Thursday, January 11, 2007

Make Me Shine

1. I love my Ipod almost as much as I love swiss cheese (and that is A LOT) but when I'm listening to it downstairs while on the computer it drives me crazy because I turn around to make sure no one is about to sneak up behind me about 56 times a minute. The fucking dog almost gave me a heart attack 15 minutes ago for christs sake. I don't know who I think is going to sneak up behind me at 2:00 in the morning considering only my mom and brother are home and they're both sleeping, but Mr. Stranger Danger is always out there lurking. Therefore, the constant checking of what could be behind me will never stop. I should've brought my nunchucks down here.

2. Thriller just came on. WHERE ARE MEGAN AND KERI WHEN I NEED THEM.

3. I've been sick for the past few days, from Sunday-Wednesday, but it's finally over. The one part that I have no problem with being sick? The losing of the weight part. I lost about five pounds over those few days, and I plan on keeping them off, no matter how unfeasible that may seem. I totally needed something like this to jumpstart my diet, and here it was, handed to me practically on a platter because of the unexplainable and weird sickness I get after I do a certain thing. I have to get this checked out. But really, maybe I should do this certain thing more often. It's doing wonders for my figure.

4. On Sunday I'm going with my Dad to the bar near my house to watch the Bears kick Seattle's ass in the second round of the play-offs. Well it's $40 all you can drink and eat, so I'll either be drunk and elated, or drunk and crying on my dad's shoulder. Let's all hope for the former. But really, come on Bears. More importantly COME ON REX GROSSMAN. Please please please let the good Rex come out Sunday. For your sake, and for the city of Chicago's sake. We will never forgive you if you fuck this up for us. At least I won't and I KNOW you don't want that on your conscious for the rest of your life.

5. I paid my first student loan today. $140 down, only $498,745.12 to go.

6. I never ended up getting my hair cut Saturday because who knew every salon closed before 4 pm on Saturdays, but I really am tomorrow. It requires me getting up at 11:00, even though I don't have work until 2:30, but I'm still planning on it. I, however, do not know what my hand will be planning tomorrow when it presses the snooze button for two hours straight, but I have slept for about 48 hours in the past four days so I think I can handle it. A big "think" there.

7. I was gonna try to write out 10 paragraphs, but then I got sucked into the fad diets article on the Yahoo! main page. Now I'm contemplating whether to try the Cabbage Soup, Apple Cider Vinegar or Maple Syrup Diet. Oh the possibilities!


HMT said...

PLEASE PUT YOUR ATTENTION TO THE POSITIVE FOR THIS WEEKENDS GAME! REX WILL BE GREAT! They're gonna play totally buff and we'll be havin orgies in the streets!

Katie said...

Oh I am confident. Dude, I even bought a Bears lighter yesterday. BEARS LIGHTER. Can you say good luck charm? Plus I already took off the Monday after the Superbowl because I plan on the Bears being there. And winning. I am very, very positive. I had no idea about the orgies though - now I'm super pumped.