Thursday, March 31, 2005

In The Court Of The Crimson King

Who's a giant pussy? I am! I am! Today in class I was talking to Antonio and it was a normal conversation, we finally got over the you-showed-up-at-my-apartment-unannouced-and-I-basically-told-you-to-go-home thing. I never told you about that? That's because I was a giant bitch about it and didn't feel like sharing with the entire world how much of a whore I am. Anyways, things are finally normal between us, it's not the awkward " how was your weekend?" stupid shit. I now feel totally comfortable telling him to stop being an asshole to the teacher AND HE LISTENS TO ME. I love it. Back to me being a giant pussy - he asked me in the middle of class if I wanted to hang out on Sunday and I said yes. Why? I'm pretty sure it was because I coudln't think of a lie fast enough. The more that I think about it though, the more I realize that I'm not really dreading it. I mean for starters, it's going to be Sunday. If it were Friday or Saturday night, that would be different (he just got a job as a busboy, so I'm thinking that's why it's on Sunday). And now I know him better. Not really, but you know what I mean. Before it was weird, I had only known him for a week before he asked me out, but now I've been talking to him since January, so it won't as awkward. And you know what? I'm actually kind of looking forward to it. Not like I want to have babies with him (good lord, can you imagine our children? Probably not because you've never seen either of us, but they would at least 9 feet tall). Plus he still has a monotone voice and breathes really loud, but hey, maybe now that I know him better I can say "Stop breathing so fucking loud." That's what friends are for, right?

I hate all of my classes. Every single one of them. Usually each semster theres at least one I don't mind going to. Not this time. Every class is torture to make myself get up and go to. I know I shouldn't bitch because I don't have a job and all I have to do is go to class at 2:00 everyday, I don't mean for it to sound like I have "the hard life" cause I obviously don't. I'm doing pretty shitty this semester in 2 of my classes, which is great. I'm not one of those people who HAVE to have an A in the class or god forbid, at least a B. If I can pass with a D, then it's all good to me. And my parents don't freak out about grades either. They just say, "Four years Kate, we're helping you for 4 years. Then you're on your own." But a D still isn't good. I've never been this lazy before in school. I've always been the best procrastinator in the world, but this semester is just fucking awful and I can't wait for it to be over. I don't even know what I'm trying to get at here, but bottom line - I fucking hate school and CAN'T FUCKING WAIT for summer.

Emily told me while she was at work that she had a present for me. I got all excited thinking she stole me some more Andes mints or something, but she gets home and hands me some paper. Words to "The Boy is Mine". Great present bitch. Next time you want to get me a "present" you better make it some food or I'm going cut up those stupid ripped jeans you bought for $70. Again, she doesn't read this. Why am I talking to her.

Who didn't remind me to call my advisor? Bitches.
Gabe, I still haven't found your song, but I'm still looking. You better keep your weekend open to come out here.
I'm completely broke. I have money for one more pack of cigarettes and that's it.
I've been living off $50 of food since February 1st. I'm fucking starving man. But I've probably gained 5 pounds. No I will not tell you my secret.
Bill, it should have been Anwar going home. I hate him with a passion. Or serial rapist Scott. He frightens me.
I have to go home next weekend for a stupid wedding shower. I'm really looking forward to it.
Keri, bark twice if you're in Milwaukee.
The song on the title of this post reminds me of smoking in Ben's room freshman year listening to King Crimson on his record player, fucked up out of our minds. God I miss those times.
Jenn, you ain't nothing but a pussy.
I want to go to a concert.
Ariel stop harassing me with text messages, GOSH. Oh wait, maybe you won't get that since you're the devil and didn't like Napoleon Dynamite. Sorry there were no vampires to slay in it.
This weekend will blow because I am broke. Someone with money please adopt me. And then shower me with love (money) and buy me pretty things (beer and P-Funks).

Enough whining. I leave you with a quote from Jenn tonight.
"What is it? Four score and 10,000 years ago? Is that right?"
Close enough Jenn, close enough. Go study some Abraham Lincoln, bitches.


Jenn said...

Heeere pussy, pussy, pussy! Quit acting like a dyke, Katie! It's okay to like boy's. It's okay that you're looking forward to it. I'm very proud of you. And when you have those jolly green giants for children, I want to be there!

I'm sorry you hate your classes. But just think, after school is over, you get to work everyday for 8 hours a day, if not more, for the rest of your life, like me! I still wanna be your roommate. Stupid Emjo and what's the other one's name?

Uh, call your advisor.

If you're looking for Gabe's song, then why am I looking for Gabe's song? He thinks he's a pimp now? Bastard.

Wedding shower? I have 3 weddings to attend (stand in) and I'm already stressed. Fucking weddings! Everyone gets all rowdy and gangster to the core. Shit, just get married already!!

I did NOT say that! Who are you gonna believe, me. . .or Katie? I mean seriously?

Respect my gangster.

Ariel said...

I wouldn't harass you with text messages if you'd come online once in a blue moon! When I'm home lately I've been really antsy and bored, hence the text messages. I think it's because my parents drive me insane. I think my dad could drive the most sanest person on earth insane. Thank God I'm not home very often. I can't believe you came online to blog and didn't say hi, I hate you. You should hurry up and have babies too!!! Nine feet tall kids would rule! And stop being a pussy, GOSH! That movie would have been better if they all would have been slayed by vampires at the end.

Jay said...

hi katie, I missed you. how was kenosha and brauts?

it took a while reading your fucking blog and catching up. at least one of us had a good easter, I almost died.

laurie has a blog somewhere, we were talking and I told you I knew where you blog was and ariels and she was like, "I miss my sisters" shes weird, ask her about headcheese sometime

I'd adopt you but I'm broke too, and its fun to make fun of jenn. she needs it. she would always lecture me about updating my blog and the fucking mexican never updates hers. how rude

no one texts me ever :|

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