Sunday, November 21, 2004

Workin' 9 to 5

I better not have bronchitus. My mom and Keri are both telling me it's not contagious, but strangely enough, a few hours after Keri leaves I have this cough. And I didn't even smoke a lot of cigarettes last night. I shared water bottles with Keri, so if it is contagious, I'm fucked. Keri has bronchitus, if you didn't catch on to that fact.

We had a great time last night. She brought up a frozen pizza to eat, but I burned that on the stove, so we went to Taco Bell instead. After we're leaving, when Keri gets outside she screams "I'M FULL!" like on those Taco Bell commercials. I almost pee'd my pants laughing. I'm laughing again remembering it.

After we get back we have 3 hours to kill until Emily comes home from work and we go to the party. I think we spent a good hour of that time talking about Salute Your Shorts. I told her about the band Rilo Kiley and how Pinsky is in it, and she got a big kick out of the fact that I still remember all the names of the kids on that show (well I remembered most of them with Bill's help). Then Keri remembered the show David the Gnome. Who the fuck remembers that show, except for Keri? "The show about lawn gnomes with the fox named Flash......David the Gnome!!" were her exact words. You even remember the name of the fox, sheesh lady. You impress me with your Nickelodeon knowledge.

When Emily got home around 10:30 we left for the party. It was at the same party we went to last time Keri was here, and there was this guy Gene there that we had met at the last party. Keri and I were so excited to see him, like we'd been friends all our lives or something. He wasn't wearing a Hawaiian shirt this time though. Damn you Gene. Also made friends with this guy Brian and who was hysterical. I wish I had gotten his phone number or something. Emily just told me that the cops came to the party, and thats why we were in the backyard at one point during the night. I remember nothing about cops being there. Being in the backyard, yes, but cops, no. I just called Keri to blame her for my new found bronchitus, and she doesn't remember the cops either. Either we weren't informed or we're both dumbasses.

I also just found out that we were home by 1:30. Wow, party animals, staying out until all hours of the night. We're so motherfucking crazy! I could have swore it was at least 3:00 when we got home. Apparently not.

We were up at 9:00 this morning. I hate how I wake up at ungodly hours sometimes when I go to bed drunk the night before. Keri left a 1:00 and by 1:30 I was in my bed taking a nap. I woke up at 5:00, walk into the living room, and we have a huge Christmas tree in there! I can't hold back the Christmas Spirit until after Thanksgiving anymore. I tried, but Thanksgiving is almost here anyways. Emjo and I are going to bring up ornaments to decorate with next Sunday when I get back, and her mom bought Elf for her, so we'll have that to watch. Fuck yeah bitches, I can't wait.

I really want McDonald's right now. I went to return some books so I could get some cash, but the goddamn book store is closed on Sundays. Assrammers. I have an art history book that was $82. I didn't even touch the damn book this whole year. My mom always asks for the money I get when I return the books, but I'm always broke towards the end of the year, so I cut the money I get back in half, and keep it. Or I split it 75% for me, 25% for her. She always gets mad, saying "I paid $450 dollars for those goddamn books! And all I get is $20 back? That isn't right." Yeah, those bookstore bastards, stop robbing my mom. It's always hysterical for me to see her get so mad. Lordy I'm so coniving. I guess you could say those moments with my mom are INVALUABLE.

I had a great time with you, Sister. Except for when you had the hiccups for 30 minutes. Then I wanted to kill you. Or how when we were watching D2: Mighty Ducks (a classic) you said every line 10 seconds before they would on screen. But that made me laugh more than hate you, because you still remember the lines to a movie you claim you haven't seen in forever. You'll always be the Gordon Bombay to my Charlie Conway. You lost it for us. You lost it for yourself. We will, we will QUACK you. Sorry, I'm done now. Thanks for downloading me some Dolly Pardon. I'll be sure to listen everyday. Quality Sister Time, bitches.


Ariel said...

Christmas is coming, woooooo! Read my post, bitch.

Bill B. said...

Okay check this out.....Touche for Keri for remembering Flash, BUT if she can name David's wife then she will rule. And that show used to rock so don't diss it. Sounds like you two had fun and be advised I was computer last night. The aol server around here was fucked up so I couldn't log on till just now. Thanks for worrying though.

... said...

Ok so I'm this loser from California that has no idea about this show Salute Your Shorts. I know the band Rilo Kiley and was just wondering wtf that show was. Like I said, loser. That shit about your college books had me laughing out loud. But yeah, I hate having to buy those stupid books. I bought a brand new algebra 2 book one semester and after I was done with it I tried to sell it the next semester and they had made a brand new fucking edition. Sweet. Now I will have an $80 algebra 2 book for my lifetime. Now I can use it to teach my kids and all sorts of other fun stuff. Fuckin colleges, thats why I'm boycotting school and not going. I'll show them. Besides, time away from having to sit in a classroom is invaluable...

I sing a new song; falling on deaf ears.

Katie said...

Salute Your Shorts was this show on Nickelodeon from 1991-1992, I think. It was about this group of kids who were at camp and all the crazy situations they got in. It was a great show. I wish they still showed reruns. I just need to buy the DVDs of them off Ebay or something. I'm not sure if you would enjoy the show now, if you didn't watch it when you were younger, but who knows. It's a great fucking show, so you need to do everything in your power to see it Eric. I returned about $180 worth of books today (just so I could get McDonalds mainly. And some P-Funks) and guess how much I got back. $23. I hate this school. I got back a whopping $16 for the $82 book. What a rip-off.

I'll ask Keri if she knows David's wifes name tomorrow when I go home. I bet she does. I remembered the show as soon as she said it, but I just couldn't believe she remembered the foxes name. What a crazy mofo.