Sunday, October 28, 2007

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You know what blows? When your favorite football team goes from almost winning the Superbowl one year to being fucking 3-5 the next year. Goddamnit. It's just like the White Sox not even making it to the play-offs in the 2006 season. It's not like I'm giving up on the Bears or anything, dragging my ass out of bed to watch football on Sundays is what I look forward to most all week, but throw me a goddamn bone here. Three fucking interceptions IN THE END ZONE Brian Griese? Really? Was that nessecary? Where's Orton when you need him.

The one saving grace? Devin Hester man, Devin Hester. If I could have his babies I would give him sextuplets just to show my appreciation. I don't know if he would actually appreciate being my babies' daddy to six kids, but I'll worry about the details later. I wish teams would stop being such pussies and just punt to him, but who can blame them for not, the guy gets at least 40 yeards it seems on every return. So I can't blame them, but I will hate them for it because most of the time it's the most exciting part of the game, seeing what holes he's gonna find in the defense and how far he's going to get. I want a Hester jersey for Christmas. J, Ker, you listening?

I am finally taking advantage of my weeks paid vacation I get at work and going to California on November 13th thru the 19th. Everytime I talk about it I get either California Love by Tupac, Goin to California by Led Zeppelin, California by Phantom Planet or California by Rufus Wainwright in my head. Ninety-nine percent of the time it's Tupac, but it's good to know I have options. (Why are there not as many Illinois songs? I am going to do something to rectify that situation pronto). I'm going with Diana and we're staying with her aunt and cousins, whom I love almost, if not more, than my own extended family. While there we're going to the Price is Right on the 14th (which Diana is way too excited about, I could really give a shit) and Jimmy Kimmel on the 15th, which I am way too excited about. Can I really afford this vacation? No I cannot, but I'm doing it up anyways. One of the first thoughts that popped into my head when I realized we'd be there a Sunday was "oh my god, I might miss the Bears game", but fret not kiddos, it's a Sunday night game on NBC, there is a god. I can't wait to pop my California cherry.

Five Minute Book Club Meeting: Read We Need to Talk About Kevin by Lionel Shriver. Ms. Mac, having such impeccable taste, said it was one of her favorite books and since reading it, I whole-heartedly agree with her. It's a book written in letters from a wife to her husband recounting their marriage and the birth and upbringing of their son, Kevin who goes on to do a Columbine type (I'm not giving anything away here) massacre at his school. Kind of made me scared to have kids, but god was it a good book.

I got the new Radiohead album the other day (I didn't give them any money for it, I'm broke, lay off) and am not a huge fan of the whole thing, but love, love the song All I Need, which is the reason I bought (with monopoly money) it after hearing it on the radio. There are a couple good songs though, so get it cause it's free and you can't beat that OR CAN YOU.

The Lions coach Rod Marinelli said last week that they'd rather kick the ball into Lake Michigan then kick it to Devin Hester. So after EVERY SINGLE (no it did not get old at all!) punt/kick-off, before breaking into a commercial, they would show a ball getting tossed in the lake and floating around for a few seconds. The first time they did it my back was to the tv and my mom's telling me "the ball was in the lake!" I told her about the quote and how they were probably joking, but she was honestly confused for a minute about how the ball got kicked into the lake. Come on Mom. I know the stadiums right on the lake but nobody could throw (maybe Tom Brady?), let alone kick the ball into the lake, let's think about this seriously for a second. And then later she asked me what inning it was. Is it time for the home already mom?

Me and Keri have this thing where we're obsessed with the song Elephant Love Medley from the Moulin Rouge soundtrack. It's a duet between Ewan McGregor and Nicole Kidman's characters and before we sing it, one of us has to pick if we're going to be Nicole or Ewan (I know, who wants to hang out with us now?). We hadn't done it in a couple months I don't think when on the way home from the bar Friday night, as Keri was driving and I was in charge of the iPod, I asked her "who do you want to be?" Without even thinking about it she says "Ewan". And then we belted our hearts out. I'm sure Diana was thrilled in the backseat. Is it possible to be in love with your own sister? No? Okay. Just asking. Forget I said anything.

We got it. Challenge it.


Kerianne said...

not to mention I have an astounding man voice. Seour, I'll always be the Ewan to your Nicole.

Jenn said...

Damn your Bears. Damn theeeem!

Dude, you know I love teh California. I need to plan my next trip out there. And when the hell are we finally gonna hangout! When we're 80?