Friday, October 05, 2007

It's The First Of The Ascension

I stupidly tried out the "update your template" button the other day and can't undo the changes. I hate how the archives look now and can't do anything about it. It also erased my stat counter thingy (the techinical term for it). How will I ever find out now what people searched for to find my blog, HOW WILL I EVER KNOW. I am aggravated.

So Cubs fans, it was over pretty much as soon as it started. I almost hope for your sakes they win at least one game tomorrow cause to go out 0-3 is embarassing. I don't know anything about that because the Sox went 11-1 in the playoffs. And then they won the World Series - not sure if you remember that. We were at the bar Wednesday for karaoke but instead it was filled with Cubs fans watching the game. One of my friends, and I use that word in the loosest way possible, is a Sox fan too and was being a complete tool about the whole thing, clapping when the Cubs struck out, that kind of shit. She went to ASU for two years, so she reasoned her rooting for the D-backs by saying every chance she got "Arizona is my second home." Ok, makes sense, but still, you are annoying. By the end of the night it had changed into "I've lived in Arizona my whole life and would die for the Diamondbacks! I grew up there! I used to manage the team! Before that I was a third base coach! I hit the game running home run in the '84 World Series!" Which is really weird, seeing as I remember being in French class with her in high school for four years. Must have been a dream. Christ on a crucifix, I WILL ASSASINATE YOU NICOLE IF YOU DO NOT SHUT THE FUCK UP.

I bought a cd by Tokoyo Police Club yesterday and aren't sure if I like it. Cool - I love wasting my money.

It's almost 90 degrees here in Chicago. And it is NOT June like I keep thinking it is. Seriously, each time I see the date or am reminded that it's October I'm surprised. Time to get ready for Flag Day, or no, I mean Halloween. They're one in the same to me anyways.

My parents finally came home last Friday. Keri and I were out and they didn't get home until about 1:00 am while we didn't get home until 4:30. So what did we do? I convince Keri that we should go jump in their bed to say WELCOME HOME! to them, who cares that it's almost 5:00 am - we haven't seen them in three weeks. So then we jumped in their bed and laid there for about five minutes talking really loudly and being annoying. My dad really appreciated it more than my mom did, I'm sure of it. Anyways, so you guys have been back for a week now.....when are you leaving next. Don't overstay your welcome. And yes, I am 23 years old.

If my family doesn't humor me and go apple picking with me either Saturday or Sunday like I've been pleading with them to do for the past week, I'm never talking to any of them again.

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