Tuesday, June 14, 2005

You're Goddamn Right I Got The Blues

This past weekend was the Chicago Blues Fest downtown at Grant Park which basically meant that I spend most of my weekend on the train down there, sneaking beer in and sitting in the grass listening to some motherfucking awesome music. We saw John Mayall and the Bluesbreakers with guest Mick Taylor (I can now say that I've seen 1/5 of the Rolling Stones in concert), Buddy Guy (he's a blues legend and huge here in Chicago) and Mavis Staples (that lady's got the blues and she ain't afraid to show it). Buddy Guy was the highlight on Saturday night. I've wanted to see him in concert forever, and I finally got too, for free on top of it. Does it get any better? I submit that it cannot. I wore a white skirt on Thursday night there and of course stepped in mud. I'm just now washing it, so I'm pretty sure it's ruined. I will be a horrible wife and mother some day. All of my kids clothes will have mud and grasss stains on them because I wait 4 days to try to wash them out. I'm smart.

This past weekend has solidified the fact that I will never ever live anywhere but Chicago. Of course I want to travel and shit like that, but I can't imagine raising a family anywhere but the Southside of Chicago. There is so much pride on being Irish and from the Southside of Chicago that if I wasn't from here it would be really annoying. It was awesome being downtown, listening to music and looking up at the skyline that was the backdrop of my entire weekend. I can't imagine having kids and them not knowing what it means to live in Chicago. I sound like a douche bag right now, but I fucking love Chicago, so lay off me man.

So, I finally worked up the balls to call Brad, my bosses son who was going to go with me to the wedding. I left him a message on Friday and he hasn't called me back. I hate myself for getting excited and then nothing happening. But I hate him even more for not even having the balls to call me back. If you don't want to go, cool, I'm not going to throw a fit by any means. Make something up for christs sake, I wouldn't know the difference. Even if he doesn't have my number, which he should because the phone rang, it's not like it just went to the voicemail, he could easily call the store where I work and get it, or even ASK HIS FUCKING DAD. YOUR DAD IS MY BOSS, DON'T MAKE THIS SITUATION MORE AWKWARD THAN IT HAS TO BE NEXT TIME I SEE YOU. Dear lord I hope I'm drunk next time that happens.

I have a backup plan for a date though, so screw you Bradley. I hate that name anyways. You live in Illinois, not California. I think I'm going to ask this guy Brian I've been kind of seeing, that is, if my friend doesn't have a hissy fit about it. When I said "the female version of bros before hos", why did no one tell me it was "chicks before dicks"? It slipped my mind at the time until I asked my friend and she reminded me. I thought of a better one though, "sistas before mistas." And yes, it must be spelled with an -a not -er. It just makes it just much cooler. Apparently, I have too much time on my hands.

I started my math class today and we learned about interest rates. I'm pretty sure I learned this shit in 8th grade, but I'm not going to complain. I wouldn't mind if we practiced subtracting big numbers from each other because as a 21 year old I have problems with it. Pathetic, yes? Shove it up your ass.

-I'm obsessed with the new Coldplay song.
- I can't fucking wait to buy a new dress for the wedding. OPEN BAR, BITCHES.
- I miss Emily like a goddamn banshee. I haven't seen her since I left school a month ago.
- My sister has successfully gotten into bars with my ID. Hopefully she still will after I get it changed finally.
- It's sweating balls in my basement right now. TURN ON THE AIR, CHEAPSKATES.
- I watched the Royal Tennebaums last night and thought of you Bill. Did you get a new phone yet? Give me your number, Pagoda. I haven't talked to you in eons.
- Tomorrow is Tuesday and I'm pumped (do people still say that word?) Too bad I have work from 9:30-5:30 and then class from 6-8:30. I will NOT make the same mistake I did last week. I came home at 5 am and had to be up at 7 am to open the store. I felt and looked like I was dead the entire day. Not a pretty sight kids, not a pretty sight.
- I got my first sunburnt on the summer on Thursday. Life is good when your friend has a pool that you use her for.
- I want to hold your hand, bitches.


Bill B. said...

I actually have the money now for a new phone but currently am at odds with Verizon over a shitty service dispute. I'm trying to get a hold of Catherine Zeta-Jones over at T-Mobile and see what she can do for me, but so far no luck. Other than that These mofo's will pay dearly. Haha Pagoda is the man.

James said...

How you feel about Chicago is how I feel about Ashford in Kent in the UK.
Chicago is really high on my list of places to check though. Anywhere that spawned Marshall Jeffereson must have something wixi going for it :-)

Anonymous said...

Hey Margo, I also forgot to tell you awesome ass news. Go to www.manuok.com and download the middle song of the three. It's awesome music. Get it now. Also you remember Beans from Even Stevens?? Well do you? Anyhow he lost a shitload of weight and is super skinny now. He's going to be in a new Martin Lawrence movie. L8a H8a

PS this is Bill, I forgot my password.

Anonymous said...

Hey Margo, I also forgot to tell you awesome ass news. Go to www.manuok.com and download the middle song of the three. It's awesome music. Get it now. Also you remember Beans from Even Stevens?? Well do you? Anyhow he lost a shitload of weight and is super skinny now. He's going to be in a new Martin Lawrence movie. L8a H8a

PS this is Bill, I forgot my password.

Jay said...

katie, its called bros before hos because hos come and go, but we bros are irreplaceable. and the sistas thing doesn't suit you, you're pasty fire crotched mick, not laquita. so get with it, you're female, females are by nature backstabbing, self serving and hate on each other. remember, behind every good man is a woman with a knife in his back.

I miss your hat sox dearly though.

and john mayall and coldplay suck ass, you're starting to become arielish in your ability to listen to horrible music. next thing you know you'll be dressing up in a swan costume for your canadian boyfriends birthday present.

Jenn said...

Jay, you're just sad/mad because you got served. Quit being mad at the world because of some internet girl. Really.

Bill B. said...

Katie my homie......you must get one of these shirts. Go to www.freekatie.net Fucking neat-o. PS I bought the new Coldplay album. I really love the song "Talk" Fucking neat.

Jay said...

hey jenn, eat my balls, I'm not even talking about that bullshit, just from watching girls in general, you know its true, you're just on your high horse about "hollaback girl" power lately and trying to prove your miss independance than admit the simple fact, lotsa girls are haters these days.

theres no problem with being honest about it, girls today stab each other in the back constantly and stab guys in the back too, its kinda fucking weird too, its like an epidemic.

btw katie, you need a new post

Rat In A Cage said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Rat In A Cage said...

Hey, Katie - I was in Chicago in February (ick), but hade one goal - go to Buddy Guy's place. Unfortunately, I missed him - I think he plays there throughout January. It was still cool though to see his club. HE is damn good.

Also, the Irish thing is cool. I have thought of making it there one year for the celebration - is it worth it? CA is so lame. I used to live in NY so I made it to the big St. Paddy's Day Parade every year. Nothing good out here, and thought of doing the Chicago one for a change of pace.

Any advice? Thanks.

Hey, Jay - women have hated each other & been backstabbers since the dawn of time. Nothing new. Do not expect any changes.

I've seen that cool set of legs in SF that you have in your profile pic.

Cool site you have.

dusty said...

I have to agree that buddy guy is one of the best shows around, I saw him and eric johnson last nite here in vegas..good music at its best..as far as jay goes..he is evidently female-less and is taking it out on the world..men are so fucking perfect eh jay? That highschool post of yours gave me a good laugh..grow up jackass..

Jenn said...

Jay, I'm gonna leave a comment in blog yeah. Because it relates to this one as well.

Jay said...

wow dusty, whoever the fuck you are to begin with, you really know me. fucking dunce kids these days

its funny how you hijacked katie's board to say something, but honestly, no one asked your opinion, so pipe down.

no one said guys were perfect, especially not I, which really shows how fucking clueless you are, I was merely making a point to katie and you douchebags with a hate on towards any guy who has an opinion that doesn't toe the P.C. police thought line throw a hissy fit.

try a bit of your own medicine, tipper gore, before you pop off to someone you don't even know, you just end up looking like a dumbshit.

Jay said...

go ahead jenn, maybe you should point it out to bill and rat since they seem to agree with me about girl's being odd these days.

like I said, I merely was talking to KATIE since this is KATIE's blog and everyone else who has no fucking business saying shit to me here don't say it on my blog

sorry if you people can't handle the fact I've known katie for quite some time and have always talked trash back and forth with her, and its really none of your guys' fucking business to begin with. katie knows my personality and is used to it and me being an asshole on purpose just to get a rise out of people, shes seen me do it to many an idiot on yahoo who took themselves too seriously, and it looks like I did it pretty well on here too.

btw katie, I still miss you and I want naked pix of emily sometime next year, damnit.

Jenn said...

Jay, no need to get all emotional, babe.

I love you, I do. But this is a comment section and people will go back and forth, it happens.

Rat In A Cage said...

Really, Jay. Holy you're more emotional than any woman I know.

I didn't read the "RULES" of blogging. Thank goodness we have blog police like you to straighten us dumb fucks out.

Hint:: Women don't like whiney little bitches.

Jay said...

wow this is starting to remind me of Music lobby back in the day. all we're missing now is some dipshits from lobby two to throw a fit because I was talking to bill about something.

again jenn, no ones getting emotional, I simply pointed out a fact of, who the fuck are these dipshits to begin with anyways?!?!

sorry, I don't visit your blogs, I could care less about your pathetic lives, you're not as smart as you like to think you are, and really, going after someone who you don't even talk to on a blog is pretty trite and tacky to say the least. I blog with certain people who I know, and maybe if you tried unplugging for a while you might find that its really only .01% of your day.

as usual the unwashed masses will rise up to try to pull down those who try to act instead of talk. whether its some dipshits on a blog or some hillbilly at the bar who needs to see a dentists, some things never change.