Monday, November 08, 2004

I'm baaaaaack

Holy shit bitches, guess who's back. My mom and dad just dropped it off 2 hours ago. I was sleeping, but our front door was open, so I wake up to my mom sticking her head in my room going, "Hello Kathryn!". I'm going to have a goddamn heart attack next time someone does that to me. I'm getting my phone fixed today, I guess the mic was messed up, so I'll get that back tomorrow. I get my computer back, then lose my phone. Great. My dad told me not to even go online until he can send me a disc that has a firewall on it, but of course 5 minutes after they leave, I'm on here. Nobody send me any fucked up files or I'll kill you. I even skipped my 2:00 class so I could mess around on here for a while before my 3:30 class. The parents took me to Panera Bread though, so that was nice. My whole hard drive got wiped out, so I don't have my songs. I'm going to go crazy. Goddamnit, I'm talking to my frien Diana right now, and I can't fucking stand her. Way to put me in a bad mood, whoreface. I'll update more later, I had a very...... eventful weekend. Lots of stuff to regret, yay. But I'm back! Break out the champagne, bitches.

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Jenn said...

YAY! I'm glad you're back! I missed you, but don't tell anyone or anything. XO XO XO