragis.

I got your tragis!

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Anonymous said...

Can I just say that it's spelled tragus... :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you.... I thought maybe only my dictionary had it spelled incorrectly

Anonymous said...

Thank you.... I thought maybe only my dictionary had it spelled incorrectly