Friday, April 28, 2006

I'm Just Consistently Inconsistent

1. I went to Subway today, to spend $5 I should have been saving for Great America because I was hungry and wanted a goddamn 6 inch BLT on wheat. As I went to pay, I handed her my debit card, and she just stood there with it for 30 seconds, because another worker was on the phone trying to get the machine you swipe it through fixed. I would have offered cash, but I didn't have any, so after 30 seconds she goes, "Just take it, the machines broken." Fuck yes, I got a free Subway meal today, and so did the girl behind me. After us they put a sign on the window, saying they're not accepting debit until it was fixed. I couldn't have picked a better three minute time span to go to Subway.

2. Keri's phone broke last weekend during a tough obstacle course in Beer Olympics. She claims it doesn't bother her she can't get a new phone until my parents come back from vacation next Monday (their 54rd vacation in the past six months by the way), like she's so much cooler than everyone else who depends on their cellphone. We bow down to you, Kerianne, she-who-can-live-without-her-phone-for-two-weeks-and-claim-shes's-a-ok-with-it. Liar. I really don't care how you feel about it, WHAT ABOUT ME? God, now I have no one to text message when I watch Supernanny. You heartless bitch.

3. HOW DOES THE SHUFFLE BUTTON ON KAZAA WORK? For the love of god, why is it so complicated.

4. I'm going to Great America tomorrow, with Emily, Stephanie and her boyfriend Sean. Opening day actually isn't until Saturday, she got promotional tickets for half the price some magical way, so there'll only be like 3,000 people there. This means no hour waits outside the rollercoasters, ohhhhh yeaaaaaaah. That's my Macho Man Randy Savage impersonation.

5. Emily had a Mary Kay party on Sunday (no, she's not 45) and it was actually a good time. We basically got drunk on Margaret and put on makeup. Who knew foundation was so magical and why am I just discovering this now?

6. I have one week of classes left and then finals. I'm excited in one sense to be done with classes, but that means I have a shitload of shit to do in these next two shitty weeks. I've only gone to 5 classes this week, but goddamnit, I didn't miss bowling and Kurt, prepare to congratulate me - I broke my highest score of 113 and bowled a 115. It was just a freak accident though, my next game was a 75. I think I'm probably the only person to take a bowling class and consistently get worse.

7. My 18 year old cousin Kathleen stayed here last night, with two friends because they were going to a concert here and didn't want to drive home afterwards. She's a cute girl, but we don't really see each other enough because she lives an hour away from me at home, so it was cool that she got to come here, even if she did only give me an hours warning. She had given me money to get vodka for them, but then they didn't want it anymore since they had to leave at 7 am this morning. I put her $20 on the dresser, and told her as she was leaving. In a really over excited voice she goes, "Oh cool, thanks so much Kate!" Um, I didn't just give you a $20, I was just returning the $20 you gave me but didn't spend. This story is definitley not translating well, but I already typed it out so you're stuck with it. Suckers.

8. I work with this kid Ron at the library, who is super nice, but annoys the fuck out of me because he still asks me the stupidest questions, even though he's worked there for 3 months. Today I was sitting at the desk, my back to him, who was sitting at the table. He called my name, I turned around, and he asked, "Do you want some of this milk?" It was one of those little cartons of milk. Who the fuck shares milk? I know he was just trying to be nice, but really Ron, you don't have to share everything with me. Especially not your milk. It's not even like I was staring lustily at his carton of milk either. I wouldn't have even know he was drinking it had he not made me turn around. I don't know what I was expecting out of the same kid who said he "saw me doing my workout." It's called walking to class Ron. "Me" and "working out" don't belong in the same sentence anyways.

9. Speaking of working out, or lack thereof, in my KNPE class we had journals due today, that were supposed to keep track of our workout schedules. Working out doesn't seem so bad when you just make it up. I have to run the 1.5 mile again Tuesday. That I can't make up.

10. Right now the best song in the world is Intimate Secretary by the Ranconteurs. Don't debate me.


Rat In A Cage said...

1. You should have told her she interrupted you, and that you still needed to order 10 more sandwiches.

2. How did the world exist 20 years ago when no one had cell phones?

3. What is Kazaa? (Why am I asking? You never respond.)

4. I haven't watched wrestling in 20 years (things I did before cell phones - when "it was still real") I can totally hear him saying that & am laughing - thanks.

5. Foundwhatfuckation?

6. Blah blah blah

7. blibbity blah blah

8. He just likes you, dumb ass.

9. Maybe you can hire an illegal Mexican to run for you.

10. I don't dare debate it.

Katie said...

3. a music downloading thingy

5. it covers your blemishes, duh.

8. no he doesn't, he has a girlfriend and is only 19. I think he just thinks I'm going to eat him if he doesn't offer. Or is worried I'll get osteperosis.

9. maybe I will

10. good.

Rat In A Cage said...

#8, Yes, he does. Do I have to explain the male brain?

Rat In A Cage said...

Oh, and thanks for responding. Have a fabulous weekend!!!

Kurt said...

excellent to hear about the bowling score. but it does leave open some unanswered questions -
a) you recently (ok, months ago) complained of frequent urges to urinate
b) you just scored your highest score ever in bowling
when my wife was pregnant with our oldest, we belonged to a bowling league. she won "Most Improved Player" that season. are you sure your aren't pregnant?

HMT said...

you can txt msg me.. but I'll just be confused..


bears had a good draft.

Jenn said...

1. I've been craving Subway. Reading that does not make things better for me. Jared ate a fucking donut. I saw him.

2. Keri's a damn liar! KERI, I still like you better than Katie, but you're a damn liar. I know you're totally freaking out right now wondering what text messages you've missed and who's called. It wasn't me, so you can stop worrying.

3. I don't know why that shuffle button is giving you such a hardtime. Then again, I remember why and how you got this blog in the first place. I'm just sayin'. . . *coughcavemankatiecough*

4. I'm glad you had fun at Great America and no lines! No, I wasn't jealous. Not at all. I LOVE ALBUQUERQUE, damnit. :'( Lolla?

5. I started wearing foundation because of a Mary Kay party. And then I sold Mary Kay. I was like 16 and I was a baller. What? That stupid cowboy piture that you'll never let me live down was for a Mary Kay photo shoot thingy. I did my own make-up, damnit. Anyhow, I still wear the foundation, it's magic. Ask for a sample of the cream foundation. NOT cream to powder, just cream. Oh, and when they ask what color, say "white."

6. Holy shit, Batwoman! One week?!?! I wanna see you graduate, damnit all to hell! adsf@!#$!@DAE

7. Kathleen sounds like a real gem. But the little bitch took away Katie time from me. It was a good nerd-chat night, too.

8. Ron was just trying to do you a favor. Milk does a body good, Kathryn! Gah, be nice.

9. I could so do that run!. . . When I was 12.

10. Right now I just really want to go to work to hear that one song you emailed me 10 years ago and I finally got to listen to. I like it long time. I can't stop freakin' listening to 311's cover of Love Song. It's sick. I need to be stopped.

P.S. Have I redeemed myself?

Rat In A Cage said...

Damn, Jenn busted you on #9 .

What have you done with Jenn?

What has she done with you?

Is there pillow fighting involved?


Kent said...
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Kent said...

I dig the Raconteurs...

Rat In A Cage said...

Katie, Jenn thought you should see this, and since I am her loyal love toy, I am posting the link.

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