Thursday, March 09, 2006

The Final 48

Things I Have To Do Before 2:00 pm Friday, When Spring Break Can Officially Start:
1. work from 9-11 am
2. go to class (FOR REAL) from 11-3:15pm
3. go back to work from 5-10pm
4. write a 6 page midterm on the Irish famine
5. go to class from 11-1pm Friday
6. pack all my shit
7. burn the albums I'm obsessed with
8. hope the Hot Spot still has Buy 1 Get One Free Parliament Lights

Ok, maybe it doesn't seem so bad now thatI typed it out, but goddamn, why didn't I do 4, 6, 7 or 8 today? Maybe because going to Wal-Mart, making brownies, watching some educational tv (American Idol, Law & Order and Conan) and talking online with Keri for 5 hours was more important, ok? Yeah, I got my priorities right here.

Post 2:00 pm Friday:
1. go to Baker's Square with Keri and Mom, where we will gang up on her, making her realize how much she really doesn't miss us at all
2. commence Russian Night with my fellow Commie bastard, Vladimir
3. learn how to draw a hammer and sickle
4. Get up at 9 am Sunday have a Guinness while getting ready for the parade
5. go to the parade and drink for 12 hours
6. work a few hours here and there at thee UPS Store
7. celebrate St. Patrick's Day again on Friday at Bourbon Street
8. work on getting my Grandpa's birth certificate (I know! We're party animals!)
9. freak out because this is my last college break of any type
10. lay it on thick that I want an IPod or digital camera for my birthday/graduation. Or both, I'm not picky
11. sleep on a bed that doesn't hurt my back. Hurrah!
12. call J.P 94 million times on Friday night and Sunday afternoon. Have fun in Ohio, bitch. I mean, we'll miss you!
13. listen to my mom ask me 400 times if I've looked into "getting an internship." I did, they just haven't called me back. I know, it's weird. Yeah, I'll call them again. I know it's important. I wouldn't want to compromise my future either. I don't know, am I kidding about working at McDonalds? Love you too Mom.

Post 2:00 pm Friday wins. Can't wait, bitches.

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