Monday, August 08, 2005

Whooooooo Arrrrrrrrrrrrre Yooooooooou?

- Keri went to Baker's Square on Thursday and while she was there saw a girl, Lisa, who I went to grammar school and high school with. Lisa mistook Keri for me, and Keri, who didn't bother to correct her, had a five minute conversation with her, never realizing she was talking to my younger sister and not me.

- While drinking at Keri's friends house last night, a guy asked if me and Keri were twins. We told him we were, because we think it's funny to go with it when people ask us that, especially drunk people. He then asked us,
"Are you nocturnal or fraternal?"
Nocturnal, bitch. We only come out at night.

- At my cousin's graduation party earlier today, my cousin Maeve's cousin pulled her aside (they're both around 8 years old) and whispered "Are they twins?" pointing at me and Keri.

-At Diana's block party last Saturday, one of her aunt's asked us the twin question. We said no, we're 15 months apart. Her aunt then starts yelling, "MOM, COME HERE AND LOOK AT THESE GIRLS. Don't they look just like twins?" We had two grandma's and two aunts looking at us, pointing out our similarities and differences. Not uncomfortable at all.

-Senior year of high school I was out for coffee with my friend, and this girl comes up to me, squeals "HI!" and gives me a big hug. Had I ever seen this girl before in my life? No I had not. I'm sure you're surprised to find out she thought I was Keri.

- I wrote about this before, but the two times Keri and I have been on the El train on our way to see a Rufus Wainwright concert random people have asked us if we're twins. One time it was a guy yelling across the train asking if we were "Two minutes or 30 seconds apart" and the other time this lady just stared at us pointing out our similarities and differences again. I love strangers staring at me.

These aren't the only times this has happened by any means, but its starting to get really weird. I don't think we look a like at all, but obviosuly I must be missing something if people I've known since I was 5 can have conversations with Keri not realizing its her and not me. It baffles my mom too because she can't see it at all either. I'm sure it's because shes our mom and has seen us our entire lives, but obviously we're missing something if we don't see the similarities. It seems to be happening more than ever recently though, three times alone this past weekend. Do any of you guys have brothers or sisters that you get mistaken for on a regular basis? It doesn't even have to be a sibling, it could be someone famous, or even a friend. I got told the other day I looked like Brooke Shields. My friends all know what I hate Brooke Shields with a passion simply because of her eyebrows. They're horrible and I can't stand them. The one time I get compared to a celebrity and it has to be fucking Brooke Shields. Goddamnit.

I just read that Peter Jennings died from lung cancer. He was just diagnosed in April. I loved Peter Jennings. After September 11th I was addicted to watching him and developed an old man crush on him. RIP Peter.


doym said...

you should post a pic of the two of you and see if we can tell you apart.

Jenn said...

Dude! Has anyone ever told you that you and your sister could pass as twins?

I was just thinking that after remembering some pictures.

RIP Peter

Bill B. said...

I get told I look and talk like Adam Sandler or the guy from American Pie a lot. Especially in my younger thinner days for the american pie guy. I've actually had people come up to me out of nowhere on the streets and at Walmart and tell me the Adam Sandler thing (which we look nothing alike). Then came the alltime best one ever. An ITALIAN person who looked more like Sylvester Stallone than me, comes up and goes "Eha dude you look like Rocky!!!" I was of course pretty happy with this one.
But Katie, you look like Brooke Sheilds alot. The unibrow truth comes out now. Mwahahaha.

Ms Mac said...

At least it's your sister and not your mother who is mistaken for your twin. Now that's annoying!

The Zombie Lama said...

Yeah, I got told that I look like the Rock a couple of times. Personally, I don't see it, but I digress...

My brother and I look nothing alike. To top it off, he's 8 years older than I am, yet people, on more than one occassion, have asked if we were twins! Which either means, he looks good for his age, or I look old...

The Zombie Lama said...

Oh, and RIP Peter. Damn, that guy was pretty cool. He's the type of guy, guy's want to look like when they get old.

Rat In A Cage said...

Sadly, he hadn't smoked in years & 9-11 stressed him out so much that he started up again which I am sure accelerated his death.

Fucking Muslim terrorists.

Linny said...

I'm convinced I have a twin (poor thing)

I'm at a bar about 10 years ago... this girl comes up to me in the bathroom... OH MY GOD... HI... HOW ARE YOU? I HAVEN'T SEEN YOU IN AGES... WOW.. HOW LONG HAS IT BEEN? HIGHSCHOOL? OH MY GOD OH MY GOD OH MY GOD!!!

I have absolutely no idea who this girl is and while I might have occassionally smoked illegal substances in highschool, I remember most of it... and nope, don't remember her.

She followed me to my table, met my friends, danced with us, bought us all a drink gave me her number so I could "keep in touch"... etc...

I still have no idea who she was but I'll slut myself for a free drink :)

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