Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Well Hello There!

Really quick update because I had to come to the library to do an assignment, but now I'm starving and about to eat my hand.
- I got an 88% on my Poli Sci test because I'm awesome. Because of the curve, it was an A.
- My computer is still broke, obviously. My mom took it home Monday, and they'll find out what's wrong with it by today, but if the store doesn't have the part they need to fix it, it could be another 7-10 days before I get it back.
- They wiped out all my songs on my computer. I had about 800. Two years of hard work, down the drain. I think I'm going to cry.
- George W. Bush is our president. Again. Goddamnit. I think I'm going to cry again. My roommates have been rubbing it in my face all fucking day.
- The Red Sox won! So what if i'm a week late, it's not my fault my computer hates me.
- I saw Ray. For all you bitches who haven't seen it, go. Now.
- I don't have my night class tonight, sweetass.
- Happy belated Halloween!
- Hi Jenn and Bill! I know you guys miss me, but try to get though this hard time. I know you can do it. I missed the stupid Real World/ Road Rules challenge thing because I was talking to both of you bitches on Monday night. It was worth it. I guess.
- I really need to go now. My stomach is caving in from hunger pains.

Hopefully I'll be back online by this time next week, bitches.


Bill B. said...


Jenn said...

Bill, can I get some grammar up in your comments? You lazy dyke!

Katie, I'm glad you're alive! I called you today just to make sure. We here in cyber space are lost without our assrammer. Since you've been gone, Bill and I are meeting in NY in March. We're gonna have babies, AGAIN. See, you've been missing out. Our first kid will be named Katie. Whether it's a boy or girl. And we're gonna adopt you. So don't think we left you out of this. You can be the best man and the maid-of-honor. Oh, and the ring boy and flower girl too. You're gonna be pretty busy. You can baptize our children and also be the bread maker of the family. We have it all worked out.

Eric thought maybe you'd been abducted, but I told him you're alive and well. I'm looking out for you.

Congrats on your Poli Sci test lady! What's poli-sci?! I love being the smart one!

I will go see "Ray." You don't have to yell about it and be so demanding. Run past one bouncer and you pimp me. Sheesh!

Was your hand tasty?

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