Monday, October 18, 2004

Trying To Make the Best of My Time

I know I just blogged a few hours ago, but I'm bored damnit. What did I do before Jenn introduced me to blogging? I don't even rememeber. Speaking of Mexicans, Jenn just called me and talked my goddamn ear off. I feel like me and Sharon, her co-worker, are friends now. We had lots to catch up up, and I still can't feel my right ear. I love being able to talk all girly with you lady. And I love getting girly with you! Lesbian what? I get to do the girly talk with Emily and my best friend Megan, but it's just so much more fun when the person you're talking to has an accent, you know? We called and harassed Bill too. Too bad he's been sleeping for 5 hours or something by now. You missed precious Jenn/Katie time. Your loss. The moutain was calling your name Billy Jack. Stop being a pansy and go out there next time. Jenn played me some of Eric's music too, and now I'm excited to get my own copy, which I will, right? Right? Don't leave me hanging. I could send you some.....Bob Dylan cds or.....Bob Dylan cds in exchange. Jenn, go check your mail again right now. Maybe the cds got there after you left for work. And I'll send you some Mr. Jeff Buckley next time I go home because Jeff rules all. Right Gabe? I only got 5 hours of sleep last night and I've been slowing dying all day. I should have died of alchohol poisoning last night. I even impressed Jenn with my "running past the bouncer". A white girl impressing a mexcican, imagine that. I should be sleeping already, but I'm a douche bag and stay up even when I am tired. Doesn't make sense to me either. Actually now I'm kind of hungry. I think it's Spaghettios and meatballs time. Boring post, but I know you'll love it Jenn. I bet you don't even read what I write. You just scan it all to see if I mention you at all and just read that part. I do the same thing for you, so it's all good. Don't get too drunk at work Sexy Mexy. After all, you do work for the cops, dontcha know. Viva Neil Young. Everyone right now should listen to his song Only Love Can Break Your Heart. Do it now bitches.


Jenn said...

SHHHH! I'm not doing anything here at work, damnit! I'm feeling spicy! :D Mexican?! I AM NOT MEXICAN! Sonofabitch! Don't make me tell you again! But I do like the Sexy Mexy. I feel all special 'n shit. Oh yeah, fyi, hot rum = yuck. But damn it makes you feel oh so good! Bill's a pansy. The next step for us is accepting it. There's not much more we can do. Bill, what size of dress do you wear? I'll be purchasing you one on pay-day. Okay, I'm going to spam people with text messages. Go ahead Katie, go to bed, bitch. I have other friends. They'll just yell at you for going to bed and then they had to deal with my damn text's. It's all your fault. I think I'm gonna go down and have another. You know, to spice things up a bit. . .more! :D I've lost so much weight on this diet. Alcohol and cigarette's bitches! Fuck Adkins!

Jenn said...

Okay, I'm all tipsy. And I want to post more. I guess I could do one on my blog. But that's not sounding fun right now. Damnit! I think I need to pee, but that can wait. My man "Morgan" is calling on me! Woot woo! Mmmm...cigarette's. Hell yeah! Sharon is laughing at me, make her stop! She's trying to touch me too! I'm going out Friday, and I refuse for it not to be fun. Now Sharon thinks I'm dyke. This isn't working out in my favor. What's the number to 911?! Wait, I AM 911! Ain't that a bitch?!!?!? Okay, I'm having too much fun, gott go yo. Peace out pimpin'!