Saturday, November 20, 2004

Childhood Memories, Revisited

What book from my childhood have they not turned into a movie? I just read that Spike Jonze is making a movie of the book Where the Wild things Are, which is one of the greatest kids books ever. I wonder if my mom still has it at home. Spike Jonze is supposed to be a "cool" director, right? I don't think I've seen anything he's done. I'm not much of a movie buff. People (i.e Bill) yell at me all the time for not seeing "classics" like The Goonies, The Princess Bride and a ton others that I can't think of at the moment. I have some suggestions for some of my other favorite books they should turn into movies. Only if you can do a good job though. Don't fuck them up.

Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret by Judy Blume. You're not a girl unless you've read this book. I'm pretty sure it's a requirement that you must read this book if you are a 13 year old girl. How can you forget the line "We must, we must, we must increase our bust"? Classic, just classic.

Danny the Dinosaur by I don't remember. I'm pretty sure this wasn't a "nationally acclaimed book", but it was in our house. If Dad was reading us a book at night, it was this one. He would read it to us three so often that we could read along with him, before any of us actually knew how to read. It's about this dinosaur who of course can talk, that befriends this boy, and then they both become the hit of the neighborhood. It's a fucking great book. I want to read it now.

The American Girl Collection by I don't remember this one either. But only the Molly series. The rest of them I could have done without. Molly lived in America during World War II, and her dad was a doctor who was over in Europe. Molly was cool, and I wanted to be her.

Sideways Stories from Wayside School by Louis Sachar. Did anyone read these books? Anyone? These books were great. It was about this school that is 30 stories high, but has no 19th floor. The classroom at the 30th floor is taught by Mrs. Jewels who has a crazy ass class of weird kids. It's all these short stories about the kids, like the one where Calvin was going to get a tattoo for his birthday (I think they were about 10) and the kids are giving him these cool ideas, but he ends up getting a potato. Or the one where Paul is obsessed with pulling Leslie's pigtails and can't help himself. If I have nothing to read at home, I'll still read this book over and over. This would make a kickass movie. Steven Spielberg, are you reading this?

I was just out in the living room watching tv, and I saw the goddamn mouse again. I really thought I had gotten over my fear of him, once I saw how small he actually is, but nope. I still screamed like a little girl and am now hiding in my room. I really want a cigarette too, but I can't bring myself to go out there. I keep thinking I hear him chewing through the piece of cardboard I put over the hole that goes from the utility closet to my room and am literally driving myself crazy.

I would like to congratulate Brother Bear on getting accepted to college! University of Akron, here he comes. To top it off, he gets at least a $1000 scholarship, if not more. I definitly know who the favorite is now. Good lord, he's going to be in college. That is so fucked up.

I was talking to my mom earlier, and tomorrow is her and my dad's 22nd wedding anniversary. (Aww, congrats M&D) She said "I know that makes us really old now" (my dad is 52 and she'll be 52 in March). Then she told me how she ran into this family that I used to babysit for the other day. There were 3 kids, the oldest was a girl, then the other 2 were boys. Last time I babysat them, she could not have been any older than 3rd grade. She's a fucking FRESHMAN IN HIGH SCHOOL now. What the fuck? I told my mom "You feel old being married for 22 years, I feel old knowing kids I babysat for are in high school now." I know I always bitch about feeling old, but holy shit, that just hit me like a brick. You young whippersnappers grow up too damn fast nowadays. Next thing I know, my youngest cousin Liam is going to be bumming cigarettes off me at family functions. Well, I hope not, since he's only 3. But shit, bitches. I can't keep up with them anymore.

So I wanted to go to bed early tonight. I don't think that cup of coffee or glass on Mt Dew helped that cause. I don't really feel shitty anymore though, which is good. Kerianne is here tomorrow! Fuck yeah bitches. We shall have a night full of sister memories to remember for a lifetime. And the queerness stops now. I think I'm going to brave the living room to go have a cigaroo. Is that what British people call them? No, they call them fags. Nevermind, I'm done talking to myself. Go read some books, bitches.


Bill B. said...

Katie about your mouse problem. I'm not sure if you knew these were invented or whatnot but they make these things called "Mouse Traps" that are spring loaded and you can put "cheese" or "peanut butter" on one side and the "mouse" will "trip" the "trap" and it'll land on him and kill him or confine him. Just put it in the spot you see the mouse. Or get a two pack and put one under the hole you were telling me about. And make sure you get something to patch that damned hole. Do I have to remind you to do everything GOD.

Bill B. said...

Also Katie be advised that Home Alone AND the original animated Grinch Who Stole Christmas are on TBS today. They're reairing it tonight. Wizard of Oz too. TBS is the best today. They even have Matilda on at like 7 i think so make sure you watch that. Goddamnit I'm good. I like smiling, it's my favorite.