Sunday, October 10, 2004

The Spectrum's A to Z

For the past two days, I've been alone in my apartment because, like I mentioned 40 times, Emily is home for the weekend, and last night Carly went to her friends for 2 nights. I hate living alone. I know, I know, it's only for two days, stop calling me a pansy. But last semester I lived by myself because both of my roommates graduated in December, had people to move in, but there were problems with the landlady, so they moved out. I stayed. By myself. For 4 1/2 months. The first month was the worst. I'm a very jumpy person and get startled very easily. Seriously. Walk up behind me unexpectedly when I'm doing anything, say something and I practically jump out of my seat. Or watch a scary movie with me. It's bad. And people who know that about me revel in it. You bastards. I'm going to die of a heart attack one day from being scared by one of you shits. Anyways, that first month sucked ass. I thought I would hear noises downstairs in the kitchen, or in the stairway and would be really freaked out. I eventually got over it, and would just turn up my music really loud so I couldn't hear anything else. That was really the only time in my life I ever felt depressed. I could never sleep for some reason, so I was always tired and just lonely, I guess is the best word. I got over it though and the rest of the year flew by, thank god. So these past 2 days, I keep hearing "noises" in the kitchen again and I'm driving myself crazy. I can't wait for Emjo to get home tomorrow.

Last year in my townhouse, I think it was around April or so, I had one of those "Holy shit, I just almost peed in my pants I was so scared moments". I'm in my bed sleeping (on the 2nd floor) when all of a sudden, I hear someone OPEN UP MY FRONT DOOR AND COME IN. The guy was like "Hello! Hello!", sounded like he walked into the kitchen, and then left. When I heard him come in, I put the covers over my head, like that would save me if he had a gun or something and prayed that he wasn't coming upstairs. I know I locked the door before bed for a fact (thanks Dad for instilling that in me) and when I went downstairs after he left, the door was locked again. You can't lock my door from the inside, if you are going outside. Once you're outside, you have to put the key in and lock it, so that meant he had to have a key to my place. I started to think rationally, and thought maybe he was a maintnence guy or something, even though I hadn't called them to fix anything. I called my mom to bitch to her (and to get some sympathy, I won't lie) and she suggested calling them to find out who it was. So I did, and trying to ask in the most polite manner, "Who the fuck came in my house today?" found out it was a guy from the landlord checking my fire extinguisher or some shit like that. I asked, "Do you think it's possible that they could knock first next time?" I mean, holy shit. Some random person unlocks YOUR door and lets himself into YOUR house. I dare any of you not to shit your pants. I swear my heart was racing for about 4 days after that incident. I don't know why I just typed all that. Now I'm even more jumpier, like it's going to happen again. That's the scary thing about those mantinence bastards. They have a key to your apartment, and can come at any time to scare the shit out of you.

Damnit, it's 3:45 am and it could be noon for all I know. I'm not tired in the slightest bit. I have a really big Sunday in front of me too. It involves......sleeping until 3:30 pm and then uhh.....watching tv.....sleeping some more and definitely staying in my pajamas all day. Yes, I do need a job. Have any of them called me back? No they haven't. I hate you Copy Services, The Junction and Dollar General. I'll get along fine without your money. I'm just kidding. Please please call me. I'm desperate. I jsut hope my mom will lend me $20 or dollars for the upcoming weekend since Keri and Kelly will be here. That weekend is going to be so awesomatic (word copyrighted to Bill), you don't even know. I'm going to tell you stories and you'll all just be like "Goddamn Katie knows how to throw down." That's right, you will actually say "throw down" because you will be so impressed. I'm going to have to drink twice as much too, since I abstained this whole fucking weekend. It will be glorious, glorious indeed.

Days until......
Rufus concert: 3
I get to see my long lost family: 3
Keri and Kelly come: 5
Jenn comes home: None! It's today! Woot woo.
Bobby D concert: 21
I turn 21: Too fucking long.

I just got really excited about all that shit now. Most of all to see the family. I keep talking about it, but so what, it's my goddamn blog anyways. I made a sweetass cd to go to bed to tonight. I just said the word "to" 4 times in one sentence. Yes, I counted "to"night. The cd only took 2 hours to make, and because I'm a caveman, I think that's pretty good timing. Time for the last cigarette until tomorrow. I can't remember if bonjour means hello and goodbye in French. That's really sad, considering I took it for 4 years in high school. Well regardless, bonjour bitches.

This is fact, not fiction for the first time in years.

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Bill B. said...

Katie, I think your house might be haunted. Seriously I want you to know that while you're sleeping at night there are supernatural beings in your presence. When you hear one of those little creaks or a little noise, it's probably a ghost staring at you in the dark. I seriously think you're being haunted for a reason. Maybe somebody died in the house you live in, maybe even your room. I would be really scared if I was you Katie........really scared.