Monday, February 06, 2006

Why Do You Fill My Sorrow With Words You've Borrowed?

Keri discovered the other day that her and I can get a dual-citizenship for Ireland because our grandparents (Dad's mom and dad) were born there. This makes things much much easier because apparently work visas are a bitch to get. After we get an Irish passport we'd be free to live in any EU country, which is sweetass. I didn't want to tell my mom about our plan just yet because she'd be like "Uh huh. Sure, go for it. No, Kate, I believe you. Really. No, I'm not mocking you" in the biggest I'm-mocking-you-cause-I know-you-never-follow-through-with-anything-anyways voice. Then J.P had to go ask her about it. Thanks J. I guess she would have found out soon anyways though, since we need to know who has our grandparents birth certificates and shit. I'm super friggin excited about this though. I'll be an Irish citizen in about a year. This two year or so move has been dubbed "Ireland: Making Up for American Sobriety" because all we're going to do over there is get drunk apparently. I mean we wouldn't be doing this if we didn't have a good reason for going over there in the first place.

Things I'm Excited About:
1. Going to visit Keri and Megan at ISU next weekend, February 17-19th. And just in time to celebrate Keri and Amy's half birthdays! Only 6 more months until you're 21! I'm going to spend the whole time at the bars. Without you. Just give me a key and really, we can avoid seeing each other vis-a-vis the entire time.
2. Seeing Jeff Tweedy of Wilco at a bar here in DeKalb on February 20th. The best part? Chandler bought me a ticket. And refuses to let me pay him back. Sweeeeeeetass.
3. Getting another tattoo over Spring Break. Well hopefully. I was also supposed to get it over the summer and in Ireland but goddamnit, I'M SERIOUS THIS TIME.

Things I Did Thursday Night:
1. Threw up twice. Delightful.
2. Sleep-walked into Carly's room. Is this a diagnosed medical condition? Or is it just called Scareyourroommatehalftodeath,poorthing-itis? Look it up on, I'm pretty sure it's there.
3. This should actually be under the category "Things I Did NOT Do Friday": Go to class.

The song Delicate, by Damien Rice, is probably the most delicious song. Ever. He asks the best question I've never thought to ask: "Why do you sing Hallejulah, if it means nothing to you?" In my mind that means, why would you sing Hallejulah, (Jeff Buckley's version) if it means nothing to you? And really, why the fuck would you. I love when people can put into words things I think, but don't realize until I read it. Does that make sense? Probably only to me. Yes, I will miss class to listen to this song tomorrow, 100% money back guaranteed.

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Bill B. said...

You didn't hear my bitching about the Grammy Awards.....oh man was it horrible. I FUCKING HATE MAROON 5.