Tuesday, November 23, 2004

The Need To Destroy Things Creeps Up On Me All The Time

Today was mine and Emjo last night of bonding before I go home for Thanksgiving break. She wanted to go shopping, so we went to this mall about 30 minutes away. I of course had no money, but it was fun anyways. We were in this store called Hollister, and I felt like a grandma because the fucking music was defeaning. Seriously, it wasn't like quiet background music. I felt like I was standing next to a speaker at a concert. Emily couldn't even hear the lady who was ringing her up when she bought a shirt. How do you expect people to want to stay and shop in your store when you can't even hear yourself think? I don't get the sense in that. You'd think you'd want people to stay in your store for a long time shopping, not give them a goddamn headache while doing so. Maybe I should go into retail and teach them a thing or two.

Next we went to Abercrombie and Fitch. Good lord did we have some laughs in there. A good game to play in that store is "Guess the outrageous price!" This is how you play:
1. Take any item of clothing
2. Turn to your partner and say "Guess the outrageous price some douche bag will actually pay for this!"
3. Over guess by at least $40 and you'll be closer to the real price.
4. Have a good laugh when you realize that people will really pay that much.

Really, play this game next time, you'll get a good laugh out of it. I picked up this ugly ass sweater that I wouldn't pay $5 dollars for. Emily guessed $100. Wrong. $130? Guess again motherfucker. $149.50? Ding ding ding. A winter hat? No less than $29.50. I love how all the prices end in .50, like you'll really think "Well, it is under $30. I think I'll take it!" For real, no regualr t-shirt there was under $35 or $40. We were the only people in there at the time, and Emily's sorta of boyfriend works there, but they couldn't hear us laughing because the music was so loud, once again. And another thing: the sizes there are crazy. Emily is normally a size 4 or 6. When she tried on a pair of jeans, she was a 12 (please don't tell her I told you that). I thought all expensive stores changed the sizes so that you fit into a size a lot smaller than you normally are. I think that's Abercrombie's ploy to keep fat people away from the store. I don't think a pair of jeans would have fit onto my arm there. I'm not obese by any means, but I'm not stick thin by any means either. I don't even bother trying on anything there. A size large looks like what an extra small would look like in any other store. I think the "guess the price" game was the highlight of my night.

When we got home, it was only 8:00 and we still wanted to do something else, so we decided to go see a movie. Shark Tale was playing at the Campus Cinema, so we went to the 9:15 show. Neither of us particularly wanted to see it, but we thought it would at least be a cute, funny movie. Good lord were we wrong. I can't remember the last I walked out of a movie going "I fucking hated that movie." The more I think about it, the madder I get that I wasted a whole $2.50 on it. I think I laughed twice, and both times I was forcing it, like "C'mon Kate, it's at least kinda funny, right? Just give it a chance." It wasn't even a good laugh either. To top it off, it didn't even have a cute ending. I'm just going to shut up about it. Shark Tales sucked ass. Please do not waste your money. I knew we should have seen Napoleon Dynamite again.

So I got $23 back from my books today. Minus McDonalds, a pack of P-Funks, a stupid ass movie, popcorn and a drink = $6. Good money managment Kate.

I leave tomorrow for Thanksgiving break, to return on Sunday. I won't be online much, and probably won't blog a lot either because our computer at home blows. Come to think of it, my dad had to take it in to be fixed, so maybe I won't be online at all. I can't remember if they got it back already yet.

Just got off the phone with Sexy Mexy. Good thing my minutes start over again on the 28th, because I'm really running out. Glad to hear you had a fun vacation lady! We need a phone threesome with Billy Jack soon damnit. Just give me a call anytime over break, and maybe I'll pick up. If you're lucky. I can't wait to work at the UPS Store. The faster I get some money, the faster I can spend it! Preferably on a $150 sweater at Abercrombie. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone if I don't update here over break. Eat some turkey, bitches!


Jenn said...

What's up Ma?! Haha! Your game had me cracking up. I had to share it with Sharon. We're planning on going to play tomorrow. I love playing senseless games. Especially when they're making fun of douchebags! Mariah and I used to play, "What is she wearing?!" Always making sure "she" hears us and not knowing if we're talking about "her." The game ends in, "J-lo (or whomever) called, she/they want their _______ back. It's great. Especially when it's some dochebag star that thinks they look cool. IE: Avril Lavegne. I KNOW that's not how you spell her last name, nor do I care. Thanks for being the first to welcome me back lady. Yes, yay for joyous times! It was fantabolous! We'll do a phone threesome soon. Bill, just wanted to say hi when you read this. And we'll start the counseling sessions soon. Maybe tomorrow. I'll be on the computer, my brother left it for me.

Have a great Thanksgiving! We're doing dinner at my brothers. Yay! I'm sure retard Ross will call me last minute thinking he can just do whatever, whenever. I guess he'll NEVER learn. Eat so much you regret it after 'cause you can't breath!

I gotta pain in my shess and I can't breef. (Some Mexican accent for you!)

Bill B. said...

No I'm leaving blogging forever.

Ariel said...

I've never been in the Hollister in our mall but one time I asked my friend if she wanted to go in there and she was like "it's too loud, I can't think in there" haha. I guess it's a nationwide thing. You cracked me up with not knowing that abercrombie and fitch is outrageously expensive. You sound like some old woman that hasn't been out of the house in 30 years. Shit is expensive man! Atleast at some places. My friend is considering buying a Christmas wreath from Pier 1 that is $60...that's right SIXTY!! Crazy huh? I can't believe you went to see Shark Tale, silly wench. Anyway, I hope you enjoy your Thanksgiving! See you lata lova.

Gabriel said...

MMMMMMmmmmmm....P-funks. Im gonna go have a smoke. Go buy the Jeff Buckley legacy reissue of Grace. You wont be disappointed. Your blag is some funny shit.

Quit being lame
And I will quit fucking with you

Bill B. said...

GODDAMNIT KATIE UPDATE YOUR FRIGGEN BLOG NOWWWWWWW. Being on vacation is no excuse. PS Now I'm installing a DVD player and getting an air mattress for my Blazer just because of you and your lies. I hope you're happy. Ha JK stop making me appear to be a loser. Damn you midwest mongoloids.