Monday, April 04, 2005

I Ended Up Becoming Something Other Than What I Had Planned To Be

Anybody else excited for the Illini-UNC game tomorrow? You should be. Too bad I have to study for a huge test tomorrow too. That can wait until after the game though. It's probably a good thing I have no money for beer because I don't think I would be the best drunk-studier. Something just tells me the two wouldn't mix well together. I'm completely jumping on the bandwagon, rooting for Uni of Illinois, but who gives a fuck. The team is from my state, therefore I should support them. It's a rule I'm pretty sure. However that rule does not apply to the Cubs. The Cubs blow and always will blow. Now that Sammy and Moses are gone, you don't have a chance. Not that my White Sox have a chance either, but shut the fuck up about it.

So my weekend blew. How was yours? If you took a shower and left the house, you're much more exciting than I am. Friday I drank some wine with Carly, but I think I hate wine now. We watched American Splendor, and Bill, I want my $12 back. Not that the movie was that awful, but I could really use that $12 right now. On Saturday I watched the Illini game and way too much VH1. Way way too much. I need to get out more.

Today I was supposed to "hang out" with Antonio, but he didn't call me. Trying to give me a taste of my own medicine assrammer? This whole weekend I wasn't dreading hanging out with him, then it got to today, and I don't want him to call anymore. I mean, if he would have called I would have gone out with him, but I was getting nervous because I'm a pansy. And then he doesn't call, and I'm sort of relieved but moreso pissed off. First I don't want him to call, and then when he actually doesn't, I get mad. I make a lot of sense. Of course everyone is thinking, "why didn't you call him?" but remember I'm a pussy and don't like calling guys. I'll be sure to give you the update on what he tells me in class tomorrow because I'm sure you're all enthralled.

I think my eyesight has gotten worse since my last checkup in December. Is that possible? I can barely read the blackboard in class anymore and today while walking to visit Emily at work I couldn't read the gas prices until I was nearly 30 feet from the sign. I just made up 30 feet, I have no idea how close I was to it, but I know I never had to be that close before. I probably just need to change my contacts. Fascinating.

Earlier today someone knocked on our door, and it was a delivery guy from Jimmy Johns (a sub place). I told them I was the only one home and that I hadn't ordered anything. I asked what address he was looking for, and he said mine. Then he goes, "It's for a Katie, do you know a Katie?" I was like "Uhh...I'm Katie, but still, I didn't order anything." So he eventually left but I felt stupid like he thought I was lying to him or something. But I think that's bizarre. He was looking for my exact address, and then for a Katie. Emily thinks someone was "trying to get revenge on me", but who orders one sandwich to prank someone with? I think if you were pissed at someone you'd order a shitload of food. Plus, who is pissed at me? It could have just been a freaky coincidence, but who knows. Oh the horrible drama in my life. Someone doesn't like me and is sending me Jimmy John sandwiches. I should call the cops.

I started watching Cape Fear Friday night at 3:00 am. Not a good movie to watch by yourself that late at night. I must have made sure the door was locked 5 times before I went to bed.

I'm in a softball league with some friends this summer, and we're sponsored by this bar near my house. I really hope that means we get free beer or something after each game. The part I'm most excited about? Getting a t-shirt out of it. I'm trying to forget about the having-games-every-fucking-Sunday-part and maybe having to go home for practices. And good lord, the running. I haven't ran farther than a 10 feet since I was 8 years old. I get out of breath walking up 2 flights of stairs. But it will be good drunken times, I can promise you that, bitches.


Ariel said...

I hope Illinois loses...Kentucky all the way woooooo! Just kidding, I don't give a shit who wins. My dad's favorite team is the Cubs I think, I know he likes them a lot. My weekend sucked too but I did get some much needed cleaning done. I was on an organizing rampage. That delivery thing couldn't have been a coincidence, I mean that's just too weird. Maybe your secret admirer sent you a sandwhich! Have fun playing softball this summer!

Bill B. said...

i still don't get how in the hell you can be from chicago and not be a cubs fan. It's blasphemy. Anyhow yeah that thing where Antonio didn't call you is called karma!! You shouldn't have stood him up meanie, just goes to prove the theory all women are mean.

stellah martiano said...

Get some ball and call the boy. Hmm., can you text him? That might be easier. The true test whether you like him is if you'd be okay with him going out with someone else.

If your subs were from a secret admirer they should have paid for the fucking things first before getting them sent.

Gabriel said...

I agree with Bill. Karma wins again. Katie I would never stand you up. Not even at our wedding. So heres your comment