Friday, October 07, 2005

I Started Out On Burgundy But Soon Hit The Harder Stuff

1. I tried, in vain, for an hour yesterday to get Sox tickets to the American League Championship games coming up next week (I am VERY optimistic. Knock on wood). It took me two days to convice my Dad to let me buy them, even though the cheapest ones were $65(!). All that for nothing. Ticketmaster ruined my life.

2. But besides that, HOW FUCKING AWESOME ARE THE SOX DOING? There was a football game here Wednesday night which I was at, but I left in the 1st quarter after finding out the score was 4-0 Bosox. I could give a shit about the Huskies right now when the Sox are in the playoffs. I ran (read: walked as fast as my body allows) home to watch the game and the first pitch I see is Taddie hitting the 3 run homer that carried us the rest of the game. Game 3 starts in about an hour. I CAN'T WAIT.

3. I gained .7 lbs on the second week of my diet so I got discouraged and was pretty much eating whatever I wanted. I was scared to weigh myself so I waited 10 days instead of 7 and turns out I lost 4 pounds. Fuck yeah bitch. I'm sure you are all enthralled.

4. I talked to my sister yesterday and she's on her 17th day of drinking in a row in Ireland. YOU MAKE ME SO PROUD. She's also developed an Irish accent already despite only being there for 17 days. Yeah yeah yeah, you say its only when you're drunk, but every time I talk to you you're drunk so how am I supposed to know the difference? Only 43 days until Sisters in the Homeland, bitch. I talked to mom yesterday and she said "How great would it be to bring a turkey to Ireland for Thanksgiving!" I can't even fathom how great that would be Mom! A frozen turkey! In my luggage! Crossing the ocean! Shenannigans!

5. I just put in a new pair of contacts. I had been wearing the old pair since May. Sick.

6. I met a guy named Cash at the bar Wednesday night. He was from Nebraska. I didn't believe him at first because really, who the fuck actually lives in Nebraska? I called him Johnny Cash all night because I'm just so goddamn clever. I was the first person EVER to make the connection between his name and Johnny Cash's.

7. I have zero dollars to my name until Friday the 14th. ZERO. I told my mom the ComEd bill was $29 and not $19 so I should have $10 coming to me soon hopefully. I think it would best be spent on cigarettes. I am so coniving! If my kids ever do that to me (because I have kids right now. Four of them) I'll kill them.

8. I got drunk off vodka last night. Dmitri vodka. Shit bitch, that stuff is disgusting. It's all I drank freshman year and I can't even look at Dmitiri and pink lemonade anymore without throwing up all over myself. I didn't pay for it though, so I can't bitch. But I already did. Boo-ya.

9. Next weekend is Homecoming and KJ the old roomie is coming up to visit me for it. I can't fucking wait. Let's hope this time she doesn't give me a heart attack by coming up here unannounced like last time. (Check that shit out, I AM SO INTERNET SAVVY.)

10. I leave you with this: a picture of me with my finger up my nose. Why do I ruin every single picture I ever take by doing the "rock" sign? Why? I guess taking bad picture just comes naturally to me. Jealous, bitches?

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Rat In A Cage said...


Johnny Cash - you could have started to call him "Sue"

Congratulations on spanking the Red Sucks!!!

Party away!!!

Ariel said...

There's a movie coming out about Johnny Cash and Joaquin Phoenix plays him and it looks fucking good. I can't wait! Nice picture, you're so beautiful lover. Talk to you later.

Bill B. said...

All I have to say Katie is \m/ I still don't understand how that guys' name is Cash, but you call him Johnny Cash. What is the connection? I don't understand. The Black Sox curse will kick back in and you will lose badly. Stop cheating in the 1919 World Series beyotch.

HMT said...

do I see someone tryin to throw some horns here?


illimitable voices said...

did you ever get those kenny wayne sheppherd tickets that you said you thought you could on my blog?

Rat In A Cage said...

What the hell?!?

You guys better pull it together & beat these Angel jackasses!