Friday, March 10, 2006

Probably The Best Email I've Ever Recived

I talked to my mom yesterday, and as I was hanging up with her, she said she was about to go online now. She's basically a computer nerd ever since she got her email address about two months ago. I sent her a quick email after we hung up because I knew she'd be excited to see she had a new one. This is the email I sent her: (Me and Keri are drinking tonight and decided we needed a theme. Russian Night is what she came up with, therefore we've been calling my mom "Rasputin" for the past few days. Makes sense, I know.)

Just thought I'd sent you an email, since you're a computer nerd now, even though I just talked to you. Get excited for Russian Night tomorrow! Love you!


This was the reply I got about an hour later, when I checked my email at work:

Hey Natsey,



P.S.I finally figured out how to turn the caps off - didn't want you to think I was yelling my fool head off at you. Rupsey

The thought of her typing this (Keri said it took her about 20 minutes) and accidently hitting the caps lock, not knowing how she did it and trying to figure out how to turn it off is hysterical for me to imagine. Also, I love how she's taken to calling me "Natsey" and herself "Rupsey". I can just hear her saying "How come I have to be the dirty old man!" too. Who else do you want to be, Boris Yeltsin? This is probably funny to no one, since you don't know my mom, but good lord. It's shit like this that makes me love my mom. That and the fact she been feeding me for the past 21 years.

Have a good Spring Break bitches.


Jenn said...

HAHAHAH! Your mom is the shit!

It's so funny to me because just this morning my mom said, "Jenn, write down your email address. I sent two emails yesterday!!" She was so excited and told me how so and so was showing her how to use email.

This only makes me more excited. I can't freakin' wait.

Love, Nadezhda

J O'Dizz said...

wow, pammy is such the computer whiz now. i mean, receiving AND sending emails now. whats next, she gunna get a screen name?? but for real, i can totally imagine her accidentally hitting the caps lock and going crazy. she most likely yelled for anyone upstairs (i.e. dad or anne)to come down and help her. no doubt they just let her do it on her own. you know you would too. and i like how the family decides to have theme parties when im not there. thanks guys, love you all too!! so im thinking that when i finally do come home, easter time, that we have another themed party. im pretty sure were all thinking the same--Jeopardy party. ill be alex and you 4 can decide who gets to be contestants and who has to sit out of view and be the judge. (probably pammy). just a thought.

Bill B. said...

Woo, your mom is straight up tearing it up K-dawg. When my mom got an email address, her first email went along the lines of "DO u ReEd Diz or iz iit 2 eerly 4 gizza l8." Honestly I was like *delete* and reply with never talk to me again. Well buddrow, I hope you enjoy your vacation...your time is running short like an amputee in a marathon. You'll be all grown up and old soon like a big girl and uh oh, I think I'm tearing up....ohhh golly gimmie a hug big guy. I think the best advice for the future that I can give you is, "You got it, dude!"

Rat In A Cage said...

All you young bitches are so excited that I'm getting pretty excited myself!


Rat In A Cage said...

What's with the 3-9 record?

Are you just toying with us or is it the sophomore jinx?