Thursday, February 17, 2005

The Top Three

.....Reasons I love my mom today:
. The way she says "Hi honeeeey!" when she picks up the phone and is surprised to hear my voice on the other end.
2. This conversation:
Mom - I'm going to see Menopause on Saturday!
Me - Menopause? What?
Mom - Menopause: the Musical! Stop laughing at me.
3. How proud of herself she was when she told me she turned on the computer and went online ALL BY HERSELF today. "Dad didn't help you at all?" "Well I had to call him once, but I turned it off by myself too!"

......Reasons I love my sister:
She got accepted for study abroad in Ireland! Congratulations sister! This means I get to visit her.
2. Because we curse ourselves daily for not going to the same school. Maybe it's a good thing though. We would be certified alcoholics if we did. I blame her; I went to school first, and her being the younger sister should have followed me. You just don't ever learn Kerianne.
3. They way when we're together, and she says something I "don't approve of" I look at her and say, "1.....2....". And we're the only two who laugh about it.

....Things I am most anal about:
Lipgloss. Needs. To. Be. In. My. Pocket. At. All. Times. I apply my Bonne Bell at least 55 times a day, give or take a few. If we're leaving to go somewhere, and I can't find it for some god-awful reason, I have a panic attack that will not go away until I find it. And if I can't find it? Then I can't go. I can't use chapstick, I need glittery lipgloss. Yes I am 20 years old and I wear glittery lipgloss. I can see myself sewing a pocket onto my wedding dress so I can reapply it at the altar.
2. Don't. Fucking. Touch. My. Face. Ever since my mom told me in 6th grade that touching my face with my hands would cause me to get pimples, I haven't touched it. If I want to rest my head on my hand, I pull the sleeve of my hoodie up to act as a protector between my face and my greasy, gross slimey hand that will give me 400 pimples if I touch it to my face. I even wipe off my mom's kisses, I am that badass. When I see someone rubbing their foreheads or cheeks, or stroking their chins, I want to throw up. This phenomeon has caused several awkward moments.
3. Before you put something in the dishwasher, you must rinse it out. Did you hear me, roommates o' mine? YOU MUST RINSE THE DISH FIRST. And if you're cooking something, like macaroni and cheese, soak the pot in water first, so the cheese comes off easier in the dishwasher. Or else the cheese is going to sit there on the dish, and never come out, no matter how many times you stick it in the dishwasher. SOAK, then put in dishwasher. Goddamnit, why doesn't everyone know that.

.....Things I laughed hardest at today:
1. Jason Mulgrew's pictures he put in his blog. The man let me down when he changed his website, but I still read him everyday, and I do get a good laugh once and awhile still. Today was the motherload though. Check out the picutres at
2. Me - Emily I'm going to cut up your precious baby blanket.
Emily - I'll shit in your mouth.
3. When Emily and I were trading babysitter stories and she told me how she likes to scare kids. I won't tell you the example she gave me because you'll think she's a monster. Which she's not. Who doesn't get a kick out of scaring little kids?

......Nicest things I've heard today:
1. When I was getting out my first class today, I ran into my old friend Justin who lived on my floor freshman year. I hadn't seen him since December, so we had a cigarette outside and caught up. While we were standing there, one of his friends walked by and asked Justin what he was doing. He replied, "Catching up with an old friend." As I was going back inside to my second class, and he was heading home he said, "Katie, I want you to be a friend, and not an old friend anymore, so give me a call sometime." I thought that was precious. Now I remember why I had a crush on him the entire freshman year.
2. Emily told me how her mom was telling her that she thinks me and Emily will be friends for the rest of our lives. Goddamn right we will be Jo.
3. When I was talking to my mom, she asked about Antonio, so I gave her the latest drama. I'm sure she wasn't expecting me to go on about what happened for 10 minutes, but I did, and after I was done she said, "I'm so glad you told me all of that." Sometimes I still don't think my mom really believes that I'm not the same bitch I was from age 13-18. Living apart from your mother can do wonders for your relationship.

.....Favorite songs at the moment:
1. A Perfect Sonnet by Bright Eyes
2. Soul Love by David Bowie
3. To Love and Be Loved by Bright Eyes. He says "goddamn" about 4 times within the first 30 seconds. I love it.

......Things I am most excited about:
1. Going to Flor-id-ia over spring break. I can't fucking wait.
2. Turning 21. Big surprise there. The official countdown - 83 days.
3. Having a baby girl and naming her Nico Blue. I'm obsessed with that name. But maybe I should chose something that will happen in the more immediate future.
4. In that case, I'll chose going skiing a week from today. I can't wait to pretend that I know how to ski, when all I really do is go down the hill 80 miles an hour and then manage to stop without falling. At least I do know how to stop though, it's kind of important.

What's your top 3, bitches?


Ariel said...

Okay, top threes...

Top three things I enjoyed/laughed at today:
1. Totally zoning out to the Garden State soundtrack while I was in the car, no I wasn't driving. This was also bad though because when I opened my eyes and came back to reality I was very unsatisfied with the world around me.
2. Getting a hotel room for Bonnaroo. No more sleeping in a fucking tent when it's 90 something degrees and people are traipsing through your campsite all night for me, bitches.
3. While furniture shopping with my parents I said to my dad, "I like this bed but I don't like how it looks like an antique but it's really new, I'd rather have an antique" to which he replied "I'd rather have it new, if you get a used bed you never know who's ejaculated or pooped on it". Nice dad.

Top three songs at the moment:
1. New Slang by The Shins
2. These Days by Nico
3. The Only Living Boy In New York by Simon and Garfunkel
Is it really a surprise that two of them are from the GS soundtrack?

Top three things I'm excited about:
1. Bonnaroo and seeing Modest Mouse wooooooo fucking hoooo!
2. Maybe going to Italy this summer.
3. Seeing Angie this weekend for the first time since Halloween, it's been too damn long.

Bill B. said...

Three things I enjoyed today:
1. Getting a Valentine's Day card from these little kids that made them for the veterans at the hospital. It was the greatest ever.
2. The Pittsburgh Pirate's parrot mascot was at the hospital today and gave me a secret handshake. It was awesome.
3. Getting more painkillers!

Three fav songs at the moment:
1. Quicksand - David Bowie
2. On Your Way - The Album Leaf
3. Mr. Brightside - The Killers

Three things I'm excited about:
1. Going to see Andy Warhol's museum on Sunday.
2. Seeing Eric and Laura tomorrow.
3. Watching the best scene in Planes, Trains and Automobiles in a few minutes AND THE OC TONIGHT.

stellah martiano said...

Three things I enjoyed today:
1. Killer sea views
2. Stuffing my face with cheesecake
3. Clean sheets on my bed

Three fav songs at the moment:
1. Ruby Adeline - Minnie Driver (yes, that one)
2. You and I (guitar version) - Jeff Buckley
3. Mystery - Brooke Fraser

Three things I'm excited about:
1. Getting my Buckley EP's I ordered last week
2. The BABY!
3. A day off

Jenn said...

Three things I enjoyed today...
1. Damian coming in my room and saying, "Mom, wake up. Come and eat dinner. We're having a candlelit dinner and there's four candles!" Walking into the kitchen to candles lit and Ramen noodles.
2.Waking up to 6 missed calls and just as many text messages.
3.Picture messaging.

Three fav. songs at the moment...
1. Minnie Ripperton "Inside My Love"
2. John Frusciante- "The Will To Death"
3. Zero 7 - "Destiny"

Three things I'm excited about...
1. It's a secret.
2. Getting my own place.
3. Getting my damn CD's from BMG.

Bill B. said...

Jenn, your face is excited about getting your damn cds from BMG.

Ariel said...

Mr. Brightside is a lovely song. I got Hot Fuss for Christmas and I've thouroughly enjoyed listening to it.

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