Friday, November 19, 2004

Long May You Run

I feel like shit today. Not just a hangover either. Which really sucks because Keri is coming up here tomorrow. Hopefully I feel better tomorrow. I'm not going out tonight, so that proves right there that I am sick.

Jenn called me today, and she's having fun on her days off. Thanks for thinking of me lady! Jealous she didn't call you? I thought so.

Bill, it's not funny to joke that you'd touch my face if given the chance. Not funny at all, mister.

I really wish my tv wasn't from 1955 and had a remote that I could use. Or a giant stick to change the channel with.

I want to see Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind so fucking bad. Really really really bad. I'm renting it over Thanksgiving.

I talked to my best friend Megan today and I can't wait to see her at home. I've only seen her once this semester, and that is not acceptable. I'm so excited.

Hope you all have a better night than I do. Somebody get me some NyQuil, bitches.

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