Thursday, February 02, 2006

Eire, Brother, Indy, Anthro and Heyday

My sister and I are going to move to Ireland in September of 2007, after she graduates college and I have (cross your fingers) tons of money from having worked at McDonalds for over a year. I need to get the study abroad itch out of the way, Keri's in love with Ireland after having lived there last semester and I want to be able to say I lived somewhere awesome for 2 years of my life. Plus if I fall in love and get married and all that shit there, I'll still have a kickass Irish last name. I love my last name and would really have to consider taking my husband's if it was something shitty. I'm glad I'm not getting ahead of myself at all. I'm sure you're doubting us and to that I say: Fuck you. Watch us, bitches. And then come visit. And buy us beer.

My brother started his own blog this past week. He may seem really angry in it for some reason, but I swear he's not. Well he did call me a "stupid bitch" the other day, but I put his ass in line, or something to that effect. Next time you call me that, I will slice you J.P. So anyways, go visit my brother bear. He's telling tales of his exotic life as a Chicagoan in Ohio. The hilarity never ends!

My sister's friend Amy, my fellow Sisters in the Homeland lady, now reads this site. Hi Amy! NOW STOP TELLING PEOPLE ABOUT MY BLOG. Christ, it's already weird enough that my brother reads it. Now I have to deal with Shee-ran-so-far? Am, just don't read July 23, 2005 - I don't want you to see the horrible malicious things I said about you.

I didn't go to my Anthropology class today. That makes a grand total of TWO times that I have gone since the semester started three weeks ago. But I haven't yet missed a Friday class, so I feel that evens everything out. I mean jesus christ, I have 16 fucking classes a week. I think I deserve to miss one or two of them. Or five in this case. The semester is off to a good start. I can almost smell the diploma right now. Or maybe that's the fries cooking at McDonalds. Same thing.

I am obsessed with the song Heyday by Mic Christopher. OBSESSED. I actually missed class Tuesday to come home and listen to it. That could have been avoided if I wasn't the last person in the free world to not own an Ipod. Or maybe not because my ulterior motive was really to take a nap. But I still really want an Ipod.

Go Steelers.


Rat In A Cage said...

Steelers baby!!!

I never missed my Intro to Spanish class in college (after lying & saying I was a newcomer to language with 6 years under my belt).

I impressed my 20 something hot babe teacher & asked her out after the semester & she SAID YES!!!

Don't miss the important classes.

I did miss others to watch Starsky & Hutch re-runs though.

Ms Mac said...

You are far too freakin' funny!

Ms Mac said...

God, that was inane, but really you are.

Jenn said...

Hahah! Everyone's gonna read your blog soon and Emjo will know how pissed you were about toothpaste! You best watch your back.

Your brothers a good kid. If you do slice him, could you please at least take a picture since I can't be there to watch?

Dude, you and I are the last TWO people in the free world without an ipod. But, I'm gonna get a cell phone with an mp3 player right after I leave you this comment. I hope that makes you feel better.

Jenn said...

Don't hate.

Bill B. said...

I have an ipod lame-o's.........maybe if you're both really really lucky, I'll let you be cool and watch me listen to it. It's filled with all types of good music too, David Bowie, Bob Dylan, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Ryan like 4000 songs. It's so much music one person couldn't listen to it all, BUT I AM HAHAHAHAH MWHAAHAHA.