Friday, March 25, 2005

The District Sleeps Alone Tonight

Must stop listening to song before I go crazy.

Keri's on her way, she should be here in 3 hours. Are you fucking pumped up? You should be. I should take a nap since I was up at 10 FUCKING AM today. One of those go-to-bed-drunk-and-wake-up-uber-early days. Son of a bitch. Right now I have a massive headache and I want to cut my uterus out of my body. I will be fully recovered by at least 7:00 though. Thank you Advil GelCaps.

Last night Emily had a sex toy party and it was goodtimes. Then three of my friends came up from home and stayed the night. We went over to Sara and Leigh's apartment and got trashed over there. And then I called 400 people and left them singing voice mails (sorry Bill). I looked at my call list and I called some people that I haven't talked to in months, like my friend Connor. I don't even make stupid drunk phone calls that much, but the one time I do, I go all out. I don't even know what I was singing about. I would have called you Jenn, but you would have answered and I just wanted to leave voicemails. Singing voice mails at that. Awesome. Sara got her pictures back and the pictures of us singing karaoke actually turned out for her. Maybe because she didn't have a shitty disposable camera. I wish I had those on a disc to show off to everyone, but unfortunately I don't. So just picture me singing out of the side of my mouth and that should give you a pretty good mental image.

Diana left some beer here. Mary bought me a deck of cards since the cards I had suck ass. Courtney bought me a Cowboy Condom. My mom and Keri got me a Elvis lighter in Memphis. I got a postcard from Graceland yesterday. Thanks bitches.

Someone Fed-Ex me a cigrarette.

Awesome download of the day: Always Be My Baby by Mariah Carey


Bill B. said...

Hahaha not only were you singing, you were standing in the mirror dancing!!!! And you were singing about standing in the mirror!! And I'm pretty sure it was out of the side of your mouth because you sounded like a drunk Irish Leprechaun singing. And it was so cute that I will never delete it and use it as entertainment every St. Patrick's Day as patronage to all my fallen Irish peeps. Much Love Katiemiester.

Ariel said...

I got a singing voice mail and it fucking rocked! Fortunately I saved it too. Katie said (or sang)...."Hey aaaariiiel this is kaaaatie and i'm finally leavin you a singin meeeessaaaage cause i loooove you and i thought you would be up right now and you're nooot so i'm leavin you a message happy eaaaster cause i loooove you and now keri's gonna sing for you (then Keri sings)hey hey hey heeeeey" Then you sang some more but I couldn't understand it and I guess you sang too long because it sounded like my phone cut you off lol. Anyway, as I told you, it was frickin hilarious and made my night so, thank you muchly, bitch! Thank Keri too for me! I want a Cowboy Condom, whatever the fuck that is.

Jenn said...

I talked about my message on the post after this, damnit. Plus, I called her back and she left messages for my friend's, too! Nice, just nice. This is why we all love you, Katie! THIS is why! Keri, too.