Thursday, March 24, 2005

Today I Ate Applesauce That Expired 2 Months Ago

I'm still waiting to die.

So I got a D on my Russia test. That's awesome. But I did get a B on my China test and an A on the journals, so that's stoppping me from shooting myself right now. I have an Anthropology test tomorrow which I have yet to start studying for. Emjo and I are going to the library bright and early tomorrow at 8:00 to study though. I can't wait. I start picking my classes for next semester in two weeks, and I decided I'm going to take my huge history thesis paper class in the fall. I think we have to do like a 30 page paper or something, so I'm really looking forward to that. I just want this semester to be over already. I have three fucking research papers due next month and it's giving me an ulcer just thinking about it. I need to call my advisor tomorrow. Don't let me forget.

Getting pictures developed is so anticlimatic for me. I get way too excited thinking I took some good pictures, and then I get them back and each one of them sucks ass. No more disposable cameras. I need to save up and get a fancy schmancy digital camera. That way I could make people take pictures 50 times in a row just to make sure my smile isn't too gummy or if I forget to suck in my stomach. Yes, I WILL be one of those annoying girls. I will post one picture on here, it's one of me slaving away on the house, not getting stoned in a bathroom. I swear.

Keri's coming up here Friday. I CAN'T FUCKING WAIT. She's bringing Anchorman, which I am way too excited to watch again. And 3 Ninjas. I'm going to watch that with my minority friend Natalia because it's her fault I had the line "Rocky loves Emily" in my head all fucking week. If only I had a VRC, that would be gold baby, solid gold. Oh, and she's bringing her Spice Girls cd. Dance party bitches. So what if me and Emily downloaded 2 Become 1 today? Don't be a hater.

Emily are I are going on a roadtrip this summer. Who wants to meet us in Nashville? You all know you want to. I'll be 21 by then, so bring it on. Throw your signs, bitches.


Ariel said...

I do I do! We'll be in manchester, Tn for Bonnaroo June 10'th-12'th. You could meet me and Jason and Angie and then you could die a happy gal. The sight of me will make you want to hurl though. When are you going on your road trip? I used to love the Spice Girls and I used to own their movie because, again, I rock.

DyingBurningFighting said...

What's with this shit!? You don't blog for years and then you make fifty blogs in three minutes?!! Don't try that lame "But I was in Florida" excuse on me. I'm preeeetty fucking sure they have the internet in Florida too.

P.S. I think you're pics are cute. Can I see you naked?

Bill B. said...

Mwahaha, Katie has nude pictures all over the just have to know where to find the good stuff. I especially like her catholic school girl banana split lesbian series. Worth the 29.99 I paid. Anyhow Kathryn I might have liked that song Say You'll be There by the Spice Girls enough to buy the tape in 96, but if you ever bring that up again I'll kill you. Much love woman.

Peppermint Patty said...

hmmmm well i'm thinking of going to chicago over the summer. doubt it will happen since i'm broke and my best friend has just gotten engaged, getting married on thanksgiving and i'm maid of honor. so that's a dress and plane ticket i need to save for.


come to nuevo mehicko. jenn and i will make it well worth the trip. *rawr!*

Jenn said...

Congrats on your test scores! You're awesomeatic! That's all.

Anonymous said...

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