Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Praise Be To Nero's Neptune

It's amazing how much I accomplish when I'm trying to put off doing something else. Today I cleaned my room inside and out when I should have been starting my paper due on Thursday. The last time my room got cleaned this good was probably 4 months ago when I had a really big test to study for or something. Dusted, vaccuumed, did 3 loads of laundry (I even folded and put them away instead of leaving them on the floor for 5 days), changed my sheets, cleaned out my drawers - I did it all bitches. And I have Professor Spencer to thank for it.

I completely jinxed myself when I was professing my love for the weather we were having. Last weekend everyone was wearing tank tops and skirts, and this past weekend it was freezing balls out. I had to break out the socks, people, that's how cold it was. In a matter for 12 hours it went from 80 degrees to about 35. They were even talking about snow flurries, but luckily those passed us by. Not that the weather stopped me from having a good time. On Saturday I went to a bar with Emily and it just so happened that almost half the people who went to Florida with us were up there too. It was so fun to see everyone again. Emily and I went back to this kid Chris's apartment where the two of them proceeded to go off into a room together. Ten minutes later Emily comes out saying that Chris had fallen asleep while they were kissing. I laughed for about 20 minutes about that. I'm sure she would love to know I was telling that story to the entire world. We left around 4:30 am and went to Steak 'n Shake to spend money that I didn't have. Before the night had started Emily decieded that we were going to make the most of this night, since it's techinically her last weekend here. A party + the bar + Chris's place + Steak 'n Shake + not coming home until the sun was out = we did a damn good job of making the most of that night. To us at least anyways, and that's really all that counts.

I was talking to my mom the other day and she told me how she was talking to my aunts at my cousin's Communion party, and they said they want to take me downtown for my birthday and stay over night in a hotel. I'm excited about it, cause who doesn't get excited about free food, drinks and a hotel stay, but it's going to be bizarre. I can just see my three aunts ordering martinis or shit like that, and me going "uhh...I'll take a Miller Lite." These are my aunts on my dad's side, and of course I love them, but they're all a little high maintenence. I'm much more like my mom's side of the family, save for the horrible eyesight, even though none of them really live around here, they're all in Arizona, Michigan or Minnesota. My whole dad's side lives pretty close to us (well much closer than Arizona anyways) and I see them a shitload more than my mom's side, but I still feel closer to her side. They're all really uptight and conservative which drives me crazy. They all freaked out when I got a tattoo and every single time they see me or Keri with our noses pierced they say "Now what is the point of that? Why did you do that to yourself?"There is no point to a piercing, bitches. Christ, why can't they understand we just want to look cool? Plus I can't smoke in front of them. I just have to keep repeating to myself "free drinks."

Mandatory birthday update: 15 days. Holy shit, I think I just peed a little bit.

Speaking of birthdays, I would like to wish my future husband a very merry birthday, even though it's a day late. You're an old man today Gabe, joining the ranks of Jenn in age. Don't worry, in less than a month she'll be older than you again. I hope you get a ton of good presents or at least took the night off work and got shitfaced. Just try to stay out of the truck, or at least remember to turn the lights off this time. You make your fellow Taurus proud. When are you going to pick up the present I bought you, your very own little JTR? Or is it JRT? I can't remember. Same thing anyways. Happy Birthday Gabe.

Damn, I've been trying to download the Dylan song Positively 4th Street for an hour and it's not happening. Why you gotta act like a bitch, Bob?


Jenn said...

Clean your room, bitch!

Our weather has been just as crazy. Driving with the top down one day and toronados the next. What's up with that, Ma?

Sounds like you and Emily had a great time. I'm jealous. But, you're gonna be 21 soon! Woot!

Have fun with your Auntie's. Sounds like a blast! Just slap them around. Don't be afraid to hit a bitch!

Piercings and tatoos rock!

I'm not much older than Gabe,
bitch. Quit making it all dramatic. It hurts!

Mandatory birthday update: 14 days

HMT said...

I totally didn't act like a bitch


Ms Mac said...

Ahoy there!

I too am a queen of procrastination! And I'm sure the whole global warming thing must be a hoax because we're freezing and everone I know around the world is freezing too!

DyingBurningFighting said...

KINDA PERVY!!!!!! Have I ever asked you to send me naked pictures of you upside-down twirling a hula-hoop and smoking? I thought not! I better get some tragi action for that comment.