Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Ode To My Favorite Mick, Camping and the Sox

Keri's gone. My sister is gone. My best friend is gone. TO ANOTHER COUNTRY FOR 4 MONTHS. How dare you, you stupid bitch. That means no more calling you at work as I walk to class almost every day, asking you some inane question like "Do you remember the movie Pete's Dragon?!" or replying to voicemails that ask me to get your liscense back after you get a speeding ticket and telling me how you lost even MORE weight. God how I'm going to miss that. I cried a lot on Sunday (did you know that?), but now I'm ok. I called mom after they got back from the airport on Monday, to ask if she was okay, thinking "She'll be crying and that means I can cry more." Nope, mom was fine, saying she had cried enough already. Damnit. I really wish you'd CALL OR SOMETHING, just so we know you got there safe and sound, but as mom said, "no news is good news", so I'm sticking with that. Thanks for letting me borrow your tv (I have a remote! I'm spoiled now). I've said you were the best in the past, but I really mean it this time. I hope you have a wonderful fucking time in the homeland, I know you will. Just try not to forget about me. I AM YOUR SISTER AFTER ALL. No one can take my place, NO ONE. I know I've told you a billion times, but start a blog while you're there, so you don't forget anything. Plus then we can be like, internet buddies, or something. I'm eating half a bag of Fit & Active Rice Cakes in your honor right now. Just thought you'd like to know. I love you hobo.

So we actually DID go camping on Friday. I took about 8000 pictures with my friends digital camera and I can't wait til she puts them online. Good times, bitches, we had good times. We were only there from 9pm Friday to noon on Saturday, but we made the most of our time. Not really, we just drank and ate, but in my mind that counts. Maybe it would have been better if I didn't have to share a tent with two other people when it was really made for two small children. At least we were warm. Until we woke up and it was 80 degrees out. That made it kind of awkward when I realized my hand had traveled onto places it shouldn't have been. But heeeeey, just go with the flow, aight? Quit getting so uptight about that shit.

I only have one thing to say about the White Sox. YOU WILL BE THE CAUSE OF MY DEATH FROM A HEART ATTACK AT AGE 21. GodDAMNIT. Yeah, the games are exciting, but I wish I still bit my nails or did heroin to calm me down while watching them. My brother is in Ohio and doesn't get to watch the games (even when they play the Indians - another reason Ohio blows) so I have to play sports announcer when we talk online during the games. I think I might have a new career if this keeps up. Everything I say to him is stolen from Hawk and DJ, the Sox announcers, but isn't that how you get through life? By stealing and cheating? I thought so.

This week is going to blow. I can't wait for next semester already. My Civil War and Reconstruction class sucks ass, bitches.

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Jenn said...

Katie, don't cry, dry your eyes!

I'm where when you need to talk, you know this! Even though you haven't called me since 1902 'n shit. Damn, bitch. Call me already.

Did you talk to your sister? Is she doing a foreign exchange program? Details, I need details!