Wednesday, November 10, 2004

What I Gave Is Yours To Keep

Goddamnit. I have been trying to write this paper for an hour now and I'm still on the first page. I'm as tired as a mofo because I woke up at 4:30 am and couldn't go back to sleep. What the fuck is the matter with me? I'm the queen of being able to go right back to sleep. I guess that's what I get for passing out hardcore at 10:00 pm. Why oh why did I smoke with my neighbor last night. I basically broke my cardinal rule of not smoking pot while I'm already drunk. Holy shit though, I swear there was something fucked up about that weed. Carly and I each only had about 4 hits and we were fucked up. I need to stop drinking on school days. Or at least just do my homework the night before. I'm skipping my 2:00 class to do this goddamn paper. I need to stop wasting my time here - I already read the whole month of August in Jason Mulgrew's blog, watched tv, checked my email 4 times, talked to my sister and made toast to procrastinate. Now I have another monster headache. I hate this day already. Was that enough whining for everyone?

Oh, Bill, did you catch Nessa on The View? I know you love Star Jones too, so I hope you Tivoed it or something. I actually remembered to watch it. She sang beauuuuutifully. I'm pretty sure she declared her love for you too. No lie.


Bill B. said...

You're fucking right she loves me. She is by far the SWEETEST little gumdrop there is. She's awesome, I love the girl, we need to hook it up!

Jenn said...

Haha! I KNEW you were gonna get up all early. We were talking fine. Then after you smoked, it was like BAM! Katie's done. It was great. It kinda sounded like you were gonna spew. You should have when Bill and I were on the phone. That woulda been great. Why did you read the month of August in Mulgrew's blog? I thought you had already read it all. Oh yeah, and I hope you're jealous 'cause he emiled me. That's right, beyotch! You better finish your paper, or there will be no more sneaking past bouncers young lady! Oh yeah! I thought of sweet revenge, I can't wait to share it with you!