Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Oh how I love you Taco Bell

My junior year of high school, my best friend Megan became a vegetarian, just to try it out and see how long she would last. After a week, she said she was eating healthier and felt better. So I decided to try it, because I wanted to lose some weight. Well four years later, I hadn't lost any weight at all. I went off the college and definitly gained the freshman 15, but I still wasn't eating meat. After not having it for so long, the thought of eating meat disgusted me, and I really never thought I would ever go back to it. There were things that I missed though, like tuna, chicken, Taco Bell and having more than one choice on a menu at a restaurant. The only times I ever cheated was once during my senior year, when I was sick, and my mom made me some chicken noodle soup and then my freshamn year of college, when I promised Emily I would try a real chicken nugget on the last day of school. It was all slimey and gross, so I only took one bite, but I still tried it. I ate Boca Burgers and fake chicken stuff, from Morningstar all the time. They have fake chicken nuggets, chicken patties, corn dogs, bacon and a shitload of other stuff that tasted just like the real stuff to me. Everyone that tried said it was nasty though, and to quote my old roommate Kelly, "tastes like cardboard." I never had the fake bacon, but the chicken patties were damn good. My family make fun of me constantly for not eating meat, especially around the holidays. My Uncle John never got over the fact that I wouldn't have any turkey and my cousins made fun of me for not eating meat, and not having my liscense. Well that all changed this summer bitches.

For some reason, I just couldn't handle it anymore, caved, and started eating meat again. I had never not ate meat becuase of the fact that animals shouldn't be eaten, fuck, I'm the last person to say that, I hate animals. Doesn't bother me one bit that a cow gets slaughtered so we can eat it. (This guy on Jeopardy said it best, "I'm a vegetarian because I hate animals and I want to have nothing to do with them. Amen brotha) I had really only done it for the health factor, and since that didn't happen anyways, why not eat it again? I never even liked tofu. I tried it once and thought it was gross. But anyways, one of the first things I had was Taco Bell. Really good for you, I know. I didn't even eat Taco Bell that often when I did eat meat, but damn, I went crazy this summer. I think I had tacos more than this summer than I ever had eaten in my whole life. I missed tuna like a bitch too, so I ate that up the ass. And BLT's! God, I never realized how much I loved bacon. Everyone was surprised that I never got sick from any of the meat, but I did get sick from White Castle. And God's knows if it was because of the meat, or because of the fact that White Castle's is nasty. I don't think White Castle's hamburgers even qualify as meat, same with Taco Bell. I promised myself I would not start eating Whoppers though, jsut because they have 10,000 calories in them. Not that I watch what I eat anyways, but Christ, who needs that many calories in one fucking sandwich. I did have a Big Mac last week though, and I'm not proud of it. It wasn't even as good as I remember them being, so it wasn't worth it. I had also just seen that movie "Super Size Me", and no one should be eating that shit. One thing I won't eat though anymore is chicken. During the summer, I went to McDonald's with my dad and brother, and I got a Crispy Chicken sandwich. It was fucking gross. All stringy and cartiladge-y, or soemthing, I don't know it was just nasty. So I'll eat bacon and Taco Bell, but no chicken. Wow, how much sense does that make? I still eat my fake meat shit, cause I love it. And I'm sure it's a lot better for you than the real stuff anyways. But yeah, this is my boring post about being a reformed vegetarin. I changed a lot this summer I think. I finally got my liscense, started eating meat again, and I dyed my hair! Sounds lame to you guys, but damnit, it was big changes for me. Go eat a cow bitches!

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Jenn said...

Taco Bell is great fake Mexican food! I wish you could come here and experience the true joy of a REAL Mexican plate. It's orgasmic. Especially coming from Grandma's kitchen, or mom's. You'd know what a real taco or burrito is! But yes, Taco Bell is good. And I wish you would have told me sooner that you're a loser and didn't eat meat at one time so that I'd have had something else to make fun of you about. And for the health reasons?! SHUT UP KATIE! Like you're some heffer, or something. Sheesh! Vegetarian's aren't living a full life. And chicken is good! REAL chicken. Want me to send you some green chili chicken enchilada's?! Mmm...