Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Picture Book Of The Pyramid And Postcards of Billy The Kid

Today I had to take the math placement test I've been bitching about. Emily told me that when she took it, about 80% of it was fractions, so I called my brother to have him refresh my memory on how to add, subtract, divide and multiply fractions, thinking I was going to be money because I remembered how to do all that shit once he told me. He asked me if I remembered how to do simple alegbra, like 2x-y=4, but I had a seizure when he mentioned that stuff, so I knew it would be a lost cause for him to even try to reteach me it. So I open up the test packet, and it's all alegbra. Every single question. I was fucked. Needless to say I did really really bad on it and placed into a 098 class, one that I wouldn't even get credit for taking because it's basically just a course to refresh your memory on algebra. But I found out after taking the test that I really didn't even need to take it, I could just take Math 101, which I'm going to do at the community college by my house back at home this summer. Thank god I'm taking it over the summer when my brother and mom will both be able to help me, or else I would be royally screwed and absolutely fail. I can remember the year the Magna Carta was signed (1215) but once you shove letters AND numbers mixed together in my face I'm lost. C'mon, I'm a history major. When am I going to have to ever solve for X? Never bitches, never.

It's been really nice out these past 2 weeks and that means one thing here - drinking outside. I love it. I missed being able to stand around and drink, seeing people I haven't seen in forever. I missed carrying around 8 beers in my purse and having them be fuckass warm by the time I get to the last three. I missed being able to wear skirts. I missed my beloved flip-flops (screw you Jenn, you probably just have ugly feet). I missed being able to go outside, have a cigarette and not come back in with frostbite on my fingers. I missed warm weather and I'm so glad to have it back.

I turn 21 in 21 days. It's getting so close, I kind of get butterflies in my stomach when I think about it. (I'm queer.) I know, I know, I talk about it a lot, but I just can't believe it's actually going to happen. But it really is going to happen, just like I really graduated high school and really went to college. I'm REALLY going to be 21. Fuck yeah bitches.

I had another freaky ass dream last night. This time it involved someone with an ax chasing me. I always wondered why every morning my sheets are kicked almost all the way off the bed. It's because someone is always trying to fucking kill me in my dreams. How pleasent.

I had to hand in one research paper already, only two more to go. In the next week I have to read a book for one and get a shitload of sources for the other. They're due on Wednesday and Thursday, so I keep telling myself I need to start them this weekend, but in reality on Tuesday and Wednesday night I'll be crying and slitting my wrists because I'll hate myself for putting them off until then. I know exactly how the situtation will happen, yet I do nothing to change it. No wonder I barely have a 2.0 GPA.

I'll leave you with the conversation Emily and I had while watching Jimmy Kimmel, who had Lisa Marie Presley on as a guest.

Emily: It's weird to think Elvis died so long ago but his daughter is still pretty young, she's only 35 or 36 I think. What year did he die, like 1963 0r 64?
Me: I'm pretty sure it was 1977.
Emily: Really? I thought it was longer ago....oh wait....did some president die in 1963 or something then?
Me: You're getting John F. Kennedy and Elvis confused? I swear to god, only you Emily, only you.
Emily: Shut up.

Time for my nightly bowl of cereal. Eat your Wheaties, bitches.


Jenn said...

Well, it's a good thing you can take 101. I used to be thee best ever at math. Now it scares me. But once I'm reminded, it all comes back to me. Does it suck that you have to take it in the summer? Or were you gonna take summer classes anyway?

I have been craving a Corona for day's! I'm sure the weather has something to do with it. I can't wait 'til Saturday!

21 day's and counting, bitch.....I'll start planning my stay out there.

Your dreams say that everyone wants to kill you. Quit being such a bitch, Katie.

Emily and I are equals. Everytime you make fun of something she does, it's something I would or have done.

Did you fucking copy, paste and email that IM conversation we had the other day?! I take it the answer is no. Good job, Katie. Good job.

Katie said...

Dude, I lost that conversation, remember? I told you. My computer froze while we were talking so it got lost before I had a chance to send it to you. Sorry ho. Next time we talk we'll have to remember them all over again.

Is Saturday the Spring Crawl? Funtimes. You better start planning your way out here, ho. I really am starting to believe that you and Emily are the same. I hope I never come off as sounding condscending in what I make fun of her for, she really just makes me laugh.

I'm calling you so you can do my homework, ok? Thanks Ma. I was going to take classes over the summer anyways, I'm 5 credits short of being a senior, so I gotta take 2 classes over the summer. I'd rather get math over in 6 weeks instead of a whole semester though, so it's all good. Plus the mom and brother being able to help is definilty another plus. I'm going to bed! Night ho.

Jay said...

mmm corona

katie I miss you

you are my heart and desire

we should have hat sox till da bearz come home, dontcha know

and since I didn't mention it on jenn's blog, I'll mention it here

hows spring time in Kenosha?

and wheres those damn naked pix of emily, don't hate on a playa

Bill B. said...

Math SUCKS. I hate it to death and I feared it hardcore when I heard my fellow colleagues talking about their math lessons. I was like that with Biology too because I kinda wanted to take that for fun, but I heard I was nuts for that.
When you turn 21 remember to do a keg stand for the Billster. You'll be bored going to bars in about a month though so love it up while you can.