Monday, October 17, 2005




I never EVER thought I would be able to write that, so let me say it one more time.


Words can't explain how I feel right now. I've been a White Sox fan since birth, thanks to my dad who I'm sure would have abused us when we were younger if we weren't and today, today it paid off. It just feels so goddamn good when you've stuck with a team through thick and thin, under .500 seasons and under the shadow of the fucking Cubs your entire lifetime. LEAVE THE CUBS OUT OF IT FOX ANNOUNCERS. This is the White Sox's year, so let's concentrate on them and not the other Chicago team which sucks ass. Four starting pitchers complete games in a row? Paul Konerko, who is my lover though he doesn't know it yet, hits 2 homeruns in the series? Joe Crede, who doesn't get the appreciation he deserves, comes up big for us the entire series? AJ Pierzynski who has been involved in every single kind of controversy possible in the past week? Ozzie Guillen, the 2nd year manager who is the most likely candidate to win Manager of the Year? We couldn't ask for a better team right now even if we had the Yankee's payroll (sorry John).

I thought that no one here in DeKalb cared, but I heard fireworks after the game ended, so that made my night. Besides the Sox winning, I guess. I'm sure it was nothing compared to how the Southside celebrated tonight. I would give my right arm to be there right now.

If only this headline was true. C'mon Chris, you're my long-lost cousin, right? I'm sure having the same last name makes us related in some manner. Hook a sister up.

For anyone (Bill) who has ever asked the question "How can you be a Sox fan and not like the Cubs?", please read this article. Now, would you rather be a Sox fan or a (pussy) Cubs fan? I tried to explain it here, but that article fucking nails it on the head. Ok, I'm done with the links.

During Sox games, my brother and I talk online basically the entire time. I miss watching games with him like a banshee and really wish we lived closer so that we could watch our beloved Sox in the World Series together. Fucking Ohio. Anyways, we made this up tonight, when we were both drunk on our delirium of the Sox winning and after pledging to get Sox tattoos when they win. I give you the Sox Nation Pledge:

We pledge our allegiance, to the Sox, of the Southside of Chicago and to the pitching staff, for which it stands, one Paul Konerko, under Ozzy, unbeatable, with Joe Crede, good ump calls and the World Series forever, bitch.

Are we losers? Yes. But did we think we were motherfucking awesome after writing that? You're goddamn right we did. Go Sox.


Ms Mac said...

Yeah! Go Sox!

I am now officially a Sox fan even though I have no clue who they are or what they do!

Rat In A Cage said...

Congratulations. I know the ecstatic feeling you have now, and it will be ven better once you win the World Series.

The Yankees had the 22 best (which of course means really bad) team ERA in the league. The years the Yankees won was with pitching. Last year the Red Sucks got through the entire season on hitting alone so they tried to replicate it this year. Well, last year their pitching caught on fire in the playoffs so they won. This year it didn't so you had a defending Champ turn Cump with zero playoff wins. Their team ERA was 24th "best".

Pitching win, and no one can dispute that your pitching is beyond incredible now. I feel bad for the bullpen guys that they are not even getting in games, but with that starting pitching, I'd be leaving them in all game too!

I cannot wait to watch you obliterate the team from the little ball make blieve league. I'd like to say we softened the Angels up for you, but I don't think we did that too much.

Congratulations! Your team is kicking some serious ass! 2005 will sound so much better than 1959. Ready yourself for all the fake newly found fans. It will be frustating, but it's better to deal with bandwagon pretend fans than to lose.

Rock on, (insert horns here!)

HMT said...

"because your kiss is on my list... when i turn out the lightss!!!"

Jenn said...

I am SO happy for you! I know how you feel, I wear white sox too.