Wednesday, October 19, 2005

One Too Many Mornings

1. Today at work, me and a guy I work with were "arguing" back and forth about the Sox and Cubs. The graduate assistant who works there walked into this conversation and asked us to explain how baseball is played. After 5 minutes or so he got the general concept of the game since he follows cricket. As I was leaving he said "I will watch the Sox game Sunday. Go Sox!" I successfully made the Indian guy at work a Sox fan instead of a Cubs fan. Sweetass.

2. I started a 12 page midterm due Tuesday at 12:30 pm at 11:00 pm Monday night. I got done with 1 of the questions, went to bed at 1 am, woke up at 5:45 am, got the second one done, went to work, then class where I lied to my teacher telling him "essay 1 didn't attach to my email so I couldn't print it", came home, took a 3 hour nap, finished the last essay and had it emailed by 9:30 pm because that's when I "got home from work." God I'm awesome.

3. I leave exactly a month from today to go to Ireland to visit my sister. This is going to be the longest 31 days of my life. Bob Dylan is going to be playing in Dublin the day I leave to come home. Why do you hate me Bob? Why?

4. I got my first paycheck on Friday and by the end of the day I had spent $100. The day I get paid I'm broke again. I blame it on my mom for not stopping me from buying 2 shirts and 1 pair of shoes at Old Navy. Of course it's not my fault.

5. Kelly drove me back to school and we got stuck in traffic for two fucking hours, making us miss tailgating for the football game. We went to the bar to watch the Sox game later and kind of harassed anybody who walked by and said they were a Cubs fan. Sorry people. We meant no harm. Then later some guy said to Kelly, "You have freckles. Don't hate God for making you that way" which made me laugh for a good 10 minutes because for one, Kelly hadn't even said anything to him and two, she barely has any freckles.

6. I get to sleep in until 1:00 pm tomorrow. You have no idea how excited I am.

7. My brother tried to get me World Series ticekts today because I was at class when they went onsale. Of course we didn't get them, I don't know why I even made him bother, but then I read in the Sun-Times that only 2,000-4,000 tickets were available. WHAT THE FUCK? Comiskey sells out at around 41,000. I'm calling the cops to report this unjustice.

8. The best first line to a song ever: "You know I smoked a lot of grass o' lord, and I popped a lot of pills, but I never did touch nothing that my spirit couldn't kill." Goddamn I love Nina Simone.

9. On Friday after I watched the game at the bar back home, this band came on to play. I think it is safe to say that they were the best fucking band in the entire world. This guy sounded just like Johnny Cash when he sang Sunday Morning Coming Down, Ghost Riders in the Sky, Folsom Prison Blues and Ring of Fire. I was in love. I SWEAR he kept making eye contact with me but that was probably just because of my erratic dancing.

10. World Series starts Saturday. I CAN'T WAIT THAT LONG. Go Sox.


Jaxe said...

LMFAO! I wish I could value sleep like you do. God, I envy you for that. Good luck SOX, as I'm from Indy, we may just road trip north and party on the South Side!

*holds up a finger "Need a Miracle Man"*

Hey, have you seen my friend, Leroy Brown?

Hi Katie ;-)


Johnny Retail said...

Awesome stories. Even 1 minute in traffic and I'm ready to lose a nut on someone.
Take it ease, and if you see Bono in your travel tell him to relax on politics and enjoy rock n' roll again.

HMT said...

You have no idea how big a Bear's fan I am. I'm in San Diego, but was born in Chicago.

looking forward to enjoyin yer blog.. hope to see you around

Johnny Menace said...

katie - yes my face was dirty but we both got what we wanted it was a win win situtation.

Hoagie1 said...

Replying to the post you left on my blog.

You are the one that said yourself that your post was bad, so I concurred. So leaving comments on my awesome blog about how you are not good at sucking and wanting to throw up on yourself is completely inappropriate.

prufrock said...

Florida Marlins - 2 Baseball Championships in 7 years

The City of Chicago - ZERO Baseball championships in about a millions years.


Normally I root for the NL team in a Series not involving my Home Team, but on account of your happiness and the pictures of a drunken', partying, celebrating drink in one hand, pointed finger raised to the heavens with the other, Katie that are sure to accompany a WhiteSox victory, dare I say:

Oh and uh, "I pity the fool that don't stay in school"

Rat In A Cage said...

ggI saw a great act in San Francisco - covered a lot of Cash songs too. Rusty Evans - check him on out line some time - great covers of those songs.

Rock on!

Hoagie1 said...


Yara said...

I'm sure I sound like terrible person, but the sox or somehting like that it's (honkbal, ehm) baseball, isn't it?

We don't really have that sport here so I'm not sure

Rat In A Cage said...


Bill B. said...

Woot Woot, you guys won.......I fell asleep during the game and woke up and some weird shit was on so I had to look it up. Go White Sox, get busy, it's your birthday. It looks like you're finally going to get a championship!

HMT said...

yer teams' got it locked