Tuesday, November 30, 2004

The Prodigal Blogger Returns

Well looky looky who's back. I've actaully been back since last night, but the internet decided to be a bastard and go out on me, so I couldn't update. I know you've all mourned in my absence, but fear no more, for I have returned. Je suis tres tres tired right now, but I know Jenn will probably fly to Chicago to beat my ass in person if I don't update, so I'll do my best. God, the things I do for you. I hope you appreciate me.

Did everyone have a good Thanksgiving? I did. It was great seeing all my cousins. I really only see most of them on holidays, so when I get to, it's always fun. My favorite cousin is 8 year old Maeve, who is thee biggest smartass in the entire world. She has more sarcasm in her than is probably normally for a 2nd grader and I love it. She cracks me up like no other. When it was just my family left at my aunt's, my Uncle John was letting Keri and I drink. I know, no big deal since we are 19 and 20, but it was so much fun. We were drinking beer and then he was making us martini's. I didn't get trashed, but Keri was shit faced. Good thing Jeep was there to be the DD. My dad is the funnest drunk. I can't wait until I'm 21 and can go to a bar with him. He's literally the life of the party when he's drunk. (Which isn't that often, he isn't an alchoholic) But lordy, when he is drunk, watch out. He is a crazy mofo. He doesn't drink hard liquor, just beer, like I do most of the time. So I got my love of history, bad mathmatic skills, horrible eyesight and love of beer from my Dad. You're the best, Daddio. Then my aunt turned on Barry White (we're weird) and Keri and I laughed our asses of at my mom dancing. It's kind of like the mom-version of the chicken dance, with her flapping her arms. You have to experience it in person. Words cannot explain it. I had turkey for the first time in four Thanksgivings there. Too bad it was dry and tasted like ass. And that concludes my Thanksgiving. Look out for next year when I'll be 21 and get completely trashed in front of my extended family for the first time. That should be fun.

On Wednesday morning I was babysitting for my 4 shithead cousins and it started snowing out. Then I had work from 3-7 and the whole time it was still snowing. What did I bring home to wear? My clogs, 2 pairs of flip-flops and 2 hoodies instead of a coat. So no shoes with backs and no winter coat. And to think I was once a Girl Scout. Didn't they teach me anything about being prepared? Or maybe that's the Boy Scout's motto. Either way, it's November, and being from Chicago where we have 4 different seasons in one day, I should have known to bring my coat home. The only coat I have right now is my "Gay Pride". It's my mom's old ski jacket from the 70's. Bright red, with a bright blue and bright yellow huge stripe on it. I guess you could say it's a pretty bright coat. I should take a picture of it. My mom can't believe I actually wear it, but I have been for the past 4 years. I told you I have bad fashion taste. I'm getting a new one for Christmas, and it looks like it's off the Beatles Sgt. Pepper's album. I'll still keep the Gay Pride for skiing though. Everyone says they can always spot me easily on the hill. So really it's more practical than anything, so that's why I keep it. Who am I kidding, I love ugly clothes and that coat is about the ugliest thing I own. It's my priiiiiiiide and joy. RIP Stevie.

I managed to rack up about 21 hours working three days at the UPS Store. It's always great going back there, I feel like the Prodigal Son. You know that Bible story where the son leaves home, and when he returns his dad throws a big party for him, even though the son stole all his money, the dad is just glad to have his son home? Maybe not, but now you do. Whenever a regular customer comes in and they see me, their face lights up, and I love it. "Katie, how have you been? How's school? Are you back for Christmas yet? How are the grades?" I get along really well with all my co-workers too, so I love seeing them and vice versa. I should get paid by I'm hoping Friday, or the latest by Monday. Good lord I can't wait to have some money.

It was great to see the best friend Megan again too. We went out for coffee a few times, rented movies and went to a party with Matty Fatty and Jackie on Wednesday night. Probably one of the most craziest parties I have ever been too. I saw two girls get into a bitch fight, and then two guys fighting, breaking bottles and shit like that, it was insane. Too bad the keg ran dry early, but I saw a bunch more people I hadn't seen since August, so that was fun.

Motherfucker, I had about 2 more paragraphs typed out, then I went to save it, and it erased everything up until here. I think I just talked about Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (awesome fucking movie) and how unphotogenic I was at times as a child. I wish I had a scanner to prove it to you.

I only have this week left of classes, and then finals week. I only have two finals though, so that's sweetass. It seems like everyone else has two weeks of classes left, then finals, but not moi. I almost kind of wish I did, because that would put off going home for another week. I'll be at home from December 8th - January 16th. Holy fuck is that a long time. I promise I'll update over Christmas Break, but you really have no idea how cold our basement it. When it's winter, I always want to wear gloves because I can't feel my fingers. For some reason my parents think we're poor so they keep the house absolutely freezing to cut down on the heat bill. Then everyone else has an electric blanket except for me. Bastards. It's 55 degrees in my room, I kid you not. So don't you bitch at me Jenn. It really is fucking freezing.

Last thing before I go, I think Jay will get a kick out of this: I was at work, and this old guy comes in to make some color copies. He asked how my holiday was, then I asked about his. He says, "Well my son was drving down from Kenosha, to my daughter's house, he got caught in some awful traffic." I asked him how far away Kenosha was, and he said it's a little over an hour from where I live in Chicago. Not an exciting story, but I had never heard anyone talk about Kenosha before, except for you. Maybe I'll take a roadtrip there sometime and be sure to take a picture next to everything that says Kenosha on it.

So this is extremely long, but hey, I hadn't posted in a week. Sorry it wasn't very entertaining, but I'm dead right now. At least I'm not as sick anymore and don't sound like a man, all stuffed up. I sneezed 12 times in a row in Tuesday night. I think that was the highlight of the whole break. Geshuintiht (how the fuck do you spell that word?), bitches.


Ariel said...

Bonjour lover and welcome back! Holy shit balls Batman, that was a long post! I'm glad you had a nice Thanksgiving, mine pretty well sucked as you may know if you read my blog where I ranted about my family. I can't believe you got snow....well actually I can, I'm just jealous. My dad said there's a chance of snow showers tomorrow night but i'm sure we won't get any. I'd really like to see your gay pride jacket haha. Stop bitching about being cold, I wish it was 55 degrees in my room! Eternal Sunshine was lovely indeed, I'd like to see it again.

Jenn said...

It's about damn time! I've been trying to post all damn night. Sonofabitch, even your blog likes to fuck with me.

Ariel, it was a long post. Novel quality bitch. That's how Katie and I do!

Katie, I'm glad you had fun whilst at your familia's. That's really cool. I was loving the stories of 'the dancing mom' and 'drunken dad.' That owns. I have just as many cousins on my dad's side. Maybe even more. I don't see any of them though. I run into 2 of them once in a GREAT while. It's sad. But I talked to my cousin Teresa who I hadn't heard or seen from in years! I had text messaged her brother. The one I've been seeing out at the clubs and she called me back. It was cool.

That Kenosha shit is funny. I know I already told you, but I had to deal with the Kenosha Police Dept. not too long ago. Man, they're stupid. That's when I decided to never say you're from Kenosha again. Unless you ask for it. It was just funny when I got the 'Hit Confirmation Request.' I was reading it then saw, "Kenosha PD." I had never even heard of Kenosha. Fabulous.

When you're 21 we're gonna meet up. Your dad can go party with us too. So write that down in your calendar biatch.

GAY PRIDE!! Quit dressing like a lazy dyke!