Friday, October 13, 2006

Hear The Beat Of The Tambourine

-Going to Ohio tomorrow with my mom to visit my brother. So super ass excited to get drunk with my brother bear and his frat buddies. Plus we get to drive the Expedition down there. Yeah boy.

-David Bowie as the Friday Feature on 93.1 XRT and eight hours later here at work, still no Let's Dance? What the fuck.

-I saw The Departed (as a date with a lepruchan) and Little Miss Sunshine (with my mom, for Mother's Day - better late than never) this week. I don't go to a movie for almost an entire year then I see two in two days. Both were really good, but do yourselves a favor and see The Departed. It's good. Really fucking good. Up next? Borat. Can't wait.

-I got a nice chunk of change (yes I am aware of how queer that sounds) from my aunt for babysitting two of her kids the past two weeks. I basically got paid to watch the Gilmore Girls and Seventh Heaven everyday (seriously, who knew I had so much in common with a nine year old), make Halloween decorations galore and take them out to dinner each day. Or amaze them with my magic culinary skills for macaroni and cheese and chicken nuggets. Seriously, I've never seen kids more excited about mac and cheese before. Works for me.

-I bought Stop Making Sense by the Talking Heads yesterday. Sweetass.

-I've already gotten to the point in my life where I don't care what I look like when I dance. I thought that wouldn't hit til I was a mom, but I am so glad it hit me earlier. My friends maybe aren't as excited about it, but shit bitch, if I knew how much fun it was I would have stopped caring a longass time ago. White girl dancing, watch out.


Bill B. said...

I would kiss David Bowie in the mouth. That wouldn't be gay either, just a sign of respect. Katie what the hades have you been up to? Hit me up yo! B-ill.

Kurt said...

wow. it sounds to me like there was a programming director that actually had taste in rating Bowie's music.....Ziggy (all of it) is WAY better than the pop song you mentioned. :-)
i watched the MNF game last night thinking of you. When da bears were losing so bad, i thought "katie's cussing up a storm"
when they went ahead, "katie is REALLY cussing now"
when Rankers missed his kick, "katie's neighbors can hear her cussing now..."

Kurt said...

Here's your China Girl.....
thank me later.