Friday, January 05, 2007

I Will Grow My Own Private Branch Of The Tree

J.P and I saw the Raconteurs at the Riviera Theatre last Saturday, the 30th. Best concert ever? Might be. (As long as I'm not counting the first time I saw Bobbdy D, Neil Young or Rufus Wainwright). Best concert ever that I went to with my brother though? Definitely. They opened with my favorite song on the record, Intimate Secretary and it was awesome. I realize how astounding that must sound that I used the word "awesome" to describe it, but it really was. Plus I can't think of a better word to use. But really, Jack White is a beast on the guitar. The Raconteurs, see 'em if you get the chance. Preferably with your brother. And then go out to eat at a Mexican restuarant. Then take the train home and discover that the driver's side window on your car has been smashed in and the cd player/ radio has been taken. It wouldn't be a complete night without that ending. The driver's side window didn't even work anyways, it hasn't rolled down for 4 months, so we needed to get it fixed anyways. Take that, car-smasher-inners.

New Year's Eve was pretty fun. I didn't get to wear my new dress because Diana's grandma isn't done tailoring it, but no one was really dressed up anyways. We watched the Bears lose to fucking Green Bay (please leave Brett Farve) and then pretty much danced until 6:00 am. And I took about 300 pictures, but I'm too lazy how to figure out how to get them on my computer. Some day, maybe. Happy 2007, bitches.

Keri convinced me to get my hair cut so later today I'm getting some sideswept bangs and long layers put in. Which I will hate 3 hours later. Yet I'm still doing it to myself, I have no idea why. She tried to get me to get a dyke haircut, like she had a few years ago, but I said "no, because I am not a dyke like you were eight years ago." Keri, give it up already - the dyke haircut was never cool. It just made you look dykey.

New Year's Resolutions:

1. Lose 30 pounds. I originally had 50 pounds to lose to not lie on my liscense anymore, now it's down to 30. I will do this by June 1st. I have no idea how because I still can't even bring myself to get on the treadmill for an hour, and drink too much, but it will be mine, oh yes, it will be mine.

2. Get a new job before I go postal (UPS-al?) and shoot eveybody who comes into this store.

3. Get a car so I don't have to ask my fucking mom everytime I want to use it. Goddamnit JUST LET ME USE IT ONCE IN AWHILE. My hands are balled up in fists right now as I type that because jesus christ, she drives me insane. Yes, it is possible to type while your hands are in fists. I got your proof right here.

4. Move out of the house. See above.

5. Find a boyfriend, get married and have a baby. Everyone's invited.

Oh man, I did a bad thing last night. I started telling my sister, but had to hang up because someone was coming into the store. She ended the conversation with "I'm not happy with you." I am about to get a reaming, kids. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted. Wish me luck getting my haircut. And being a a confined space with my sister. I'm gonna need it.


Anonymous said...

What did you do??? Way to go on your first 20 lbs. Sister get it off now, because I'm tellin' ya, when the metabolism hits the wall, the party is seriously over!! I have to train for a friggin' sprint triathalon to try to get mine off--and I know that all that will happen is that solid muscle will form UNDER my fat, increasing my size 2 to 3 times. Get it off NOW!!! Yikes!

Happy to see you bloggin' again. Have a most fabulous 2007
Canadian Bitch

HMT said...


focus on how good feeling healthy feels (pretend if you don't "think" you know) and I promise you your weight loss ordeal will go as you wish.

please do not focus on the negative (the feelings that go with you thinking you are overweight).... don't handicap yerself before the flag.


Bill B. said...

You can have my car Katie...I was driving it today and something in the wheel started grinding into other metal so that's awesome. There goes the $1000 I just won damnit. I can't get my Nissan until March damnit. Ohhh there's that way to lose 20 lbs in a drink that Hollywood Diet stuff and then you crap for like 2 days straight until you've emptied your body of pretty much all liquid and solid stuff. Sounds like a cool way to go.

Jenn said...

I'm glad you enjoyed the show with your brother. If you read my blog, I went to an awesome show, too. Awesome is a good word to describe an awesome show, Katie. And those smasher inners can't get under your skin! Who were they kidding?

When you do wear your dress, I want pictures. And I want pictures anyway. Get your damn manual out and figure it out.

Dude, guess what kind of haircut I'm getting? Side swept bangs with long layers. You know how I know we're gay?

You can borrow my car. I finally have insurance and it's all registered and it has a new cluth. Come on down!

We're also hiring here.

And if you find a boyfriend make sure you check to see if he has a brother... or friend... or father...

Anonymous said...

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