Monday, August 15, 2005

Passive Manipulation

1. Tuesday I was downtown in Border's, looking at the music selection. A sales person asked if I needed help, but I said I was just looking. He saw me looking at The Talking Heads, Dave Brubeck, Bob Dylan and some other random cds. Five minutes later he walked by me and said, "You have really good taste in music." That was probably the best compliment I have ever gotten and I thank you, Mr Border's Worker. I had just told my sister that story while we were walking to the train and one of the talented homeless saxophone players started playing one of Dave Brubeck's songs from "Time Out." Coincidence? I think not.

2. I've come to realize that any guy who talks to me in the bars will be at least 30 years old. I don't want some guy who's settled in life and is actually successful. I want a drunk 22 year old. Now we're talkin'.

3. Keri and I are getting matching sister tattoo's, a small flame on our foot. Three reasons why: a reference to Jeff Buckley's line in Grace, "Wait in the fire", because we're fireman's daughters and because we're motherfucking hot, bitches. Please realize the sarcasm of the last part of that sentence.

4. I'm going back to school on Thursday and I'm actually kind of sad about it yet I can't wait at the same time. My friends are taking me out Wednesday for the last hurrah of the summer, which has really been one of the best summers ever. I didn't save a goddamn penny, but shit bitch, it was worth it.

5. One Thursday, I was out with my friend Julie who is just as big a Dylan fan as I am. The guys we had just met there said something bad about Dylan, but we told him we were the wrong people to say shit about Bobby in front of. He then admitted to liking one song of Bob's, but said Dylan didn't sing it and we would never guess what it was.
"Oh, try us Frankie, just try us."
"If you get it right, which you won't, I'll buy you a round of drinks....ok, Manfred Mann covered it in-"
"Quinn the Eskimo."

6. Israel is actually telling their people to get out of the Gaza Strip. I only heard about this on Friday. Do I live in a cave? When did they make this decision and how long have I not known about it? I read the paper every day and felt really stupid not knowing about it until a few days ago. You'd think there would have been a breaking news interuption in my normally scheduled programming or something when it was decided. Or maybe there was and I was just sleeping. Either way, it's about time Israel that you give back some land that you stole. Hopefully this will bring some peace to that area, even if it is only short lived. I just hope the withdrawl is goes smoothly.

7. While I was babysitting my cousins today, I lost my lipgloss and was rummaging their house looking for it. I then discovered that I had not lost the lipgloss, their fucking dog had EATEN it. All that was left was the chewed up cap. If I hadn't already hated that dog with a passion, this would have really sealed the deal. Instead it just further confirmed that when I have kids they will never ever have a dog. Not only will they not have a dog, they won't have a cat, hamster, snake, turtle or even a goddamn fish. Why I'm taking my anger out on my future children I have no idea, but holy fuck do I hate dogs.

8. I got my grade for the math class I took this summer and I got a B in it. I GOT A B IN A MATH CLASS. Praise the lord. I am offcially done with math for the rest of my life. Do you have any idea how good it feels to say that? Pretty motherfucking good bitches, pretty motherfucking good.

9. Favorite song of the summer: "My Doorbell" by the White Stripes
Favorite book de la summer: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
Favorite memory: Drunken dancing at Diana's block party
Favorite concert: Tom Petty or Rufio. I can't pick.
Favorite Sox game: When we beat the Red Sox, July 23rd
Thing I could have done without: Getting so drunk the last Tuesday that I puked in the driveway, thinking it was the grass. I mean, no Mom, I didn't puke....maybe it was the dog. God am I classy.

10. They are talking about a law that might be passed in Chicago that would ban smoking in all restaurants and bars. I wouldn't mind if they banned it in restaurants, but bars? Are you kidding me? I really hope this law doesn't pass because that would blow ass if I couldn't smoke in bars. Of course I shouldn't be smoking anyways, and I'm sure it bothers people who don't smoke, but you're in a BAR for chrissake. People need to quit being pussies and realize that people like to smoke and drink. If you don't like it, grow some balls. I should be "quitting when I graduate" anyways, at least that's what I tell my mom to make her feel better, so I guess it wouldn't affect me for long, but I still think it's lame. I'll just cross my fingers and hope it doesn't pass. You best all do the same, bitches.


James said...

fingers crossed for palestine.

The Zombie Lama said...

Banning smoking in a bar is like banning masturbation in a porn theater.

Just plain wrong.

Billy said...

They banned smoking in bars here. It's pretty damn stupid. It's not a health club. It's a bar. If you don't want to go to a smoky bar, WTF... go somewhere else. Several bars actually have patrons toss them a couple dollars to cover the fines and let them smoke.

illimitable voices said...

Dave Brubeck is one of the greatest - my band (and we suck so I'm not bragging) covers Take 5 everywhere we go. We seem to only get gigs at dirty punk rock places and biker bars. But they all love the Brubeck. So yes, you do seem to have wonderful taste in music.

By the way, I'm a 22 year old (not quite an alcoholic because I don't shake in the morning) who smokes in NYC bars when drunk enough to not give a shit about being kicked out. I mean, it is NY and there IS another bar across the street. I can finish my smoke as I walk over there.

The town I live in, and all the towns I live next to are thinking about banning smoking which would suck because there aren't as many places to go to after being kicked out of one place.

An80sNut said...

I'm really loving your insight. Oh and there is no way I'm owning a pet. As for banning smoking in bars, I find it funny when people legislate things that have always been legal in a place that would have been illegal decades ago. Dumbass politicians.