Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Now I'm Going To Go Have A Cigarette And Beer In The Thunderstorm

1. Conan O'Brien is coming to Chicago in May, and I applied for tickets the minute he announced how to get them. I still haven't heard anything back and its been about 3 weeks. It couldn't possibly be any worse timing, it being finals/birthday/graduation week, but if I could see Conan on my birthday, I could die happy. Conan, give me tickets, for the love of god. Please.

2. Tomorrow at the library we have a Student Appreciation Party. They show their appreciation by giving us free pizza. "Free pizza" is probably the best two-word combinations in the world, after "free beer". I love my job. Nowhere else would I get paid to read the newspaper, do my homework and drink on Thursday nights. Why can't I just be a library liason for the rest of my life.

3. I think Spring is here, for good. I don't want to jinx it, but this week has been awesome out. This time of the year is the best - people have been stuck inside since November, so the minute it hits 50 degrees, everyone is wearing flip-flops and skirts, driving with their windows rolled down, blaring music. I love living in Chicago, because getting all four seasons really makes me appreciate the warm weather. I don't know if I could live somewhere were it was 80 degrees year round. Sometimes I talk about the weather too much, my roommates make fun of me because I tell them what the weathers going to be like according to my trusty Yahoo! each day, but goddamnit, SOMEONE needs to tell them when there's going to be a chance of PM showers.

4. Last night I had a dream ( I know, I KNOW trying to explain your dreams is stupid because they don't make sense and no one cares, but this will be short, promise) that I met Bob Dylan before a concert of his. Usually he's a pretty stand-offish guy (I totally know because I've met him, like, so many times) but in the dream we totally made out. I MADE OUT WITH BOB DYLAN IN MY DREAM. He gave me his autograph too, and was just the nicest guy in the entire world, joking around and what not. I woke up right after the dream, or so it seemed, and it put me in the best mood for the rest of the day. I've finally learned how to start my day off right: making out with aging rockstars.

5. J.P was jealous he missed out on Russian Night, so we're having Bible Night this Friday. My family is going to celebrate Good Friday by getting drunk and dancing to Michael Jackson. I can think of no other appropriate way to prepare for the rising of our Lord. My mom is going to be Goliath, my Dad is Judas for betraying us by having the firehouse Saturday morning, J.P is Ezekial, and Keri and I are Cain and Abel. Ker, I love you, but I'm going to have to kill you. No offense. Water shall be turned into wine this night, and christ on a crucifix (literally!), I'm excited about it.

6. Exactly a month from right now I'll be celebrating my 2x2nd (can I get a hoo-hah?) birthday. I can't really go out the night of the 12th because graduation is at 9:00 am on the 13th, which sucks ass. I don't even know how I'm going to be able to celebrate anyways, knowing that my life is coming to an end 24 hours later. Every couple of days Emily'll say, "Only 33 more days to graduation" and I'll cover my ears and say "LA LA LA LA LA" because jesus, IT'S COMING UP SO FAST AND I'M KIND OF FREAKING OUT.

7. Degree's Fresh Oxygen deodorant is my lifesaver and I want to marry it.

8. The History Channel has been doing this series called "10 Days that Unexpectedly Changed the World" this past week and I've been obsessed with it. The best so far have been the Battle at Antietam during the Civil War, the assassination of President McKinley, and the letter Einstein wrote to FDR encouraging him to make the atomic bomb. I don't know why it seems weird to me that Einstein was an actual person, who was alive not even 50 years ago. My parents were born before he died in 1955 - weird, yo. I always want to put him in Galileo or Newton's category, being dead for hundreds of years, but nope. Anyways, watch it for the rest of the week from 8-10 pm. Do it because I said so.

9. Last week I bowled a 65, 68 and 70 in class. Now do you see why I get excited about getting 111? It's cool though, cause Coach said I would pass the class anyways for being able to recognize and name Smokey Robinson and Martha Reeves. He just wanted to show off he had met them and had pictures, the senile bastard. Everyday in class he turns the music on, and always puts on some Mo-town and all at once, everyone in the class starts singing the words to My Girl and dancing. I feel like I'm bowling at Rydell High and even though I hate that movie, I love my bowling class and my 80 year old bowling "coach".

10. I'm skipping my classes Thursday and Friday in order to go home and visit Keri for the night before bringing her home Friday. It's going to be awesome because we're both broke and are supposed to go to the bar for her friend's birthday. I hope we go to that free bar where they give you the free drinks all night long for free. Those are my favorite bars. Hurray for Sister's Night.


Rat In A Cage said...

It's very easy to get used to the wonderful weather year round. You can always visit Chicago each February as I do to appreciate the seasons.

Kurt said...

john's right. dallas has two seasons - summer and not summer. well, really we have winters. usually five or six a year that last about 3 days. then it goes back to "not summer."
after shoveling snow for 21 years, it is much better to just shovel bullshit instead.
and i think that instead of water being turned to wine, you will have wine (and other liquids) being turned into....well, just refer to that other post of yours.

Bill B. said...

one question this "free pizza" going to be of the Chicago style, New York style, or the ever so growingly popular St. Louis style. Just hope it's the latter, because wow this is different! Or you could get California pizza which I saw the other's loaded with like veggies and diet pills and cocaine. Good luck on the bible night, but I think a more suitable character for you would have been Beezelbub because you sir, are evil.

HMT said...

hey first off THANKS for the Chi-town tips! I hope I'm smart enough to remember looking up those places you mentioned. It's also nice to hear the weather is sexy right now.

get em' in.

Ariel said...

Hello Katie, long time no talk, except earlier tonight briefly haha. Anyway, sorry I mentioned school, obviously you're stressed about it and here I am mentioning it again! I love to talk about the weather too, I love that it's been warm out and we can go outside again. I talk about it a lot when winter comes too because it's been hot for so long and I'm so ready for cold. Now I'm glad it's back to warm though. Good luck getting your Conan tickets and if I don't talk to you again, happy birthday! Xoxo