Monday, October 04, 2004

He's Not That Into You

On Friday night, there wasn't much of anything going on. It was raining out, and made for bad "partying" weather. I was over at a friends drinking, and we ordered a pizza. While we were waiting for it, my friend Kari started talking about this Oprah episode her mom had taped for her, and she wanted us all to watch it. Before you stop reading just because I like Oprah, get over it. She has some good shows damnit. And I think she looks good with her new curly hair. But anyways, the name of the segment was "He's Just Not That Into You". This guy Greg something was on, and he was a writer for Sex in the City, a show that I loved. There was this one epsiode where Miranda was telling the girls about her date the night before. She had asked her date to come up stairs, but he declined saying he had to be up early, but he would call her. All the girls agree that he sounds promising, that it's ok that he didn't want to come upstairs. Carrie's boyfriend of the moment was there, and Miranda asks him for his opinion. He says, "Do you want to know honestly what I think?" Mirand says yes, and he goes "Well, he's just not that into you." They are all horrifed that he would say that, but Miranda starts to think about it, and realizes he's right. So the guy who wrote that episode was the Greg guy, and he also wrote a book called, you guessed it, He's Just Not That Into You. There were all these girls on the show, asking Greg for advice, and after 2 or 3 of them, you knew what he was going to tell them each time. One girl said that this guy never called when he said he would, they had only gone out twice in 2 months, what is the problem? He's just not that into you! It's so simple. If we would only realize that, we wouldn't spend countless hours trying to dissect everything a guy does. It opened up all of our eyes, us 5 girls who were watching it. We were like "Holy shit, it's that easy, who would have thought?" No more wondering whether he's going to call, none of that bullshit. You just need to accept it!

There was this one guy who talked on the show, and he was explaining how there are 4 different "tiers" of women, Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3 and Tier 4.

Tier 1 = Always pick up their calls and see them when you can.
Tier 2 = You'll probably pick up the phone if she calls,
but not as often as a Tier 1.
Tier 3 = Pick up if you have nothing better to do.
Tier 4 = Avoid at all costs.

Seeing that made me realize that I am Tier 78 to Eric, the guy I bitched about in my last blog. He didn't even end up calling me Friday, or Saturday. But he did call me today, saying "I might come up there next weekend." Yeah right, assrammer. I don't even want you to anyways now. I mean, I obviously knew that I wasn't Tier 1 or 2 or 3 for him, I'm not delusional. But I don't need his shit in my life, regardless. So screw you Eric. I'm not falling for your shit anymore, or getting myself all worked up over you. I can be somebodies Tier 1, and I know it's not going to be with you. Ok, ok, I know I'm getting all "Go women! We hate all men!" on you, but I mean holy fuck. That Oprah show just totally opened my eyes to all this shit. So if anyone reading this is wondering, "He hasn't called in a week, I wonder if he still likes me" just remember he's not that into you. And I'm sure it works both ways. I mean, if I tell some guy I'll call him or whatever, and I don't, then I guess I'm not that into you either. Or I'm too much of a pansy to call. Guys should still call girls damnit, I don't care if that sounds old fashioned or not. Watch Oprah bitches.


Bill B. said...

Well miss Katie......the only thing I can say to that post right there is.......YOU GO GIRL!!!! SNAP SNAP's tough being a girl in the world today and you gotta show these punk asses that you're not playing around. I think you should have downloaded the song "I AM WOMAN HEAR ME ROAR" because girl, you are liberated!!! haha no seriously I have 2 books about feminism that I had to have for my Gender in Conflict class last year. Maybe I can totally read them finally and fill you in on some pointers.
And like we said're a Tier 1 kinda lady! Eric is a crazy feller for not knowing how truely awesome the Katiemiester is. Keep that fist held high in the air and I suggest going to that Woman's music thing. What was it Lillithfair or whatever and letting some post modern feminist angst out. Anyhow see you at the coffee shop *sip*

Katie said...

*sigh*, I wish every man was as understanding as you Bill. Let me know when you get done reading those feminist books. We could talk about them with our mocha locha rocha doacha coffee. *sigh*

Jenn said...

Well aren't you two just precious?! Katie, that's some good advice. BUT I might disagree some. The reason, I NEVER call anyone! I'm a jackass like that. And I don't mean that whole, "let them call first." I mean, I don't call, even after they call first or the second time. It's not because I don't like them (well not every time), but it's because I hate to call someone that I've just met and have nothing to say. Seriously, if I'm gonna invite them somewhere then fine. But, it's not like I've ever had the balls to invite them somewhere. So I think every guy I've ever talked to I've given the bad bad idea that. . . 1. They think that I think I'm too good. 2. I'm just not that into them. 3. The bitch is too busy for me. And a lot of the time, it's none of the above! I just hate to call someone and they're busy, or they do the "let me call you right back." I know, I know, I shouldn't be like that. I just hate to be a bother. It's not just with guys though! My friends yell at me for not calling them all the time too. They also yell at me for not calling guys! It sucks, but what it turns out to, is the guys having to put forth some effort and being somewhat persistant with me. And in this day and age, most would be like, fuck that. So it doesn't work in my favor. I guess I just need to get balls and start calling. At least calling back if they've already called once! It's hard too, because I can't just go out whenever. It has to be planned, and that usually doesn't work out too well. But hey, my son comes first, yanno! So, yeah I get the whole "he's not that into you" and I do understand. I don't try to dissect men either, and neither should anyone else. Same goes for men doing so with women. We will NEVER understand men and vise versa, so quit trying! But again, it's not that I'm just not that into them, it's that I'm a fucken pansy! Understandable?

Katie said...

Totally understandable Jenn. I'm the same way, I HATE calling guys, even if they left me a message. I just want them to call me back again, but I'm sure in their mind that would be stalker-ish. But oh well, what can you do? Grow some balls I guess. Or just stop being a "fucken pansy". Words of wisdom Jenn.