Tuesday, February 01, 2005

It Seems Farther Than Ever Before

I am a movie-seeing machine. Last Wednesday Emily and I saw In Good Company (it was a lovely film) and tonight, Emily, Carly and I went to see Lemony Snicket at the cheap theatres. It was a bizarre movie. People were dying left and right. If I was a kid, I think I would have cried a lot. But it had a baby who talks. There is nothing I hate more than babies that talk, like in some commericals or movies like Baby Geniuses. Not that anyone really liked Baby Geniuses in the first place, but when I see an infant with it's mouth moving like he's a 40 year old wiseguy, I get the creeps, man. The baby in the movie really didn't talk like that, but it would say some gibberish, then it would be translated on the bottom. One time the caption was, "This guy's the MAYOR of Crazy" or something to that effect. Absolutley brilliant. No wonder I'm not in show business. I don't have the skills to come up with lines like that. I do however have nunchuck skills, computer hacking skills and bowstaff skills, so I'm cool.

I'm supposed to go see a movie with Antonio tomorrow, but I am really not looking forward to it. He was annoying me in class today, and plus I'm movied-out. I'm the laziest person in the entire world, meaning I can lay around all day, but I'm fidgety. I'm constantly crossing and uncrossing my legs, putting my feet on the chair, or on the row of chairs in front of us. It drives me crazy that I can't stand up and stretch every 5 minutes during the movie. And if I'm bitching about being cramped in there, he must hate going to the show, being 6'6" and all. He's going to look funny sitting there. Now I'm looking forward to going.

So that Pompeii thing was on last night, and I've heard from two people that didn't like it. Holy fuck, I was blown away by it. I sat there for the first hour, enthralled by it. I really did think it was fucking awesome, I'm not being overly sarcastic here. Yeah, I could have done without the commercials every 2 minutes, but regardless, it was great. Riveting. Heartstopping. Marvelous. I'm definitely visiting there someday.

Jenn, as for the details of my date, here's a quick synopsis: he picked me up, we went to Ruby Tuesday's, then rented Elf from Blockbuster, picked up some beer, watched the movie and drank the beer, then he drove me home. Fascinating, I know.

Is it Friday yet? I need this week to go by faster. Download Transatlanticism by Death Cab for Cutie.I hope they have a good story behind their name, because I hate it with a passion, bitches.


Jenn said...

That is a fascinating date. Look at you, excited to go to the movies just to make fun of him. You're the bestest date ever!

I hate it when you say "download (blah blah by blah blah)" because you fuckin' know I can't download, bitch.

It isn't Friday YET! Hold your panties.

stellah martiano said...

From this placeTheir fans call them “Death Cab” for short, and they’re probably one of the few non-metal/hardcore/goth bands with the word “death” in their moniker. Actually, Death Cab are about as different from these styles as you can get while still being called rock. The origin of their name is as obscure as the name itself: “Death Cab for Cutie” was the name of the only song in the movie Yellow Submarine, not performed by the Beatles. Death Cab debuted in 1998 with Something About Airplanes, to much acclaim from indie circles. Their fourth and latest full-length CD, Transatlanticism is probably their best yet.

And.. that's it.

Bill B. said...

Haha being 6'6" must suck so bad at a movie.....imagine if some poor little kid with Muscular Dystrophy sits behind you guys and is all I can't see :(.......anyhow babies in general disgust me so I know how you feel about hating ones that talk......wow you're on a roll as of late with the asians and now babies....you just can't stop. JK...oh and I enjoyed Pompeii as I said for the shit it showed.......but the commercials were killing it for me. Holy crap and they were long commercials too, like you could go shower and call someone you haven't talked to in like 10 years and get caught up and still be back in time. Damn that anyhow.

Cowe said...

You rock Katie: numchuck skills, computer hacking skills, and bowstaff skills. Plus, you're the only girl in school witha moustache.

Jay said...

death cab for cutie is fucking huge in seattle. all the emo/dashboard/cafe fag rockers love that shit.

usually I just wanna rip their heads off and beat them to death with their starbucks coffee cup.

anyways, send me nudies of emily.