Tuesday, December 12, 2006

My Dreams Is Fading Down the Railway Line

Good Rex, is that you? Could it be? Thanks for making an appearance every five games or so. Fuck yeah bitches, 11-2: what you gonna say about da Bears now. Devin Hester, you are all that is man. Miami, here we come.

At work we exchanged gifts today and I got Let It Bleed and Sticky Fingers by the Stones. My Christmas is complete. At least until I get my digital camera from my parents.

Work is actually busy now and it sucks. I get annoyed just that much easier now with customers because I've told myself since May I would NEVER be there come Christmas for the busy season, and yet here I am. WHY AM I SO GODDAMN LAZY. Jesus christ, January 1st I'm making a fucking resume, no matter how hungover I am.

Lesson learned: you can let a guy give you a ride home and make out with him in front of your house for half an hour, but when you meet him the next day, he'll be enraptured with your skinny-ass bitch best friend if you bring her out with you. Never, ever again.

Mom: It's so nice talking to you when you're not crabby.
Me: It's just cause I'm drunk right now.
Mom: I knew there had to be a reason.

Chicago Bears vs San Diego Chargers on February 4th. I'm taking bets now.


Sophia said...

OK, blog already! I am getting into some trouble these days so you MUST have something good to tell. You are much younger than me and have more time at the bar that I'm allowed! Got my eyebrows waxed last friday and then all the trouble started. haha

valiantqueen said...

Merry Christmas! Can't wait to hear about xmas eve at your house! Keep us posted--it's cooold up here!

Kurt said...

Rex is a way better deal than having to watch T.O. drop passes and then complain he isn't "involved" in the offense enough (i guess he forgets that he will probably set most of the Cowboy single season records this year...)