Friday, July 20, 2007

Countdown: 5 Hours And 39 Minutes

So yeah, I stood in line this morning before work with my sister to get a wristband for later today when the last Harry Potter book comes out, what's it to you? The fact that I'm 23 and did this just makes me even cooler. I just got off the phone with Keri and decided we're going to go to the bar for an hour or so before we leave to get in line at 11:30. Going to the bar, then to get Harry Potter, then home to read. We're awesome. So so so fucking excited to read this book. And so so so sad at the same time that it's the last one. I will be done with this book come Monday MARK MY WORDS. I am so ominous.

I am seriously going to have an intervention for all the old ladies of Oak Lawn that order shit from QVC and the Home Shopping Network. TURN OFF YOUR TV OR GET A FUCKING HOBBY THAT DOESN'T COST YOU MONEY. How about knitting? Yarn can't be that much. Or get into pro wwrestling like my grandma was. Anything but ordering off those goddamn tv stations. Do you ever actually KEEP anything? It drives me crazy to see them come in here day after day. Every single week the same people come in and spend $50 or more just returning everything they buy. I thought you were supposed to get wiser with age. Apparently not.

After way too many years of working at this here UPS Store, guess what I just done earned. PAID HOLIDAYS AND A WEEKS PAID VACATION, bitches. Aw hell yeah, moving on up. I hope I stay here for the rest of my life!

One time, at least six or seven years ago, my mom came back from food shopping and said, "I got something for you Kate." I was hoping ice cream, maybe swiss cheese or a pony, but it was none of the above. I asked what and she proudly held up a bottle and said "KETHUP!" It's been an ongoing joke that only I find funny since then because while it's very true that I like ketchup, I don't think I've ever jumped up and down or drooled from the mouth when my mom has brought some home. Everytime she says she bought me something since then, my first guess is always KETCHUP!, but the other day she was looking in the pantry for some reason and goes, "Kate, we have paper bags!" If I had been packing a lunch at the time or trying to make puppets this would have made sense, but I was eating a bowl of cereal. Some kids (23 year olds?) get excited over cupcakes or Doritos, but my mom gets me ketchup! and paper bags! Life is good living at home.

Last week I got a free gift card in a magazine or something for a free book on tape, or rather book I could put and listen to on my iPod. It's really bizarre listening to a book on my iPod though. I feel like I'm concentrating so hard on trying to remember names and keeping the story line straight that I don't really enjoy it. Ok that's not true cause it's a pretty good book so far (The Falling Man by I don't remember who) but still, I'm not sure if I am a Person Who Listens To Rather Than Reads Books. Usually I'm reading while listening to my iPod. Now the book is ON the iPod and it throws me all off. I obviously can't read another book. I just have to sit there. And listen. And NOT fall asleep. This book-on-iPod shit is boring.

I still have to get my costume ready for later. I hope my mom's done sewing my cape.

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valiantqueen said...

I myself have stood in line for the Book...but this time I preordered and it is coming in the mail. I wish I had stood in line, cause it's still not here! :( Grrr...