Friday, April 01, 2005

I've Waited For You Winterlong

I've been eating meat again since the summer, but I still don't like to eat chicken. I buy the fake chicken stuff, which are delicious and eat those instead. Emily and I went to Applebee's in January and we each got one of the appetizer samplers as our meal (that's why I'm a broke fatass). I was going to give her my buffalo wing things cause I didn't want them, but she convinced me to try one and I LOVED THEM. A few days later we went to Wal-Mart and I bought some TGI Friday Buffalo Wings because I thought they would be as good as the Applebee ones. Good lord was I horribly wrong. The Applebee's ones were boneless, but the TGIF ones had bones and they were gross. The point of this is, I tried them last month when I bought them and thought they were nasty, but didn't throw the rest of them out, I just put them back in the freezer. So 2 months later, when I have absolutely no food, save for 3 cans of tuna, I convince myself that they couldn't have been THAT bad, right? Besides it was either eat those or my left hand. This time they were even worse. I ate them over 4 hours ago and I still feel like I have pieces of cartilage or some shit in the back of my throat. It's making me sick realizing I ate that shit. I'm not a pussy (can you tell I love that word?) when it comes to eating meat again, but theres just something about real chicken that I just can't stomach. I'll stick to my Morningstar fake chicken patties and nuggets, thankyouverymuch. Very pointless paragraph, but you know that's my specialty.

I've been on a Neil Young binge for the past 2 hours. Growing up, it was almost as if Neil was part of the family. My brother, sister and I know the words to all of his songs because my dad was obsessed with him. Man Needs a Maid has got to be one of the greatest songs ever. Ask Keri what song defines our childhood and she'll tell you that song. Or Oklahoma Sweetheart, but I'm betting she'd say Neil first. All my Dad's friends love him too, so whenever we would go on vacation with them and their families the cd holders were always stocked with Neil. One of the best concerts I ever went to was a Neil Young concert. It was September of 2000 when I was 15. My parents and their friends were going and a bunch of my friends got tickets at the last minute and they gave us all a ride down there. My parents had actual seats and we were on the lawn, but still there's nothing like trying to smoke weed and cigarettes so your parents can't see you. Damn I was a badass. This is a lame story, but I feel like I had to write about Neil since I've been listening to him exclusively all night. Just in case you were wondering, my favorite songs by Mr. Young are:
Man Needs a Maid
After the Goldrush
Harvert Moon
The Needle and the Damage Done
Cowgirl in the Sand
Sugar Mountain
Tired Eyes

I also downloaded some Metallica today which is really cool of me. I watched this thing on VH1 today about them and it reminded me how I love their song Hero of the Day, especially the version with the S&M symphony. Everybody has to at least like one Metallica song, even my mom likes Nothing Else Matters. And I love their version of Bob Seger's Turn the Page. Whenever I hear Bob singing it on the radio, I always start singing the Metallica version. I didn't know their bassist Cliff B-something died in a bus accident in 1986. Am I a douche bag for not knowing that? Probably.

This is a stupidass post, but I wasted too much time typing it all out so I'm not erasing it. Don't worry, I'll never write about chicken, Neil Young or Metallica again. I just had to get it out of my system. Happy April Fools Day, bitches.


Bill B. said...

I used to like Metallica's black album but I just couldn't take seeing James Hetfield (singer) and Lars Ulrich (drums) anymore. God they bitch and moan more than I do. Some of their music was okay, but I hate them personally so that makes me unable to listen to it. In the case of Neil Young, Rockin' In The Free World and Heart Of Gold are two of my favs.
In the case of chicken......go to hooters rookie beyotch. They have the greatest hot wings in the world and They're super kickass. And you don't eat all the wing and suck it like a lot of people do because then you get all that cartalidge shit in it. Just eat the central part of th ewing and then stop when you hit stuff that isn't meat.

Jay said...

yeah katie, you are an exceptional douchebag for not knowing about cliff burton.

as for applebees, EWW!!! I fucking hate chain restaurants like that. everytime I see one I think of office space. did you try some jalapeno poppers or extreme fajitas?

anyways, reading a previous post of yours made me think of something


Jay said...

thats laurie's blog, go post there about her being a stupid polack

Ariel said...

I read this post last night and then tried to comment but my internet was fucked so now I have to read it again, GOSH. Okay, Metallica sucks! I'm so picky about meat, I cut like half the meat off making sure I get rid of even the tiniest particle of fat or grissle. I've never handled or touched raw meat either. I like chicken so much better than beef.

I never really got into Neil Young. I wish I had, I still can though. I've never really listened to him enough I guess. I really like the album Sleeps With Angels though.