Wednesday, March 29, 2006


Keri and I have been working on getting our Irish citizenship, and when my dad found out he could get an Irish passport because his parents were born in Ireland, he decided to be a copycat and get his too. We all need my grandparents birth, death and marriage certificates in order to get it, and we (ok, mainly Keri) has been emailing and calling all of our relatives to see if anyone had any of them. My dad is the oldest out of 6 kids, so one would think he would have gotten all that stuff after my grandma died in 2001, but my dad can't even remember his own kid's birthdays, so we didn't think anyone would trust him with that stuff. Today I get a text message from him saying : "Hello girls, I'm sitting here filling out my passport application and I found Nana and Papa's birth certificates. - Dad." WE HAVE BEEN ASKING HIM FOR THOSE SINCE JANUARY.

I call him after bowling class (I bowled a 111 too, maybe the angriness helped) and basically say "WHAT THE FUCK DAD." He says, "Well I got this box of stuff after your grandma died, and there was this envelope. I opened it, and it had both of their birth certificates." Goddamnit Dad. You didn't think to look in this box BEFORE when we were asking about the certificates? Sure when you need something you do some digging, but not for your own FLESH AND BLOOD.


Rat In A Cage said...

waaaa waaaa waaaa!

Be happy you have them.

IS a "111" still called a "brick shithouse"?

HMT said...

so nice to see you embracing Ireland and at the same time givin a middle finger to America!

Kurt said...

as one who also wouldn't be trusted with that sort of stuff, cut him some slack.
i think it is your fault anyway. who does anyone ask whenever they are looking for something? your mom i bet.
"honey, do you know where my brown belt is?"
"mom, have you seen my bears sweatshirt?"
you asked the wrong person...

Rat In A Cage said...

Very bold, Kurt!!!

Good one though.

Katie said...

I have no idea what "111" means.

And we did ask my mom. She must not have known about this box either. Of course I ask my mom for everything. Whenever we asked my dad anything we got the standard "Well did you ask you mother?" I ain't stupid Kurt.

Plus, I'm not "angry angry" at my dad. To me this is the difference between "like like-ing" someone and just "liking" them. If you like-liked them, you REALLY liked them and if it was just "like" it wasn't a big deal. Or my friends and I were just weird and liked repeating ourselves. I was just more baffled he never thought to look there in the first place. I can't be too mad at him anyways, he's going to be a fellow Irish citizen and we Irish people gotta stick together.