Monday, April 03, 2006

Sometimes I Need A Revelation

I signed up to take the Chicago Fire Department test today, the first one they've had years. If I pass and do better than Keri and J.P I will totally be Dad's favorite. Then I'll get something totally awesome, like his Pink cd, in his will.

I also signed up to take the Jeopardy test online last week. I'm sure I wouldn't pass, but it wouldn't hurt to try anyways. I was supposed to take it at 8 pm Wednesday night. I didn't remember until 10:30, when it was already too late to take it. THIS IS WHY I NEED TO WRITE SHIT DOWN.

The White Sox seasons opener was today, against the Indians. There was a rain delay for 3 hours, but it finally started up again around 11 pm. And they won 10-4. Are we going to win the World Series again? You bet your fucking ass we are.

Last night I spilled a beer on my keyoboard. I've spilled a lot of things on this keyboard in the past four years, but I'm honestly surprised it took me this long to spill a beer on it. Now the letters G and H stick whenver I go to type them. How much is a new keyboard? On a good note though, I finally found the left side Ctrl button that I had popped off over a year ago. Turns out all you have to do is pick up things and look under them to find what you are looking for. And you thought I hadn't learned anything in college.

Today I went shopping for food and they didn't have Crispix OR Wheaties. What is this world coming to?

In my KNPE 100 class (basically a health class) we're going to be measuring our body fat on Thursday. I have never been so glad to be taking a class with Emily than before because I'd really like to keep it on the dl that I'm 97% body fat. Not that they can't tell but jesus. Thank god for Emily. I thought this class was going to be a blow off but then I learned we had to run a mile and a half in class. Twice. I told my teacher to have an ambulance on hand incase I collapsed, but she just laughed at me. I didn't collapse the first time we did it in February, but goddamnit I will in May just to prove her wrong.

And if you're keeping track, as Kurt already pointed out to me on Jenn's blog:
- I am impressed with my 111 bowling score.
- I was happy with my 69% test grade.
- Running a mile and a half is my worst nightmare.

World's Biggest Underachiever and Lazyass, right here. What now.


Earth Rooster said...

Jenn said you were doing homework. When did the blog world become homework?

Rat In A Cage said...

I'm not so sure about the repeat trip to the Series either. Sorry.

keri said...

hey! mom called, she thinks you're gay... your thoughts?

Bill B. said...

The Chronicles of Narnia owns you Beatrice. No actually it sucked, but still!!! How rude!