Tuesday, August 02, 2005

When You Gonna Ring it?

I don't know if I've ever shared this with anyone, but I am a Harry Potter-phile. Not nearly as much so as my sister, but I love the books with a passion. In case you live in cave, the 6th one came out two weeks ago and I just finished it on Friday. I cried for a good 30 minutes at the ending. Even thinking about what had happened was making me cry two hours after I was done reading it. I love that goddamn wizard. I'm not even going to make fun of myself saying that I'm a pussy because I dare any of you to read those books and NOT cry at the ending. If you don't, you are a cold, cold person.

I've been to three Sox games in the past 2 weeks and they lost 2 out of the 3. What the fuck. They did win against Boston though which was sweetass considering how many fucking Boston fans were in the crowd. Any other time I would have been cheering Johnny Damon on too, but not when he's playing my team. We're (I'm on the team) THISCLOSE to making the playoffs. Jealous? I'm going to the game tomorrow with the family and then on Friday with a local bar because it's Elvis Impersonation Night. And free beer. Can't beat that.

I have a swollen lymph node on the left side of my neck. I get this every so often, the first two times making me sick as a goddamn dog, not being able to eat for 5 or 6 days. I looked it up on the internet (I believe everything I read) and have been asking people what it means, and everything and everyone just says that I need to slow down or get more sleep. I chose to believe that it's a tumor that pops up periodically, which is really reassuring. I've never been a hypochondriac, mainly because I've never had anything bad happen to me (aside from the aformentioned times) but this is starting to freak me out. When I tell my mom, her solution is to "have some vitamins." I forgot how calcium tablets have the ability to SHRINK TUMORS. I need new parents.

Pete Townshend wrote the song "Substitute" because he loved the way Smokey Robinson said the word substitute in the line "he might be cute, but he's just a substitute" on the song "Tracks of my Tears." For some reason I love that little story probably because Substitute is my favorite Who song and I love Smokey. Just an FYI for you all. Pass it on.

Summer is coming to an end, but I think I made the most out of it so far. I've been swimming, gone to baseball games, seen fireworks, gotten drunk more often than I should have, spent too much money, enjoyed the hottest summer we've had since before I was born, got a new ghetto phone, renewed my licsense and ensured that I had a picture where the left side of my face looks paralyzed (you know, the stroke victim look), seen Tom Petty and Buddy Guy, will be seeing Rufus Wainwright August 10th, worn my sister's green skirt more times than I care to count, visited EmJo and Carly, kinda-sorta understood and passed a math class, driven my mom crazy and gone out to eat at Chili's 400 times because Keri is obsessed with that place. I always thought that the summer I turned 21 would be awesome and it turns out I was right. I still have 18 more days to enjoy it, and I am going to live it up bitches. I am really excited to go back to school, but the closer that creeps up the more I have to think about it being my last year and I want that fact to be a thought in the way back of my mind for as long as possible. Please don't pop my bubble.

I wanted to blog because it had been awhile, but I'm not "feeling" it tonight, so I apologize for this being really boring and douche baggish. But you know it's just my style so you're all probably used to it anyways. I think my blogging spirit lives in DeKalb and not Chicago. I also think that was the lamest sentence I've ever written. Happy August, bitches.


Jenn said...

Damon said, "no, now i'm posting a relpy, i'm just so happy she's back, i'll need a few moment to compose my self and perhaps a tissue or two"...

when we were talking about you.

doym said...

HEY HEY!! great to see you've had an awesome summer, i forgot you guys go on holiday in the middle of the year, i thought you didn't care any more :(

The Sox games sound awesome, i played softball when i was in high school and loved it but it's such a small game here, one of my dreams is to make it to a MLB game.

As for the Lymph node thing, i have no idea, all i can think of is sick boy in Van Wilder....Kinda freakish, i hope it's not that big, if it is you could name it and paint a face on it and say it's your undeveloped twin??? or perhaps thats a little to sick??

You still have 18 days of summer? man i wish i was on holiday for 18 days, i'd just hang out at the beach and piss of people with my loud bike hahaha, if it's too loud your too old!!

As for Jenn's nice little comment....she's a CRAZY BITCH!! but it's great to hear from you again

Gabriel said...

AAaaaaawww sweetheart!!!!! Gabe misses him some Katie. Glad to hear your summer was pimp. And yes my luck indeed has run dry. I am used to this shit by now. So yeah lets hang out via the net real soon.

Miss you

unexplained bulge said...

I hate the White Sox and I hope they lose every game the rest of the season. And I hate Chicago, cuz the sox play there. You... you seem cool.

Paul said...

I didn't cry when I finished it, but I cried when I dropped the damn thing on my foot.

Twas a good book. Looking forward to the next one.